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  1. Hello, I’m using mautic, a marketing automation platform to send out my newsletters (so I can do tracking etc). Its newsletter builder is quite a pain to use so I figured what I want to do is create the newsletter in PW and simply paste the html code into mautic. One thing it requires is that all css styling is inline (which I can figure out), but one thing it also requires is that <p> tags are actually <br> Tags. I’ve searched through the module library to see if there is a textformatter for this? Anything that jumps to mind? Thank you for your help. Re
  2. Hello, May I ask how to actually wrap the google analytics code using the code below? I'm a total newbie with jquery. I tried code below in the <head> section right after jquery script is loaded(?) and that doesn't work. I'm sure this is embarrasingly simple....but I can't find the solution in google. You can wrap your tracking/marketing cookie code in a check for the localstorage key of: pwcmbAllowCookies if(localStorage.getItem('pwcmbAllowCookies') == 'y') { I tried this... if(localStorage.getItem('pwcmbAllowCookies') == 'y') { <script async src="https://www.goo
  3. Hello, I tried to uninstall this module so I could test another, but I'm getting this error after uninstalling it. Based on what this error seems to be indicating, I made sure that I uninstalled TextformatterPrivacyWire first, before uninstalling PrivacyWire. But that didn't work either. Is there something else that I should be doing? I thought it might be ProCache, but I turned that off too. Please let me know. Thank you! Error: Exception: Module TextformatterPrivacyWire requires: PrivacyWire>=0.0.5 (in /usr/home/jc/public_html/test.com/wire/core/Modules.php line 1857 #0 /usr
  4. Hi, I installed Search Engine and it looks like it's working. Thank you! I just noticed I now have this error every time I save a blog entry. "Method Pageimages::width does not exist or is not callable in this context" Based on a previous reply, it appears it's a hanna code issue, but this code does output an image on the front end... Is there something wrong with it? $page=$pages->get($id); //gets the page $image = $page->image->width(1240, ["suffix" => "srcset"]); //create image that is 1200px wide Thank you for any clues on how to fix it.
  5. Thank you for this module. It works great. I ran my webpage through W3C validation and it gave me these errors. Any suggestions on how to fix it? (Procache strips the quotes, but it's in the code). Thank you. Error: Bad value optin for attribute type on element script: Subtype missing. From line 1, column 30; to line 1, column 174 l lang=en><script type=optin data-type=text/javascript data-category=statistics async data-src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=Ufkjdkfj"></scri Error: Element script must not have attribute a
  6. Hello, I'm interested in this module, and I'm trying to get it working. I've installed it and selected the template and the date field. Can someone give me a clue what to do next. Do I modify the template or modify some php file? I've read all the questions on this thread and I can't figure out what to do next. Thank you. Regards, Update: spoke too soon, I didn't realize it would add fields to the template...It worked. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, Ryan suggested I post this in the public forum and I think this is the most appropriate area. If not, please let me know, and I will remove it.I'm writing for some preliminary advice/views if you care to comment and have the time. If you would like to reply, please send me a private message in the forum (per the pinned post guideline). I'm looking for this type of advice:a) Could this be done in PW? If not, what software platform(s) should I look at?b) I'm looking for comments along the lines of "Yes you can do this in PW, you can do the feature you described a, b, c, d, e us
  8. Hi @Bacelo, I'm an artist who just coded his own website with PW. I basically learned enough PW and php to code it in the past 1.5 months. This is before I started learning about SEO...so I've been thinking about the right site construction. I might have to amend my menu links etc. I've been testing an SEO program and they linked to a number of publicly available articles. This one I think is the best. https://moz.com/blog/site-architecture-for-seo. The main takeaway from this article is that the site architecture should be as flat as possible. So keeping in mind that I'm a beginner
  9. Hi @nbcommunication Thank you for your reply. That's a neat solution. I didn't realize that if you resized or manipulated an image, it's -that- variation image that gets used as the src in the <img> tag. That actually makes sense. However, in my case, that approach wouldn't work because I'm disallowing access to the original jpeg images through an htaccess lockout method posted by horst in this forum. The way that method works is that it disallows all access to .jpeg files unless it has a certain suffix (like -piacontain, -pim2-full,-blogthumb, etc.). I want the jpegs to therefore h
  10. Hi @teppo Yes, that's what I'm using. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm using the blog template by @kongondo (thank you!) and I've been going through and creating my website. I've been trying to work this issue out for a day and I haven't gotten far. I can't figure out how I can sort the months in descending order as these are not pw pages. The years and the posts are shown in descending order, and I want to have the months in descending order too (June, May, April, etc) . How do I do that? I looked at the function for renderarchives and it's unfortunately beyond me at the moment. Thanks for any help on this! Regards, Jonah Arch
  12. Hello, I got this code working where I'm printing out the other pages linking to the current page: $items = $page->links(); if (count($items)) { echo ("some title"); foreach ($items as $item) { $out=""; if ($item->blog_tags) { foreach ($item->blog_tags as $tag) { $out .=$tag->title.", "; } } $out = rtrim($out, ", "); echo "<p><a href='{$item->url}'>{$item->title}</a> (".$out.")<br>{$item->blog_summary}</a></p>"; } } 1) What I'm
  13. I thought based on the module overview that you had that "It does not handle images rendered in CKEditor or similar fields." So with your question above, does it work on the textarea? I'm completely new to PW and php/html/css so maybe I'm misunderstanding your question. If yes, please ignore and no need to reply :-) I'm using hannacode in the ckeditor textarea to generate the srcset and it's working fine for me. My size settings are still not final, but it's so easy to change later so I'm not worried. I could also delete all the past srcset images using your module (that's why I love your modu
  14. Hello @nbcommunication, Here is a sample output being rendered on the page <img src="/site/assets/files/1633/ve08195.jpg" alt="Beach Resort" srcset="/site/assets/files/1633/ve08195.480x181-srcset.jpg 480w, /site/assets/files/1633/ve08195.1240x468-srcset.jpg 1240w" sizes="(orientation: portrait) and (max-width: 768px) 50vw"> I wonder if instead of using "/site/assets/files/1633/ve08195.jpg" as the src, there could be a user selectable option to use the max size for the src, as in "/site/assets/files/1633/ve08195.1240x468-srcset.jpg" instead? It might also make sense for
  15. Hello @nbcommunication, Thank you for this module. I'm using it to generate all the images on my website I'm building. Using hannacode, I'm even using it to generate the img markup from a textarea (like the blog_body) which is pretty neat! I'm wondering if you could consider incorporating an option where instead of pointing the src to the original jpeg file, the module would instead use one of the srcset images that it generated (maybe the largest setting or the user selectable size)? The reason why I'm interested in this option is that my original images are very large and I've curr
  16. Hello everyone, I'm testing out PW and I think it is fantastic because you can create any type of field in one's pages. I have read most of the documents in the "Docs" menu link. It helps a lot but I really have rudimentary PHP/html knowledge and so everything is confusing. I have very basic questions that I haven't been able to solve. Can someone help? 1. What is the proper syntax for an if-then statement. <?php if ($page->title="home") echo '<img src="http://website.com/logo.jpg" width="350" height="190" alt="site title here" class="custom_logo">'; else echo '<img src=
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