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  1. From the link that was sent to your email when you purchased Padloper. Alternatively, you can request a link from this form (and check spam box just in case). Please let me know if you need help with this. Thanks.
  2. It's not often I stumble on parity like this, so grabbed this screenshot for posterity 😁.
  3. Happy to report that this issue has now been resolved. Thanks to @csaggo.com for the report and proposing a solution. This has now been implemented across all number HTML inputs. To upgrade, please grab the latest download. ps: the UI has changed slightly from the screenshots I posted in earlier posts in this thread. Thanks.
  4. Congrats @ryan and the whole community!πŸ˜„
  5. First, ensure that you have these countries set up in shop > tax-rates. You get there via the menu Taxes > Tax Rates. If you already added a country, it will be listed in the table there. Ensure the country is not unpublished. It will show 'unpublished' below the name of the country if it is unpublished. If your countries are not yet added, you will need to add them by clicking on 'add new country'. Then, select your countries and save or save + publish. You can then add the countries to the shipping zones as needed.
  6. You are right in this respect. If you look at line #600 in PadloperInputfieldHelpers.php I have comments (to myself) and TODO whether to return a different error or handle this in a different way. I left it as it is for now so that developers could pick on the error early on, instead of silently failing. I'll look into it. This tells me you haven't added shipping countries to your shop, perhaps? Or, you did not select a shipping address country during checkout? email and shippingAddressCountry are required fields in customer checkout. Are they not being shown as required during checkout? The checkout form should have not submitted without a required field completed. Is this a custom form you are using or the inbuilt Padloper one?
  7. With respect to templates, from the frontend, there is no way to tell. You might get a clue from the URL but there is no guarantee that the developer who worked on the site previously did not implement some sort of URL mapping/ rewriting. In addition, the page name (this is what is used to build the URL on the fly) is not guaranteed to match the page title since the previous developer might have amended those as well. Instead, I'd suggest using Lister to show you the information for various aspects of a page. If you don't have Lister Pro, use the core module Lister. Head to you menu Pages > Find. The select the Tab 'Columns' and add Http URL or URL depending on your needs. Templates should already be selected. That should give you a good start. There are filters there as well that you can play with to narrow things down, e.g. filter by URL (URL = /some/url/. Welcome to the ProcessWire forums πŸ™‚.
  8. None of those are supported at the moment.
  9. Hi @Spiria, I have merged your original thread into this one in the Security forum as it closely aligns to your post. Please feel free to delete/amend the extra post as required. Back to your question: I'd suggest to go ahead and do this, just to help you in the interim. JqueryUI and JqueryCore are used pretty much everywhere in the admin. Probably only Ryan knows about possible side effects. Maybe send him a PM? Alternatively, it might be worth opening a GitHub issue? Although these libraries are not used in the frontend, as an Insurer, I'd want to be sure the my client locks both their front and back door πŸ™‚.
  10. This alone wouldn't work. I also need to cater for situations where the shop's currency is different from the shop editor's browser settings or location. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13412204/localization-of-input-type-number
  11. @csaggo.com This shouldn't be the case any more as we now use a plain text field. This means that you should enter your decimal as usual for your country (i.e., comma). Thousands will be automatically formatted (i.e. in your case, periods will be automatically inserted as you type to separate your thousands). As you are aware, the primary issue is that HTML input of type number does not allow commas as decimal characters. Hence, a JavaScript solution is needed as a robust solution. Yes, this is true. However, I have to cater for 300+ international locales. In addition, I'll also need to take care of percentages (working on this now), e.g. in shipping rates. Without those symbols it can get very confusing. I'll try a different fix and report here. In addition, if you are developing remotely, if possible, could I have a look at your site and try and debug this? A temporary login would do. Please PM or send and email if this is possible. Thanks.
  12. @csaggo.com, This is very strange as it works here as intended. Could you please tell what Browser you are using? In addition, what are you currency settings? I am assuming Germany for both currency and currency locale. Thanks.
  13. Hi @csaggo.com, Work on price fields to accommodate international currencies is now complete. Decimal styles are now handled correctly. In addition, thousands are also separated correctly (automatically). To help with this, we now have a new setting in Shop / General Settings -> Standards Tab -> Currency Format (please see screenshots below). Price fields will be formatted based on this new setting. Price fields also display the currency symbol if one exists or the currency's abbreviated name. Currently, this is not configurable but I can add this in future if there is demand for it. This also works for variants price fields. Update summary: Automatic formatting of price fields based on the General Settings 'Currency Format' (currency locale). This means, e.g. Canada French versus Canada English is possible; France - thousand separator is space; Germany - thousand separator is period and comma is decimal character, etc. Thousands are automatically formatted as you type. Thousands separator is based on the 'Currency Format'. Decimal style is based on the 'Currency Format'. Currency value validation is also enforced client-side. For instance, if 'Currency Format' is 'de-DE', one cannot use a period as a decimal. Other invalid entries are also prevented, e.g. cannot enter text in this field. Automatic currency symbol placement. Currently, there are no in/decrement elements on the price field. Works with both products and variants (include variant creation modal). Not yet implemented in manual order editing (e.g. fixed discount amount, etc). Download Please use your download link to get the updated Padloper. If you don't have this in your email, please send me an email to resend it to you. Once downloaded, use the files to overwrite the ones in your present install. You might need to refresh your browser cache to clear the older JavaScript files. Version The Padloper version stays the same until #8 is resolved. Screenshots Currency Format (locale) Example: Canada currency formats Example: Germany currency format Edit Product (German Euro is currency) Edit Product Variant (German Euro is currency) Create Product Variant (German Euro is currency) Please test and let me know how it goes. Thanks.
  14. Just adding that I am working on an API for adding products, variants, categories, etc. This will be available via the global $padloper.
  15. Hi @alexm, This is a multi page reference field (padloper_product_attributes_options) so you would add using any of the ways shown here in ProcessWire docs using PageArray::add() syntax. https://processwire.com/api/ref/page-array/add/ Here are some Padloper product variant examples Please note that example 2 assumes the (parent) product page has the attributes Colour and Size in its field padloper_product_attributes as the respective parents of the attribute options Red and Medium. <?php namespace ProcessWire; // the variant product page $variantPage->of(false); // Example 1: get and add one attribute option $attributeOption = $pages->get(1234);// e.g. /colour/red/ // Add one page (attribute option) $variantPage->padloper_product_attributes_options->add($attributeOption); // Example 2: Add multiple pages (attribute options) // $selector: full selector $selector1 = "template=padloper-attribute-option,title=Red|Medium,check_access=0"; $variantPage->padloper_product_attributes_options->add($pages->find($selector1)); // OR // $selector2: Padloper short syntax selector $selector2 = "template=option,title=Red|Medium"; $variantPage->padloper_product_attributes_options->add($padloper->find($selector2)); // Example 3: Add one page by ID (attribute option) $variantPage->padloper_product_attributes_options->add(1669);// e.g. /size/medium/ // save the variant product page's attribute options field $variantPage->save('padloper_product_attributes_options'); Hope this helps.
  16. True. Unless one adds the flag objects=1, in which case one get a stdClass πŸ™‚.
  17. Hi @csaggo.com. Apologies, for the delay. This has taken longer than anticipated. Good news though, I now have a solution that caters for all sorts of formatting. I am currently testing and plan to release end of this week. Thanks.
  18. @thetuningspoon, Thanks for posting this. If possible, please edit your post and address points #1 - 3 as relevant as per the job posting guidelines: E.g. remote working, US-based, similar time zone, etc πŸ˜„. Thanks!
  19. See if this topic helps? I've had issues with that findRaw page reference syntax in the past; unsure if it has been fixed in later PW versions as discussed in that topic.
  20. Cross-posting that @horst's tutorial above subsequently became a tutorial in the Tutorials Forum here: Thanks.
  21. No worries. Actually I think there's something funky going on with the notifications. I'm only getting notified about new threads. Subsequent posts are not triggering notifications.
  22. Thanks for filing the bug report. I'll work on this and report here.
  23. Yes, but this doesn't apply to Padloper. Padloper does not use a ProcessWire field (neither FieldtypeFloat nor FieldtypeDecimal) for price. Instead, it uses a custom Fieldtype that stores price, ex-price, etc. For price, the Padloper custom field utilises a DECIMAL (12,2) sub-field/column πŸ™‚.
  24. Yes. A custom field is the way to go. Not only will it survive an upgrade, it also offers much more flexibility. Incidentally, you can add any custom field to different templates to suit extra needs. E.g., if you wanted your attributes or categories to have images, you could reuse padloper_images on their respective templates. Currently, the only exception is a repeater field on a product template. They don't play along nicely due to some JavaScript issues (on the part of Padloper).
  25. Yeah, good idea. It does create extra work for your editors though. Hopefully, they can live with that.
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