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  1. So, after looking at wordpress theme development, it just feels so wrong compared to pw. It seems like you are hacking the whole system to do something more than a blog. In conclusion, for now I will have to use wordpress because of all the out of the box solutions, mainly woocommerce. But at the same time I will try my best to learn more about php and the pw arquitecture, to build an ecommerce solution. Expect a lot of topics from me
  2. Thanks for all the help... I really have to evaluate this situation better.
  3. Hi guys, I have built a website with pw and now my client wants to add ecommerce. For me being a frontend dev, pw is amazing because it gives me full control of the output just using basic php, but now that I want to add more complicated functionality I am not liking it so much. Is it possible to add ecommerce to a pw powered website without diving deep in php? Stripe and paypal integration, coupons, shipping tables... I have seen padloper... it seems basic and not very actively developed. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all I'm going to need this for a project but from what i've seen the translation is not being updated anymore, need help?
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