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  1. Hi Pip, for me, it is not clear what you mean here - basically, using a Page Reference field sounds like a good approach for such an assignment of (a number of) 'ingredient' pages to an 'item' page. I think we need some more details to analyze the problem...
  2. Thanks for looking into this! "link" is a VerifiedURL (pro) field, actually. In a template context echo $item->link just outputs the URL like any other text field.
  3. Great to hear it works! Thanks for providing a summary to help others! This reminds me to #1 support rule:
  4. This matches numerical IDs only, right? Could that be the reason for not working with text like 'agb'?
  5. Installed the module and works out-of-the-box. Thank you very much for providing it! In my application I use a custom URL field named "link". So I replaced "url" with "link" in the module settings, i.e. in "Returned fields" and "Result template" and "Link template". Now, the url/link part is not inserted correctly, this is the resulting source: <a data-pageid="10666" href="[object Object]">@abcde</a></p> Could you look into this, if time permits? TIA!
  6. Thanks guys! ? Great recommendations. Difficult to judge which would fit best. Basically, I'd like to have a modified "insert/edit link" dialog in CKE which allows to select a page which in turn provides link URL and description text. Well, I will try these and see what can be achieved...
  7. Sometimes, a task seems to be challenging at first, but the solution turns out to be surprisingly simple. Fortunately, while working with Processwire, this is a very common situation ? I hope someone can help me repeating this experience. I use pages to define external links. So, for every external link there is a page object with a descriptive text (field) and an url (managed by the most valuable VerifiedURL fieldtype). It is easy to add a page reference field to a template for using these. How to use such references within a CKEditor context, though?
  8. I am not a web developer pro, but I understand that a (piece of) code or a (programming) concept can be "beautiful". If you make yourself familiar with Processwire, you will find such very often.
  9. If you could have a quick look at those database details before I carry out the update, that would be great! Thanks a lot for your offer. Maybe it spreads some light on what's going on behind the scenes, on such server/setup. I'll send you a PM then (it'll be 2..3 weeks from now)...
  10. Okay, I understand there is no simple toggle/option to exclude/include hidden files, so I will have a closer look at hooks then. Thank you so much for the time you are dedicating to maintain this module and to answering (my) questions!
  11. I guess I need to grow up before taking on such tasks! ?
  12. wow, what is that? ?
  13. I'd like to exclude all hidden pages - except for a few specific ones (manually selected). Is there a way how this could be established?
  14. Hi @Mike Rockett first let me repeat what I told you two years ago: Thank you for the Jumplinks module! This is one of the big life savers when it comes to run a real-world website, IMHO. Great job, thanks for maintaining this project! Thought it was time to update the module from 1.5.50 to 1.5.60. Same happened to me what was reported here: I don't feel very comfortable with patching databases myself, but as it's just a test site I fired up phpMyAdmin. The proposed workaround: fixed the problem for me. Of course, besides the 404 log was empty, all the "Last hit" information was gone. No problem on a test site, but I don't want to loose this information on the production site. Any ideas on a better way to handle this?
  15. um - yes, those pages not counted in were hidden. So ... quick test ... 2.0.7 fixed the problem for me! @adrian your awesomeness is shining brightly! ? Thank you very much indeed.
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