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  1. Yes, i think the issue we saw was that the module wasn't namespaced... thank you for looking into that.
  2. Thank you for this module. I'm seeing this error after install:
  3. We're having some performance issues with a dual server setup on AWS with an ALB in front of two custom Ubuntu servers sharing a filesystem to handle the templates/assets. We are having issues with lock files not being able to be written. Are there changes we can make to ProcessWire to make the lock files more NFS safe, perhaps setting some flags to files to make it better? Are there any are lock options like DB or memcached/redis/etc instead of files that could be used? Thank you.
  4. +1 This would be something we could really use as well!
  5. Thank you @kongondo This works great!
  6. We have a large number of imported posts that have no featured image tagged... moving forward the content folks will start tag a featured image, but for these older posts we have been using the summarized one when we use the renderPosts function with the small option. Since we have a number of other pages where we just need to pull out select chunks of the blog post, like the summary, featured image, etc, it would be nice to be able to get the first embedded image in blog_body.
  7. Is there a way to call the featured image function separate from the renderPosts function? We have a need to both render that separately in some footer widgets we built plus I need to get access to the feature image for some JSON output that we provide to another team for inclusion in another web app.
  8. We've noticed that import/export functionality has stopped working on a number of our environments. When we try to export a page, we get this error: Session: Only accepts MultiplierArray value here Inevitably we get a similar error on trying to import data as well. In the past this has worked just fine. Any thoughts on how to workaround this?
  9. Unfortunately, Using 1.5.52 created a number of issues for us. We did downgrade our servers to PHP 7.2.x and for us, using 1.5.51 generates far fewer errors. With 52 we were having an issue where the headers weren't being set and our cookies we use for different forms weren't being set.
  10. Hi @dragan Yes, I saw your post on the other thread. I think the problem we are having with Profields Text Blocks is that a lot of the tags we use are inline, in a paragraph of other text, not on their own line. Also we'd like to use tags on non-textarea/ckeditor fields. My concern with the approach of using a hook in the ready file is that we already do quick a bit of hook processing and we're concerned about the performance is we also start doing a regex on the bulk of the site's fields. I'd love it if there was a text formatter that would work on regular text fields plus text areas/ckeditor fields and we could pick just the couple of dozen fields we need it to work with.
  11. We've been trying to implement Profieldts TextBlocks as a method of giving content editors an easy means to use reusable text across a range of fields and inputs. We've run into issues around the way the tags need to be on their own line for the parser to grab the tag. Essentially we want the content folks to be able to put in a simple tag like show_sometext or something like ##sometext## that will replace that tag with some type of reusable text that the content folks define. We've considered possibly using Hanna Codes for this as well. Are there other methods that would work for this? The challenge is that we have a range of different types of text fields that we would like this to work on. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the advice @dragan... however, after trying both of those suggestions the result and the error is the same :(
  13. @Mike RockettThank you for the advice... we've tried that but we are not having any luck. Moreover, we've noticed now that all our redirects are failing and will either error out or get stuck in a loop. We are getting this error for users not logged in with Tracy: Warning: preg_replace_callback(): Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 6 in /var/www/html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProcessJumplinks/ProcessJumplinks.module.php I'm thinking this may have something to do with PHP 7.3.x. We are running both 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 on our dev and production machines. Any advice for a workaround? Thank you.
  14. Ah thank you - we hadn't looked into the limit modifier... that is great to know!
  15. One other quick question, is there a configurable option to change the number of items returned? I think by default it is set to 30, but is there an easy place we can change that? Our content team has started to give us feedback and this was at the top of their list.
  16. Well, it's strange... we toggled the replace duplicate media and gave it a go and now it is working again. I set it back to confirm overwrite and it is still working. This may be related to some other server issues we've been having, but our server guy has been making some adjustments to the environments today as well so that may have also had an impact. Thank for your help with this!
  17. Yes, what is strange is that the upload functionality was working fine, then it stopped working and began throwing those two errors. Here are the details: Some media is a couple of megapixels, but the majority are things like icons and small graphics that are under 100kb, mostly imagees Most of the images are under 1mb and most are under 100kb Processwire 3.0.123 and PHP 7.3.x running as FPM We have upload anywhere turned on, but most of the uploads are done via the Media Manager itself The servers are virtualized but we have 256mb dedicated to PHP We'll try to use the file you sent to see if suppressing helps the error.
  18. We've been experimenting with the v12 beta and have mostly had success with the new version. We recently ran into a problem where the upload stopped working. We can still upload via ftp and the "scan" function. This is error that Tracy reports immediately after the files are uploaded. We tried refreshing the module, but no go.
  19. We've had some issues redirecting urls that include a tilde (~/media/) in it. We are moving over a site that makes heavy use of urls like that from the previous version. Is this something we can handle with jumplinks or do we need to try to do that in the .htaccess? We can get the URL to show in the list, but Jumplinks will never register a hit against it. Do you have a recommendation on how to handle urls like this? Thank you!
  20. Yes, agreed. Thanks for the update.
  21. Thank you for replying @adrian - I appreciate it. Unfortunately we have a small team here without resources to take on extending the migrations module. We will explore various options, but we do want to keep using the Matrix Repeaters as it really improves the content editing experience for our content team.
  22. We did some more testing and found that the problem seems to stem from the fact that we use Matrix Repeaters from Ryan's ProFields extensively. If we remove pages that have those fields we can migrate ok. What would a good workaround to this be? We are trying to use this to migrate template and content changes between 3 different environments. Without Matrix repeater support we can't really migrate the bulk of our content.
  23. We're trying to migrate content/fields/templates between environments using the Migrator module, and we ran into this error today: Recoverable Fatal Error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string (line 235 of /var/www/html/wire/core/PageArray.php) Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this... I've tried a full dump of pages (large file) and just recently modified pages (small file) and run into the error both ways.
  24. good to know... we were using mixed case just to make it easier to read the slew of fields that we were working with...
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