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Help on finding the right site construct


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Hi there ?,

I'm currently working on a new site project and doing a bit hard on finding the right site construct... ?

  • The site will be an artist page displaying paintings.
  • Those paintings are categorized / assigned to 2 categories - either one or both
  • On the home page there will be an intro showing the 3 categories (1 | both | 2) displayed with an image and title with a link to each category
  • Framework: Bootstrap V4.4.1
  • Gallery page with isotope filter function by https://isotope.metafizzy.co/filtering.html
  • Lazy load function as there will be 100+ up to 500 paintings...

Let's say I do the following:

  • Page pool "paintings" containing all paintings (each painting as a page) having some fields  like "title", "picture", etc. and also a "category" field as a multiple selection via checkboxes "category 1" and "category 2")
  • Home page showing as intro the 3 categories linked to the gallery page with a hashFilter URL

So, do you think this could be the right way (or should I work f.e. with category pages and limit the output for each page with the amount of X or XY paintings)?
I'm not sure if the page load even with lazyload could get too heavy as there will be more functionality showing text informations for each painting on modal. So it's maybe better to link then to each painting page and showing the infos there(?).
Any ideas for a different construct?

Cheers and many thanks in advance ?

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Hi @Bacelo,

I'm an artist who just coded his own website with PW. I basically learned enough PW and php to code it in the past 1.5 months. This is before I started learning about SEO...so I've been thinking about the right site construction. I might have to amend my menu links etc.  I've been testing an SEO program and they linked to a number of publicly available articles. This one I think is the best. https://moz.com/blog/site-architecture-for-seo. The main takeaway from this article is that the site architecture should be as flat as possible.

So keeping in mind that I'm a beginner in php and pw and all things programming:

I may be misunderstanding your description, but why is a painting in two categories? Would there be an issue of duplicate content? Maybe you can solve this with the canonical link then?

I like that a painting=page. That's the way I did mine as well (I'm a photographer). Image = page. I don't use the multi image field anywhere in the site (e.g. in a blog post).

In learning about SEO, text is very important, will there be blog posts? In the previous website incarnations, my site had images with only title and caption, which google considered to be thin content. How is the client going to solve that? I'm still trying to solve this for myself. For now, what I've done is that when I talk about a certain image in a blog post, I will purposefully link to the image page from the blog_body. In the image page, i have Related Writing code that automatically picks up any page that links to it using pagelinks(). I think over time this will work well if I want to stay with image=page. I'm going through my past blog posts  to link them over time. An alternative I've considered is not to have individual image pages (to avoid the thin content). Instead I would only have a gallery page with say all the images lazy loaded as you describe. If a user wants to see a larger version, then they click on it, and a larger version pops up (I forget the module that does this, but there's several). I ended up not doing this because I want each image to have more information displayed over time like edition, exhibition history, buy button, etc, and based on my reading of the module, you can't fit that into a pop-up (whatever you call those things).

As stated the main takeaway I think is to have a flat structure for search engines while making it as pleasant for user experience.



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Hi @montero4,

thank you for your reply and and all your infos.

SEO is not that relevant regarding the picture part / main gallery page on this project. Besides, I will handle the HTML document structure correctly.
Maybe I will go with a detail picture page and have the possibility to do some SEO stuff there then (if needed). As with your site, I will also need to provide several public an internal infos for each picture and also a request pool for paintings via form.

I was just thinking on the technical side, how to setup the structure the best way. So I started yesterday having the following structure now for the picure part in the backend:

  • Home
    • Pictures (for the masonry gallery with isotope filter, picture lightbox modal with infos )
      • Picture page 1
      • Picture page 2
      • etc. ...
    • Topics (for Pictures)
      • Topic 1
      • Topic 2
      • Topic 3 (which is actually both - topic 1 & 2)

So I do have now an field called "topics" in my picture template as a "page reference" type (single page select) and radio button select. I can select now the topics and also the isotope filtering is working already.


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