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  1. Chances are you'll be fine with the $5 / month plan: https://www.linode.com/pricing/ The DNS stuff is mostly just a matter of pointing your domain to the IP address of your linode. I don't have any significant experience with control panels, but server pilot sounds like a decent choice, but perhaps others will chime in. I set up LetsEncrypt via the certbot tool on the command line, but there might be a way to do that via on of these control panels. If one.com won't change that setting, perhaps they'll give you your money back πŸ™‚
  2. No worries - good to know πŸ™‚ I think this really means that you need to figure out how to get one.com to change that setting, or move to a decent host. I just think there are going to be other issues with using them, not just this one. I know that's not what you want to hear, but cheap shared hosting just ain't worth it. I would really recommend a Digital Ocean or Linode VPS - they are really cheap and if you install an admin panel on top, you won't even need to spend much time on the command line if you're not up for it, although you might actually enjoy it if you experiment πŸ™‚
  3. I need to know whether the page list COPY button also works without an error. Sorry, just saw that reply. Other than that, I'm afraid my only other move is to look at the server directly because I don't understand the filecompiler problem without those other things I asked you to test also being a problem, because they are all coming from PW calls to set_time_limit.
  4. And does it work, or give an error?
  5. It looks like you already have ProcessPageClone installed - do you have the "copy" button in the Page list action buttons? Not sure where to go from here - I feel like one.com should be failing on those PW core calls to set_time_limit() as well. Any chance you can give me access to the server - either this one, or another test one at one.com?
  6. @antpre - it's working for me with some simple testing. What format is the date in the CSV? What about the settings of the datetime field that it is being imported into - anything special?
  7. Can you try a few different things for me: 1) Empty the PW trash 2) Do a field export (from the main fields list page) 3) Install the core ProcessPageClone module and click the new "COPY" page list action button If those all succeed without error, I'll revisit, but otherwise I'll need to update Tracy to be PW 3.x only so that it avoids the FileCompiler completely. That would solve the Console and APIExplorer panel error. The PW Info panel error is due to the Versions List feature trying to check if the system allows runtime modification of max_execution_time so I could conditionally remove or deal with that, but I'd like to make sure those other core PW things work on that host first. It's also weird how one.com seems to disable set_time_limit / max_execution_time some other way - ie not in disable_functions - make it much harder to detect.
  8. If the other bar says AJAX, then that is expected, but your screenshot didn't show that at all, hence my question. Looking at the error messages for the Console and API Explorer panels more closely, it shows it's actually coming from PW's core FileCompiler.php file on line 384. The PW core uses set_time_limit in many places: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/search?q="set_time_limit"&unscoped_q="set_time_limit" so I think your only decent option is a different host because from what I can tell, one.com doesn't let you enable set_time_limit.
  9. @EyeDentify - could you also check whether set_time_limit is actually in the php.ini disable_functions list?
  10. @eydun - two things. 1) Did you check the "Native" option in the module settings? I am sure you did, but just checking πŸ™‚ 2) Try the attached file in the Classes directory. I had to modify it to get it working at my end. BackupDatabase.php
  11. Hi @EyeDentify - what host are you using? Any chance it's nextcloud or one.com ? https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/16752 I can see why you might be getting the error in the PW Info panel, but am confused about the other two. Can you please try disabling the PW Info panel and see if that fixes the other two as well. If it does, then I think we might be able to do a try / catch for the PW Info panel that will fix it. Finally, do you know why there are two copies of the main Tracy bar - that looks strange to me.
  12. @eydun - please try the dev branch - https://github.com/flydev-fr/Duplicator/tree/dev - it uses native backups and solved the timeout issues I was having.
  13. Major new release, thanks in big part to @Robin S for ideas, testing, and feedback. 1. The Console panel now stores it's snippets on disk so they can be backed up, be under version control, and also editable via your external code editor (with direct link from the entry in the Console snippet sidebar). They are stored in either /site/templates/TracyDebugger/snippets/ or /site/assets/TracyDebugger/snippets/ Note that all your pre-existing snippets that were previously stored along with Tracy's module settings will be automatically written to disk when you upgrade to the new version of Tracy. 2. You can define a block of code to be prepended to the snippet when it is saved to disk. For example, Robin is using: <?php namespace ProcessWire; //<editor-fold desc="API variables"> /** * @var Config $config * @var Fieldgroups $fieldgroups * @var Fields $fields * @var Languages $languages * @var Modules $modules * @var Page $page * @var Pages $pages * @var Paths $urls * @var Permissions $permissions * @var ProcessWire $wire * @var Roles $roles * @var Sanitizer $sanitizer * @var Session $session * @var Templates $templates * @var User $user * @var Users $users * @var WireCache $cache * @var WireDatabasePDO $database * @var WireDateTime $datetime * @var WireFileTools $files * @var WireInput $input * @var WireLog $log * @var WireMail $mail * @var \ProCache $procache * @var FormBuilder $forms **/ //</editor-fold> 3. The SnippetRunner panel has been removed because it's no longer necessary with the new behavior of the Console panel. 4. The Console panel has a new inbuilt DB backup feature. If checked, it will backup your complete DB. The backups are stored under /site/assets/backups/database/ which is where Ryan's Database Backups module (http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-database-backups/) stores its backups. It is recommended to install this module to make managing and restoring backups much easier. Backups can be automatically named: tracy-console-2020-04-14-18-23-38.sql or you can specify a custom name in the Console panel if you'd like to set something more meaningful before a major change. Automatically named backups are automatically pruned when there are a set number of backups (default is 25, but is configurable in module settings). 5. The user switcher panel now has the option to use a PW API selector string as a way to determine which users will be listed. 6. There is a new Quicklinks section at the top of the module settings to more quickly get to what you're looking for (code thanks to Robin). 7. Lots of other tweaks, fixes and improvements. 8. New core versions of Tracy and ACE editor. Please let me know what you think and if you have any problems. PS - please do a hard reload in your browser to ensure you get the new css and js files.
  14. return $event->return = $inputfields->render() . $event->return;
  15. I haven't used it yet, but would the new has() method also work in that case? https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.153/
  16. @MarkE - there might be other ways, but what I do is use AOS's ability to add JS to the admin and use this: .cke_combopanel__hannadropdown { width:400px !important; min-height: 250px !important; }
  17. @a-ok - I am happy if you want to include a config setting that allows them to be added to the top.
  18. You can use d() from a template file like you are doing in that screenshot, but you might find it cleaner to use bd() AKA "barDump" in that situation so that the dumps are shown in the Tracy bar. The main time I use d() is in the Console panel like in Bernhard's example.
  19. You're very welcome - thanks for spotting and reporting the bug πŸ™‚
  20. @HerTha - I did make some changed in 2.0.6 in regards to counting the number of protected pages, but forgot to properly handle unpublished / hidden pages. It should be fixed in the new version just committed.
  21. I suppose the names/labels option should be configurable. I am low on time at the moment - any chance you feel like putting tother a PR to add that and throw in that new top margin hack as well?
  22. @a-ok - this stuff has always frustrated me - it seems like it's only possible to add classed to an InputfieldWrapper when it's added to a form (which I do in the AdminActions module). I can't get the same code to work for this module. How about I add this: $inputfields = new InputfieldWrapper(); $margin = $this->wire('modules')->get("InputfieldMarkup"); $margin->value = '<div class="uk-margin-small-top"></div>'; $inputfields->add($margin); as a hack to get some space between the Add Row button and the Import/Export CSV section?
  23. Sorry, I see now that it's not actually a PW theme (admin theme), but rather it's a module for extending PW.
  24. Not sure I'd honestly recommend using a theme that hasn't been updated in 3 years. Unfortunately, as great as PW is, it's theme-ing system is not just a styling skin and I think this limitation makes it unwise to use non-core themes unless you are willing to miss out on new functionality.
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