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  1. take a minute to read.

  2. now that's cold yet cool! :D

  3. Wow. So my question is: How is this guy ever going to get a job? Or take his two kids to the playground? Walk the dog? Seriously, WTF!

  4. I got 99 problems and a no showing, make me wait 25 minutes in a parking lot to try and sell this sh*t, is one. Hit me.

  5. Watching Miami Vice

  6. Hey peeps. If you know any nerds / web engineers then send them over to my page Eye Stunners. If you know anyone needing anything to do with a Website, send them there as well. It's my company site when I'm not pursuing Rocky Bourgoyne :D Thank you.

  7. I like the one at tectite.com but curious as to what everyone else is using. Finding any on google seems to bring up some pretty old and unsafe techniques. I don't like paid services like Jot Form, etc. Ryan's form script is awesome and is what I usually use. However, sometimes I don't get to use PW on projects
  8. Going to be out of a phone for a while. I have a CB radio if you want to get in touch. My call sign is: Come Master Kirk.

  9. RT @TeamGlip: We love to hear that! @TheRisingBlog The perfect #OnlineMeeting starts here... https://t.co/8zsDP29Hyv

  10. Providing the full parent path did not work. However, providing either "parent=ID" or "parent.name=genre" did the trick! BTW, great tip / idea on using ID's in case I ever need to change path or names. Thank you so much for the solution!
  11. I am having trouble outputting my tagging system correctly. Each music track has a Multi-Page-List-Select field-type which tags associated categories. Tags is a parent page with nested categories beneath. Genre, Mood, Drum Tags each contain additional categories which are ultimately the tags I am associating on the music tracks. In the code below. $genres is where I am having trouble. I think my selector is correct, but my chaining is wrong? // Find Songs $tracks = $pages->get("/Music/")->find("template=track, parent.title!=Drums"); foreach ($tracks as $track) { $track_html = "<li>"; $track_html .= "<a>{$track->title} </a>"; // FIND GENRES EACH TRACK BELONGS TO. $genres = $track->tags->find("parent=genre"); // OUTPUT ONLY GENRES foreach ($genres as $genre) { $track_html .= $genre->title . " "; } $track_html .="</li>"; echo $track_html; } Thank you
  12. I've seen usefinch.com before. However, they limit you to only 2 hours of usage per month. Ngrok is free unlimited (pay what you want) and also has subdomain, password protection, etc. ability. Another tunneling service I was quite found of is https://forwardhq.com/. Their minimum pay plan is only $5 a month and what sets them apart is the ability to have a custom page your clients see when the tunnel is offline. Wow. That's some terrible speed However, I wouldn't think it would affect you since the only time it sends data is when being accessed. You could have it tunnel all day long without any data being sent. It only sends when the client accesses.
  13. What I do is setup a password protected subdomain on my website for the site version I want them to see. If they need to see what I'm working on (the development "Work In Progress" version) , I push my localhost live via a tunnel and send them the link. As long as the tunnel is open they can see my localhost. I am using Ngrok but there are countless others. Just Google, "localhost tunneling". It definitely made my workflow easier
  14. A lot of great suggestions were given and I tried them all but nothing worked. I basically ended up doing a fresh PW install.
  15. How are you using ImageMagick in conjunction with Processwire to watermark / affect a specified images directory automatically? For my gallery page, I would like to upload images as normal then have ImageMagick watermark the output of them on the website; all this done automatically and on the fly without me having to do anything except create the script Would love to hear your suggestions how this can be done or how you are using ImageMagick in general. Script examples are welcomed! Let's go!
  16. A company approached me wanting to convert their paper-based ways of collecting customer information into electronic. Reason being they want to instead use a tablet (in office) and have them fill out everything electronically in order to prevent readability / processing errors and also offer the ability to fill out on their website. The type of information such a company needs from their client is pretty intense and detailed. Customers are filling out multiple documents disclosing personal information, not only about themselves, but also about the defendant - everything from vehicle registration, address / work history to personal identity to the fullest extent) - things like social security numbers, etc. It seems there isn't a sensitive data question not being asked. Not only that but they are also disclosing credit card info (for payment). It's pretty monumental in terms of data. I never accepted the project and said I'll look into what's possible but out of curiosity and being the curious type I am, I have already built a mobile-responsive / electronic version of their entire 200+ question form(s), complete with task completion status, page summary, auto-complete, validation, terms of service. It's damn beautiful but that was the easy. Even though I like getting my feet wet, I am wondering if I should continue or if it's even worth the headaches, not to mention the technical hurdles. The questions I am wondering are numerous (and for understandable reasons). I guess the top would be: I know all this data has to be encrypted and secured to the highest extent. I don't know what's involved or how deep it can get. I do know the risks and the laws governing storage of such sensitive data and also the penalties for the company if it gets stolen. So I'm hesitant to even take on this task for that reason alone; especially since I'm still very much a PHP / programming beginner (although devoted). I don't want to major f*** up I was thinking storage would be on the web host instead of some sort of in-office database? An online back-end would have to be created to retrieve information so that the company then could process it (they wanted it as a pdf). They need some way to retrieve the data. They need to be able to charge / have access to the credit card again at a later date so integration with a payment processor needs to be implemented, correct? I am asking more what direction / route / study material I should look into (first steps) more than specific procedures because I understand it's very involved. If I can't tackle this now, I would like to learn so I can accomplish this in the future because building, integrating and deploying things of this nature is where I would like to go. Just curious on your thoughts. Thanks everyone
  17. A fresh copy of Processwire installed on my machine with no trouble or errors reported. It was also installed on another virtual host with the same configs. Not sure what gives at this point :/
  18. When I had an AccessFileName in my config, Apache told me that it was no longer supported . So, I removed it.
  19. Good point. I was using Mint a while back with no problems, but once I switched to Manjaro, I haven't looked back due to it's speed and bare enviroment. I know it comes at a cost of high frustration for some things but I'll give it just a wee bit longer before I consider switching again :/ I'm one of those types that wants to know "why" something isn't working. Nice to see another Nix user here! I have the same Virtual Host config. Thank you for providing this however. Webmin looks like an interesting piece of software. Even though I prefer to keeping things in the command line as much as possible (I'm not even using PhpMyAdmin), I like the idea and premise. Thanks for sharing! That's what my next step is. I'll do that and let you know my results! I changed them all to "All". Still same results :/
  20. Yes. No Luck Thanks so much man for the links and taking the time to search for those. However, I have already been to each of those and tried everything they have said at least 5x it seems. I really have exhausted Google :/
  21. Thanks for responding. I removed the period just for the hell of it but that didn't work. A plain PHP or HTML file inside the directory works fine. It's just PW (all of the site) which isn't getting picked up :/ This isn't a new install - it's a git clone from my live server. That wasn't in my config file so I added it (still no luck). You do mean the config file in my site directory, correct?
  22. I have been pulling my hair out for over a week now and frankly can not study anymore because I am exhausted and on the verge of throwing in the towel. I have switched to a Linux dev enviroment recently (Manjaro which is Arch based) and love everything about it. It's another story why I made the switch from Windows but I can tell you that I have never experienced trouble before because I was using Wamp and everything just seemed to work out the box. With setting up Apache myself on this particular Linux distro, things are a "whole lot different". So here goes: I got virtual hosts working with Apache 2.4.10 and everything is fine; PHP 5.6 works, my /etc/hosts files are pointing correctly and all that good stuff. I believe I have enabled all the required modules which Processwire needs (and then-some) : Mod_Rewrite being the most important. However, when I download my Production files (live server) onto my Development machine, it doesn't go as smooth as the WAMP days I have narrowed it down to something which must not be configured correctly for .htaccess to take affect. Again, this really is my first attempt (although been at it for over a week) to get a LAMP stack installed so it's probably something I am not understanding or doing right. Btw, MySQL (MariaDB) is working correctly and all the databases have been imported from my Production .sql file. Here is my virtual host file: Maybe something in here isn't correct. <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /srv/http/site2.dev ServerName dev.site2.com ErrorLog /var/log/httpd/site2_log <Directory /srv/http/site2.dev> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews AllowOverride All Order allow,deny allow from all </Directory> </VirtualHost> The .htaccess directives are for Processwire 2.3. I have never had to touch them before, but I tried commenting / un-commenting almost everything which has been reccomend thus far and nothing has worked This 500 Internal Server Error will not leave me! Thanks so much for any help / tips you can provide. Thank You
  23. Kongondo. I am in awe! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! My mouth has dropped to the floor and my prayers have been answered! This has been designed so beautifully, logically, and intuitively :'(You are super talented my friend. This is something that has been needed for quite some time. Thank you so much for this!!! I'm speechless.
  24. That worked!!!!!!! OMG - THANK YOU @3fingers! Thanks for all the other replies as well guys. It's so nice to have this forum where people are so willing to help each other. In all my experience using other "forums" across various websites, this one has proven to be the most helpful, friendly, and open. The fact, that we all use Processwire makes it even better. Now I can finally get back to working on this site.
  25. If by "not duplicated" you mean (only showing once), then yes, it only appears once in the SQL file. Sorry, my limited noob knowledge does not understand what constitutes pages I have one SQL file. Would you like to see the complete contents of it (it's pretty long)?
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