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  1. True, but not applicable to usage of ProcessWire itself unless something's changed πŸ˜€.
  2. Works here just fine. I don't even have to manually load its assets. All of the below work. <?php $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldDatetime'); $field->inputType = 'text'; $field->datepicker = 3; // $field->datepicker = \ProcessWire\InputfieldDatetime::datepickerFocus; //$field->datepicker = InputfieldDatetime::datepickerFocus;
  3. @howdytom, Glad you like the module. There is a defaultOptions but it doesn't cover your rel and anchor tag title needs. I highly suggest you use the getMenuItems() method to build your menu and customise it however you wish. There are a number of examples at that link. Please let us know if you need further assistance.
  4. @Jonathan Lahijani's strategy is quite good. Here are a few more HTMX + $config->ajax options: 1. hx-headers (docs). Quick and dirty addition of X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest to the headers. As per the docs, make sure to use the valid JSON option AND NOT the JavaScript eval(). Example: <?php namespace ProcessWire; // define variables $someURL = '/some-url/'; $XMLHttpRequestJSON = json_encode(["X-Requested-With" => "XMLHttpRequest"]); $out = "<div hx-get='{$someURL}' hx-headers='{$XMLHttpRequestJSON}'>Get Some HTML</div>"; // use $out... The disadvantage here is having to add the headers manually to all the markup that need it. I think it could be added to body but from what I recall, there are disadvantages to adding attributes to the body tag? Maybe someone could confirm/disapprove this. Yes. hx-headers can be added to the body tag. Edit: From the docs... hx-headers is inherited and can be placed on a parent element. A child declaration of a header overrides a parent declaration. 2. The ajax-header Extension (docs) Here you will need to include the tiny (7 lines of code) extension ajax-header.js script to your HTML. You can then issue ajax requests as usual like shown below using the hx-ext attribute. <?php namespace ProcessWire; // define variables $someURL = '/some-url/'; $out = "<div hx-get='{$someURL}' hx-ext='ajax-header'>Get Some HTML</div>"; // use $out... 3. htmx:configRequest (docs) Use JavaScript to configure the request. This one is a bit more involved but gives you greater control than #2. In this example, we assume you have a main.js file that you include in your template(s) file(s). Inside main.js, add the code as shown below. // main.js // DOM ready document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function (event) { // init htmx with X-Requested-With initHTMXXRequestedWithXMLHttpRequest(); }); function initHTMXXRequestedWithXMLHttpRequest() { document.body.addEventListener("htmx:configRequest", (event) => { // if you wish to add CSRF checks. here token added to headers // but you can also add to request using hx-vals, for example. // const csrf_token = getCSRFToken(); // event.detail.headers[csrf_token.name] = csrf_token.value; // add XMLHttpRequest to header to work with $config->ajax event.detail.headers["X-Requested-With"] = "XMLHttpRequest"; }); } function getCSRFToken() { // find element, e.g. hidden input, with id '#_post_token' // it holds our token name and value const tokenInput = htmx.find("#_post_token"); return tokenInput; } Then in your template file: <?php namespace ProcessWire; // define variables $someURL = '/some-url/'; $out = "<div hx-get='{$someURL}'>Get Some HTML</div>"; // use $out...
  5. Are any of the methods here helpful? https://processwire.com/api/ref/markup-pager-nav/ Especially, setBaseUrl(), setQueryString(), setGetVars() Not sure if it is applicable here but in the past I've had to append ?pageNum=1 to the URL of page 1. $input->queryString() might also be helpful to handle your channel strings?
  6. @horst This is a Pageimage object. $photo->mediaField; This is a Pageimages object. https://mediamanager.kongondo.com/documentation/frontend-output-of-media-manager-fields/media-manager-objects/
  7. Most likely a Textformatter module. I don't know if there is one already in the module's directory. You might need (to make) a custom one. Sorry, in a hurry, but hopefully this gets you started...
  8. There is no variable value in this module's API. The page id is at the variable info. So: <? php $pageReferencedByMarker = $pages->get((int) $dot->info); // do something with $pageReferencedByMarker
  9. Just read this quickly... ProcessWire variables such as $config, $session, $page, etc need to be accessed differently inside functions (check out PHP function scope). One way to access them is via wire, e.g. wire('config'), wire('session'), wire('page'), etc. ProcessWire variables are already global. I don't understand why you are using the PHP global keyword. Others will chime in, with better answers πŸ˜€.
  10. Glad you got it sorted :-). I have never used srcset myself (I think it is a third-party module?) but this should work since media is a Pageimage object in this case. This is used in the ProcessWire sense of image variations as briefly explained here. Whilst you can certainly utilise variations for responsive designs, they are not limited to that use.
  11. Many thanks for the purchase. This is because your PortfolioImage is not a file or image field. It is a textarea field. Textarea fields do not have a url property. It is not clear to me how you want to display your MM image (i.e. inside a textarea, e.g. CKEditor) or independently of the textarea (i.e., some_media_manager_field->url). I am not sure if you have seen Media Manager's documentation? If not, please have a look at that first. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone. It's been a while. A little update. There has been a delay, again, unfortunately! Lockdown hit really hard. There were also a number of technical issues but these have since been resolved. Finally, a number of you (having seen the preview videos) strongly expressed the need for the Padloper UI to resemble the ProcessWire admin theme even in the alpha stage. The message I got was that this was more important to them from the get-go than having advanced Padloper features. I accepted their reasoning but this came at a cost. Padloper 2 has been re-themed to look like the ProcessWire admin. Given that we are using third-party libraries to build Padloper 2, this took a lot of time. Focus was placed on basic features only, for now, in order to expedite the first release of Padloper 2. This means that some advanced features will be missing from the first release of Padloper 2. As for a release date, I was hoping for a 'spring baby'. That won't happen. I am now working hard toward a 'summer baby'. Screenshots Have a nice and safe day.
  13. Great! I have a feeling Windi CSS might have been a wakeup call πŸ˜‰.
  14. Not on a site, but I have noticed something similar (If I recall correctly), when approving comments sent to me by ProcessWire for approval with respect to comments left on my modules' pages in the modules directory (hope this makes sense...Friday, tired and all that πŸ˜„).
  15. Aha! The tut I intend to write will explain what all those options do (although the WordPress tut has some good explanations as well).
  16. Just think ProcessWire page reference fields πŸ˜‰.
  17. Same here! This one. Hehe. Tell me about it!
  18. I see. Have you tried with the Custom PHP Code options? I haven't touched this in a while but (in my head) it seems like it is doable.
  19. I didn't, until earlier this week! I managed to get hotreload inside a ProcessWire Process Module that displays a Vue JS App in development mode, running under a different port from ProcessWire! I also threw in live reload in the mix for changes to my .module, .php files, etc. I'll do a writeup when I get some time. FYI, this only worked with vanilla Vue JS. I couldn't make it to work with Nuxt or Gridsome.
  20. Hi @3fingers, I don't understand the question I am afraid. However, you cannot define anything inside the CSV. Are you talking about different tables from different pages or different tables from a single matrix on a single page?
  21. Hi @RyanJ, No, unless they have access to the settings or set the setting themselves or have been informed about the setting. The image they are replacing is one that has an identical name. The image name is is used to create the media title.
  22. Hi @maddmac I haven't tried but I don't think so. Dynamic Selects works with Fieldtypes and I don't know if Formbuilder is a Fieldtype.
  23. Hehe 😁. Yes, it's the first and only thing I disable by default whenever I install Tracy.
  24. Not sure if it is the TracyDebugger one, to indicate site you are on? I could be wrong. I cannot remember if that feature is still supported
  25. Hmm, for some reason, I cannot see your post @theoretic! I am just seeing navigation buttons <next page> etc! I can see the post when I edit it (as a moderator - I didn't actually edit it). I am not sure whether it is my computer or my eyesight, or age! Anyone else seeing this? @Pete??
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