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Found 4 results

  1. I have a template where a slider widget appears within my clients body tag. It’s never in the same place twice and client wants freedom to add and remove it as they need And I wondered if I am up to date on my options in PW to achieve this.. A) use the pro fields matrix field type to allow client to add the premade slider. They can then follow this by adding another body/content field. B) make the slider a Hannah code chunk. Client can then add manually or use the Hannah code plugin to insert. Are they my 2 main options ? Sometimes the latest methods mentioned in the recent blog posts don’t really make sense to me until I really need a new way to do things and someone says “hey checkout markup regions” etc. there’s possibilly newer ways to execute this. Cheers
  2. I have a PageReference field called related_random where my client selects a particular parent page in the tree. On the front end I then need to get a random child page of that page based on some selector values. At the moment I'm using a Matrix field and this outputs the page ID (1090) on the front end <?php foreach($page->related_products as $item) { if($item->type == 'related_product') echo " {$item->related_random->title} "; } ?> What I can't get my head around (and what I really want to do to echo some values of that page IDs children Essentially I want to get a maximum 1 random child page of 1090 with a template of product. The shoddy selector below is clearly wrong but correct in explaining what I want to do. $related_random->child->getRandom("template=product,limit=1") Don't know if that makes any sense?
  3. Hi everyone, i just experienced a bug/case where the backend did not save the repeater state in a matrixRepeater. I haven't found any post about this bug so i thought it might be interesting if other people experience the same problem. I have some "standard template" with a matrixRepeater field on it. (Screenshot1, that red marked part is my matrix) This field has different types ofcourse ... one if its types is "Slider". (Screenshot2) If you click it - the slider type contains a repeater with an Image field and some other fields that looks like this... (Screenshot3) If I change the "Element label" from "#n" to anything else like "#n - {bild.name}" or "bild.title" for example - the page that contains the matrixrepeater does not save the image field anymore. You can upload i picture, save the page, it even tells that it has been saved but its not showing in the backend - its just an empty item with no picture in it. Does anyone have a fix or an idea how for this? PW version is: 3.0.42 FieldtypeReapeaterMatrix is v0.0.3
  4. I don't now if this is already possible to build with one of the available modules/fieldtypes. I so far tried Table, PageTable, Repeater and Multiplier but couldn't get them work exactly as I want. I'm looking for a way to create a matrix/table that uses the children of two pages to build the row and column headers. In my case (an online shop), I want it to take the children of the page product variants and the children of the page currencies. In the end, it should render a matrix/table, where I can enter a fixed price for every variant in every currency. Has anyone ever done something similar? Is there a fieldtype for this?
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