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  1. Just had a similar problem after switching from PHP5.x to a PHP7.1.x system. Fatal error in admin (line 117 of /wire/core/PWPNG.php) while rebuilding a PNG thumbnail. Obviously, utf8_encode() is not necessarily part of core PHP functions (anymore). I fixed the problem by asking my server admin to install the missing PHP XML module. Though, I wonder if it would be a worth the effort to avoid use of utf8_encode() in the PW core altogether? It seems to be used rarely - I found two places only in V3.0.123. Would iconv() do the job?
  2. Website of a small technology business, currently based on Processwire 3 jQuery Magnific Popup Font Awesome Padloper with a fixed pixel width layout should get a new (more mobile friendly) skin, based on UIkit. Looking for help from a (front-end) developer, with good PW knowledge, to create a first mock-up with one typical page/template, including header/footer/menu components. No critical deadlines. Please PM for details. German would be nice, as well as English.
  3. @horst thanks for confirming! And: oughta check the modules directory more frequently. A horn of plenty!
  4. okay - seems I have to ask my site admin to install an additional PHP extension - "mbstring" I guess, during a PW install from scratch the presence of this extension is checked by the installer...
  5. On a (quite freshly installed) test site with UIkit3 profile and running on PHP7.1.24 I upgraded to latest dev (3.0.116 -> 3.0.122), which brings up an error message: Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function ProcessWire\mb_convert_encoding() in /wire/core/Sanitizer.php:1036 Seems to be related to one of the most recent commits? May be specific to that particular PHP version? (sorry for reporting here instead of github)
  6. Lucky us! It has become PW 3.0.116 "Spacy ads" instead
  7. Ouch! Let's keep fingers crossed that PW 3.0.115 "Cat bite" is not follewed by PW 3.0.116 "Emergency room" !! IOW: get well soon!
  8. You can define an unsubscribe messge In the module config (E-Mail Messages section), for example: To unsubscribe from this newsletter please follow this link: %link%
  9. Thanks @bernhard ! In my particular case, I have a few ocurences of __('en_string') which I would like to apper as translated 'de_string' in the output. I could modify the source(s) replacing strings statically, but that would be rather "quick and dirty". Hm, maybe I could substitute the __() function with my own version...
  10. I wonder, is there some simple mechanism for translating a __('string') for a single language site? I'd prefer to keep Multi Language Support disabled for now.
  11. @justb3a thanks for providing this module! Before starting to use it to collect new subscribers, I had to import a list of existing newsletter subscribers from our old system. The list is just a text file with one email address per line. The amazing BCE didn't help in this case because PW users - while still pages - are somewhat special. I came up with a little script which can be invoked from a browser window: <?php namespace ProcessWire; include("../index.php"); // bootstrap PW /* * import newsletter subscribers * from a file 'subscribers.txt' */ $file = fopen("subscribers.txt", "r"); $i = 0; while(!feof($file)) { $line = fgets($file); if($line == '') { continue; } $email = $sanitizer->email($line); if($email == '') { echo 'misformed email rejected: ' . $line . '<br>'; continue; } $name = 'zzz-import-' . sprintf('%05d', $i); $u = new User(); $u->of(false); $u->name = $name; $u->email = $email; $u->addRole('newsletter'); $u->save(); $log->save('newsletter', "User {$u->name} has been successfully subscribed with email {$u->email}"); $i++; } fclose($file); echo "<br>{$i} subscribers imported.<br>"; I am not sure if a lot of other poeple need something like that as well - if so, maybe adding an "import" feature for the NewsletterSubscription module would make sense. Thanks for considering and greetings from the neighborhood!
  12. Hey fellow forum members: everyone in the Atlanta region go help Ryan shoveling snow! Everyone else - visit The Store and buy a Pro moule for the disaster relief fund!
  13. Thanks, Mike! Not sure what's the overall statistics (all users/installs), but for me it's still 100% 2.8.x (never touch a running system )
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