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  1. @matjazp - not sure why, but it doesn't seem to be all modules, eg: https://processwire.com/modules/cookie-management-banner/
  2. Hi @VeiJari - are you referring to table subfield labels vs names? Names can already be added to the header row with the poorly-named "Column labels" option. Does this do what you need, or do you want an option for the actual Label instead of the Name?
  3. Hi everyone, I have released a few PHP 8 fixes over the last week or so, but today's was the biggest with an update to the Adminer core. Unfortunately the automatic login feature of Adminer seems to have been broken for quite some time now, which is why I haven't upgraded it in a while, but now with the need to support PHP 8, I didn't really have much choice. I have managed to implement a hacky way to make the automatic login still work but I'd appreciate feedback on whether you are having any problems with this please. I have of course contacted the Adminer developer about the issue (via the forum because there is no Github issues option 😞 ) but it's been mentioned by others as well, so not sure what's going on. Anyway, hopefully my hacky way will be seamless enough. PS - not sure what others think, but the context aware Adminer panel is one of the features I use most in Tracy.
  4. @ryan - any chance you can take a look at this please - I do think it's pretty important that the "Updated" data is accurate. Thanks!
  5. @kongondo - not sure what happened here. I actually just had to reset my sandbox install (mysql issue when upgrading to PHP 8) and now everything seems to be working fine with the example I posted above. I get the feeling this issue might appear again in certain circumstances but not sure how to reproduce at the moment.
  6. Definitely excited by this - seems like potentially some huge performance gains depending on how you are querying and rendering the field data. Just wondering how far one might take this - I can imagine sometimes using it for all fields on certain templates. There are a few times I have used a Profields Table field but limited it to just one row so that I have a simpler way to query those subfields directly with SQL, especially when I want to summarize numeric data across many pages. Anyway, thank you very much for this!
  7. Hi @VeiJari - this isn't an issue with this module, but rather the selector system for the Table field. You can test that yourself with the Tracy console: d($page->log_usage_table('pr_location=1025|1027')); and you'll see the same problem. So, I think this is a question for Ryan. Here is a discussion about OR selectors in Table (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/24508-what-is-it-with-profields-table-and-or-selectors/), but it's not specific to Page Reference subfields so you'll need to bring that up specifically.
  8. Completely agree - it's a must on every site.
  9. The multiple save issue that you brought up reminds me of the way ProfieldsTable works - you need to save the field settings twice in order for a field order change to stick.
  10. Ok, so here is the reply from DeepL "We experienced a temporary technical problem earlier today. As you noticed, the issue has already been resolved. It is rather seldom that we experience outrages. Should this occur, we strive to resolve the issue as fast as possible, as you have seen it today." Nothing terribly illuminating, but it does suggest that outages are to be expected (as I suppose they are with any service), but I think this means that we do need a friendlier way of catching and handling errors.
  11. FYI - looks like everything is back up again, but I'll still be sure to post here whatever I hear back from DeepL as to what the problem was.
  12. For some reason I can no longer call the API. I am seeing errors like this: "HTTP Code: 0 API Message: No message returned Request Endpoint: /translate Parameters:" On pages that call the API, I am also seeing this: "Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." I am not sure exactly what is needed yet, but it seems like there might need to be a try/catch or some other approach so that things just don't break. I am also going to contact DeepL and see if there is a known issue at the moment and how often things like are likely to happen, because it could be really messy for my use case using the API directly. I guess for translating fields in the admin it's not such a big deal, although you still want to make sure it's handled properly.
  13. @FireWire - not sure if this is a bug with your module, or the DeepL API, but if I include a two word business name, eg: "Amazon Prime" in the Global non-translated strings, and then I translate a sentence that is like this: Visit Amazon Prime. Next Sentence. then the returned translation looks like this: Visite Amazon PrimePróxima frase. with the period and space removed. Please let me know if you have any problems reproducing. I have discovered that I actually don't need to add it to the non-translated strings because DeepL is smart enough to realize that uppercase in the middle of a sentence shouldn't be translated, but I expect this might be an issue with lower case non-translated strings. Thanks for looking into it.
  14. Jeez, you're a bloody legend 🙂 This feels much nicer! You really went the extra mile with supporting this request - much appreciated. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks Robin - I guess I thought that if you applied the "HannaDropdown" option to the CkEditor settings, that would be indicative enough that you wanted to process that field and widgetise the strings, but I do understand your second point. The hook you provided is a good solution, although now that I have applied the hanna code text formatter, I do need to also use getUnformatted() on the body field when outputting content on the site so that it isn't processed by Hanna. I think it would be nice if PW had a dedicated way to remove a specific textformatter when outputting so that others are still applied - I don't think that is possible though.
  16. @Robin S - sorry, turns out it wasn't a repeater issue, but rather because I didn't have the Hanna Code Text Formatter applied to the textarea field. The thing is that I don't actually want it applied because I handle the replacements myself with my own template code rather than code within the Hanna rule. This doesn't prevent me from applying the text formatter to the field anyway, but what does prevent me from wanting to do that is that I use the text as the label for the repeater item and I want the hanna code to show in that label, eg, I don't want this: but rather this: Do you think you could alter things so that the text formatter doesn't need to be applied to the field?
  17. @Robin S - not sure if this is a new issue (maybe a change to the PW core - I am running latest dev version), but it looks like the dropdown is not showing when the field is in a repeater. I haven't looked at this field in a while, but I am pretty sure it used to work. Let me know if you can't reproduce and I'll look into it more. Thanks.
  18. New field (created via GUI) without tags: Then apply: $field->useTags = 1; $field->save(); but nothing happens yet. But then reload the field settings page in the admin and now it looks correct: so it seems like the updating of the DB schema doesn't happen on save(), but rather when the field is loaded. My guess would be that this behavior was broken when Ryan added the new custom image fields a while back.
  19. I didn't try creating a new field, but I altered an existing one by visiting the field settings and using this in the Tracy console: $field->useTags = 1; $field->save(); and it worked as expected. Also, just in case you didn't notice (I am sure you did), the options are 0, 1, 8, 9
  20. @ryan - I am noticing that if I click the Update button, it updates the version number (and other info from Github), but it doesn't change the "Updated" date which I think it pretty important. Thanks for taking a look. Also, any chance of changing the dates from yyyy/mm/dd to yyyy-mm-dd so it's a little cleaner / more standard. I think as devs we are more used to the dashes when looking at this order of y, m, and d. I think it makes it clearer which is the month vs the day.
  21. @teppo - that looks to have fixed that issue. Something else I have just noticed is this when viewing the Wirefame module settings, although this probably isn't PHP 8 related.
  22. @ryan - I think it would be a little cleaner if the edit button didn't show for modules that you don't have permission to edit. At the moment it's weird to suggest that I can edit someone else's module, but when I click the button, I get: " Your account does not have permission to edit ....."
  23. 1) Works for me also and I haven't made any changes for over a month. 2) I agree that an explicit classname section would be a nice improvement. 3) Also no problem here - it redirects as expected.
  24. I don't have time to dig into this further today, but wanted to let everyone know that with PHP8 I am having some fatal errors. It was kinda OK until I tried to turn on JIT (based on https://stitcher.io/blog/php-8-jit-setup), but after that, the admin wouldn't load - sometimes Tracy would manage to tell me that it was a CSRF exception. I tried disabling JIT, but that wasn't enough. In the end, I had to disable opcache - in my case, that required commenting out the line: zend_extension=/usr/local/opt/php/lib/php/20200930/opcache.so in my /usr/local/etc/php/8.0/conf.d/ext-opcache.ini file. Note that this on my Mac with LAMP stack installed via homebrew. The browser console was showing the following error: ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING which others have reported a connection to opcache: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29894154/chrome-neterr-incomplete-chunked-encoding-error Need to read and learn more, but would also appreciate it if someone else has any insights.
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