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  1. take a minute to read.

  2. now that's cold yet cool! :D

  3. Wow. So my question is: How is this guy ever going to get a job? Or take his two kids to the playground? Walk the dog? Seriously, WTF!

  4. I got 99 problems and a no showing, make me wait 25 minutes in a parking lot to try and sell this sh*t, is one. Hit me.

  5. Watching Miami Vice

  6. Hey peeps. If you know any nerds / web engineers then send them over to my page Eye Stunners. If you know anyone needing anything to do with a Website, send them there as well. It's my company site when I'm not pursuing Rocky Bourgoyne :D Thank you.

  7. I like the one at tectite.com but curious as to what everyone else is using. Finding any on google seems to bring up some pretty old and unsafe techniques. I don't like paid services like Jot Form, etc. Ryan's form script is awesome and is what I usually use. However, sometimes I don't get to use PW on projects
  8. Going to be out of a phone for a while. I have a CB radio if you want to get in touch. My call sign is: Come Master Kirk.

  9. RT @TeamGlip: We love to hear that! @TheRisingBlog The perfect #OnlineMeeting starts here... https://t.co/8zsDP29Hyv

  10. Providing the full parent path did not work. However, providing either "parent=ID" or "parent.name=genre" did the trick! BTW, great tip / idea on using ID's in case I ever need to change path or names. Thank you so much for the solution!
  11. I am having trouble outputting my tagging system correctly. Each music track has a Multi-Page-List-Select field-type which tags associated categories. Tags is a parent page with nested categories beneath. Genre, Mood, Drum Tags each contain additional categories which are ultimately the tags I am associating on the music tracks. In the code below. $genres is where I am having trouble. I think my selector is correct, but my chaining is wrong? // Find Songs $tracks = $pages->get("/Music/")->find("template=track, parent.title!=Drums"); foreach ($tracks as $track) { $track_html = "<li>"; $track_html .= "<a>{$track->title} </a>"; // FIND GENRES EACH TRACK BELONGS TO. $genres = $track->tags->find("parent=genre"); // OUTPUT ONLY GENRES foreach ($genres as $genre) { $track_html .= $genre->title . " "; } $track_html .="</li>"; echo $track_html; } Thank you
  12. I've seen usefinch.com before. However, they limit you to only 2 hours of usage per month. Ngrok is free unlimited (pay what you want) and also has subdomain, password protection, etc. ability. Another tunneling service I was quite found of is https://forwardhq.com/. Their minimum pay plan is only $5 a month and what sets them apart is the ability to have a custom page your clients see when the tunnel is offline. Wow. That's some terrible speed However, I wouldn't think it would affect you since the only time it sends data is when being accessed. You could have it tunnel all day long without any data being sent. It only sends when the client accesses.
  13. What I do is setup a password protected subdomain on my website for the site version I want them to see. If they need to see what I'm working on (the development "Work In Progress" version) , I push my localhost live via a tunnel and send them the link. As long as the tunnel is open they can see my localhost. I am using Ngrok but there are countless others. Just Google, "localhost tunneling". It definitely made my workflow easier
  14. A lot of great suggestions were given and I tried them all but nothing worked. I basically ended up doing a fresh PW install.
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