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  1. Hey there @Samk80, Max from Snipcart here. Don't hesitate to ping us at geeks@snipcart.com should you decide to give our product a try! We'd be glad to help. And a huge thanks to @evan & @flydev for mentioning Snipcart. Goes a long way!
  2. @Marty Walker Looking good! @FrancisChung Let us know if you've got questions, anytime, at geeks@snipcart.com!
  3. @Rudy thanks for taking the time to check it out! Much appreciated. Always fun to get to learn about new tools and discover their ecosystem/reality. You can actually handle recurring payments & subscription with Snipcart (docs here), but the feature is still in beta. Basically, we only support Stripe, and don't support shipping/discounts yet. We'll try to work on improving the feature by the end of the year most likely! @Christophe these look helpful! Taking a deeper look soon. Cheers!
  4. Hey everyone, Max from Snipcart here! We just published a full tutorial showing how to use ProcessWire + Snipcart (our dev-first HTML/JS shopping cart platform) to enable e-commerce. It was pretty much my first time playing around with the Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, so I'd love to get some feedback on the demo code. Oh, and also, if you feel like the Snipcart integration could have been done in a different/better way with ProcessWire, let me know! > Blog post tutorial > (Very) simple live demo > GitHub repo Cheers folks.
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