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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, Recently I was working on my new project and I need to implement price range filtering. I am using noUiSlider which came with the template that I have purchased. How can I pass values of minimum and maximum values using ajax? I am using foreach loop as shown in code in the code <ul class="row shop list-unstyled" id="grid"> <!-- product --> <?php $result = $pages->get("/sadakalar")->children();?> <?php foreach ($result as $r): ?> <li class="col-sm-4 col-md-3 col-lg-3 product m-product" data-groups='["bedroom"]'> <div class="img-bg-color primary"> <h5 class="product-price" data-price="<?=$r->price;?>"><?=$r->price_range->max;?> manat</h5> <a href="<?=$r->url;?>" class="product-link"></a> <!-- / product-link --> <img src="<?=$r->image->first()->url;?>" alt="<?=$r->image->description;?>"> <!-- / product-image --> <!-- product-hover-tools --> <div class="product-hover-tools"> <a href="<?=$r->url;?>" class="view-btn" data-toggle="tooltip" title="Giňişleýin gör"> <i class="lnr lnr-eye"></i> </a> <!--<a href="shopping-cart.html" class="cart-btn" data-toggle="tooltip" title="Add to Cart"> <i class="lnr lnr-cart"></i> </a>--> </div><!-- / product-hover-tools --> <!-- product-details --> <div class="product-details"> <h5 class="product-title"><?=$r->title;?></h5> <!--<p class="product-category">Hemme zat içinde</p>--> </div><!-- / product-details --> </div><!-- / img-bg-color --> </li> <!-- / product --> <?php endforeach; ?> <!-- sizer --> <li class="col-sm-4 col-md-3 col-lg-6 shuffle_sizer"></li> <!-- / sizer --> </ul> <!-- / products --> Here is the code of my range slider: Values of min and max values are stored inside of <span> <!-- filter-by-price widget --> <div class="widget"> <h5 class="widget-title">Baha boýunça saýhalla</h5> <div id="range-slider" class="noUi-target noUi-rtl noUi-horizontal"> </div><!-- / range-slider --> <div class="range-filter"> <div class="column filter-button"> <button type="submit" class="btn btn-xs btn-default-filled btn-rounded" id="filter">Saýhalla</button> </div> <!--/ filter-button --> <div class="column range-values"> <p>$<span class="value" id="range-slider-value-min"></span> - $<span class="value" id="range-slider-value-max"></span></p> </div><!-- / range-values --> </div><!-- / range-filter --> <!-- / filter-by-price widget --> And lastly here is my javascript of which handles the changes in noUiSlider: <script> var limitSlider = document.getElementById('range-slider'); noUiSlider.create(limitSlider, { start: [ 100, 5000 ], limit: 10000, behaviour: 'drag', connect: true, range: { 'min': 0, 'max': 10000 } }); var limitFieldMin = document.getElementById('range-slider-value-min'); var limitFieldMax = document.getElementById('range-slider-value-max'); var dataString = limitFieldMin + limitFieldMax; limitSlider.noUiSlider.on('update', function( values, handle ){ (handle ? limitFieldMax : limitFieldMin).innerHTML = values[handle]; }); </script> So what I want to do is, whenever user slides the range filter, it automatically throws the filtered products. I have also attached the picture of my website. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  2. We have a big selector which we have broken down into 3 chunks to return a list of notes (pages) with repeaters as follows. We also allow the user to filter the results. The problem we have is that the page currently takes nearly 10 seconds to process results. Is there anything we can do to improve the performance of this? I wonder if it would be worth bringing the filters into each of the find()s. I assume that caching here wouldn't work due to querystring parameters? $selector = "template=horse-note"; // Notes with unread comments (date order, most recent first) $notes_with_unread_comments = $pages->find("{$selector}, h_notes_comments.count>0, h_notes_comments.{$session->unread_by}>0, sort=h_notes_last_comment"); //echo 'Notes with unread comments ('.count($notes_with_unread_comments).'):<br />'.$notes_with_unread_comments.'<br /><br />'; // Unread notes (date order, most recent first) $notes_unread = $pages->find("{$selector}, {$session->unread_by}>0, sort=h_notes_last_comment"); //echo 'Notes unread ('.count($notes_unread).'):<br />'.$notes_unread.'<br /><br />'; // Read notes in date order (most recent first) that they were either added or that the last comment was made, whichever is most recent. $notes_other = $pages->find("{$selector}, sort=-h_notes_last_comment"); //echo 'Notes other ('.count($notes_other).'):<br />'.$notes_other.'<br /><br />'; // create notes PageArray $notes_total = new PageArray(); $notes_total->add($notes_other); $notes_total->prepend($notes_unread); $notes_total->prepend($notes_with_unread_comments); // FILTER // sanitize inputs $horse = $sanitizer->text($input->get->horse); $category = $sanitizer->int($input->get->category); $from_date = $sanitizer->text($input->get->from_date); $to_date = $sanitizer->text($input->get->to_date); $comments = $sanitizer->int($input->get->comments); // horse name if($horse) { $selector .= ", parent.h_name%=$horse"; } // note category if($category) { $selector .= ", h_notes_category_id=$category"; } // from date if($from_date) { $selector .= ", h_notes_last_comment>=".strtotime("$from_date 00:00:00"); } // to date if($to_date) { $selector .= ", h_notes_last_comment<=".strtotime("$to_date 23:59:59"); } // comments if($comments) { $selector .= ", h_notes_comments.count>0"; } // apply filter if($selector!='template=horse-note') { $notes_total = $notes_total->find($selector); } // slice PageArray according to pageNum $pageNum = $input->pageNum; $limit = 15; $start = ($pageNum-1)*$limit; $notes = $notes_total->slice($start, $limit);
  3. Hey guys its me again, I'm looking for a solution to show a List of Pages that have the same value in "fieldset-x" as the current Pages "title" e.g. . My hardcoded Solution looks like this: <?php $homepage = $pages->get("/stores/"); $stores = $homepage->children("location_category=1065, city=1010"); $children = $stores->getRandom(2); foreach($children as $child){ ... echo ... } ?> Now I need to check the title of the current page "{$page->title}" and check if it is equal to the value of fieldset "city" of a child Page of "Stores" ... Any ideas?
  4. I've been reading up on a few posts on categories but I'm struggling to get them working. I saw a video from PW1 and the example seems nice and simple:Output the categories, click one and the list of entries gets filtered. I tried to replicate that but no joy. I can't seem to understand how Ryan can output $page->categories from his page when really the categories are surely part of children()? Is it really possible to filter categories of events or news this simply? I've seen other examples in the forums which look much more complex (urlSegments and the like). I currently have my category page set up as a child of home, and categories as its children. Before seeing that video, I had managed to output the categories like this: <div id="events_index_side"> <?php if ($pages->find("template=category")) { ?> <div class="events_index_side_box"> <h5 class="page_header">By category</h5> <ul> <?php $categories = $pages->find("template=category"); foreach ($categories as $category) { ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $page->url . $category->name; ?>"><?php echo $category->title; ?></a></li> <?php } ?> </ul> </div><!-- /.events_index_side_box --> <?php } ?> but using this method, I'm not quite sure how I can get the page to reload with just those categorised entries? Would appreciate if anyone could give me a shove in the right direction. Thanks.