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  1. @Robin S you made my day 😚! That works like a charm!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ I tried to combine that somehow, but didn't find the right way... (and also didn't find the right selectors πŸ™ˆ as mentioned in your posted link). I thought, that this could be combined, but so I tried to go the other way as posted in my question. Perfect - many thanks for your help - learned again something new πŸ’‘πŸ˜Š
  2. Thank you @elabx for your help, but unfortunately that didn't worked.
  3. Hi there, I need a little help of the community as I'm walking a bit in the dark at the moment...πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I have the following code and need to add some selectors to the merged array: $termine_1 = $page->children("standort_reference~=$standort"); $termine_2 = $page->children("standort_alle=1"); $termine = $termine_1->and($termine_2); I would like to add the following selectors to merged array $termine: ("sort=date, limit=10, date>=today") How can I achive this? πŸ™ˆπŸ€ͺ
  4. Hello, I just added this module (on ProcessWire 2.8.62), but somehow it ony shows up on the config page of the module. I can't get it display at the front-end. Is there anything else then installing it? Hope someone can help me on this. Regards Bacelo
  5. Aaaah, didn't know that - thank you for your help!
  6. Hi @kongondo, thanks a lot for you answer PW upgrade to V 3.X is not an option currently, so how / where can I download Menu Builder V 0.2.1 ? Regards Bacelo
  7. Hello, does anybody know, if there is a possibility to only output a certain menu level or certain siblings in the menu? Like the begin of a start-level? F.e. start the output at level "sub": - parent item 1 - parent item 2 (don't output this) - - sub item 2.1 (only show / output this) - parent item 3 Currently used version is V 0.1.3 with ProcessWire 2.7.2 Regards Bacelo
  8. Actually I can't unistall the module "TemplateEngineFactory" as the template relies on this I'll continue having a deeper look into and try to cut it down.
  9. Thank you Roope for supporting. Actually I have the following site modules installed at the project: AllInOneMinify DiagnoseDatabase DiagnoseFiles DiagnoseImagehandling DiagnoseModules DiagnosePhp DiagnoseWebserver EmailObfuscation FormBuilder ImageExtra InputfieldFormBuilderFile JqueryDataTables MarkupMenuBuilder MarkupSEO ProCache (not active) ProcessDatabaseBackups ProcessDiagnostics ProcessFormBuilder ProcessMenuBuilder ProcessPageListerPro ProcessProCache ProcessWireUpgrade ProcessWireUpgradeCheck TemplateEngineFactory TemplateEngineProcesswire
  10. I think you meant this : <?php echo '<script src="' . $config->urls->siteModules . 'EmailObfuscation/emo.min.js"></script>'; ?> This works fine as before - the script gets included just fine. But, none of the included E-Mails addresses are replaced with any text and elements at all. They are still untouched present in plain text. So I guess, that the module is "stuck" somehow or not recognized / executed at all during page rendering. Could another module might interfere? (of course caching is not active ) (Processwire V 2.7.2)
  11. Thank you tpr. Closing body tag </body> is present in the html output. -> this is empty / none template is applied to exclusion.
  12. Nope, no emo_addr array is present I guess you mean this part of the module: // create addresses script block $addrScript = "\n<!-- emo -->\n<script>\n var emo_addr = new Array();\n"; $addrScript .= "{$this->addrScript} addLoadEvent(emo_replace());\n</script>\n" It looks to me as if the module is not active. Either the emo_addr array nor the addLoadEvent are implemented. *weird*
  13. Hi tpr, thanks for your reply. I added this as suggested to document ready. Firebug gives me now a ReferenceError: emo_addr is not defined
  14. Thank you Roope for the great module! But unfortunately I can't get to work installed propper placed the script in the head section manually: <?php echo '<script src="/site/modules/EmailObfuscation/emo.min.js"></script>'; ?> script file loading method is set to "manually" script loads propper in head but, the e-mail addresses are not converted within span elements It looks like the module does not interfere at all. Any suggestions???
  15. Thank you, LostKobraKai . I think I'm getting a bit closer, but as I'm still a newbie to processwire (and also not a php programmer), I'm doing not easy to comprehend/understand and get it done. <?php foreach($pages->find("template=category") as $category) { if (count($page->children("template=gallery, category=" . $category))) { $catgal = $category->name; echo $catgal; // category is the current page //$catgal = $pages->get("template=category, category=" . $page); // $pages->get() returns a NullPage if it doesn't find anything, // therefore the check for the id. // if($catgal->id) $session->redirect($catgal->url); } } ?> So I included (for testing) to checked with $catgal = $category->name; echo $catgal; to see, if there are children found with assigned categories below the parent-page and it works - so I get all the existing categories. -> But now, I need to redirect the parent to the very first found category (only of that parent) so that it's children assigned to that category are shown. Maybe I should better explain my backend page setup: - parent 1 (template "main") -> want to redirect to the first found/existing category - Child 1.1 (template "gallery") ... - parent 2 (template "main") -> want to redirect to the first found/existing category - Child 2.1 (template "gallery") ... - Categories (hidden, template "structure") - Category 1 (template "category") ... I configured a field "category" of type page (which I included in the gallery template) - so within an child page I can select the categories. Sorry, If I might explain everything to complicated (actually, now I guess my topic is named wrong)
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