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  1. Hey @kongondo, thanks for your answer! I'm looking forward to try the upcoming padloper version, i'm happy to hear about that. In the meantime i implemented a quick & dirty solution for the csv export bei directly editing the PadloperActions.php file and appended code for generating a csv file to the actionMarkOrderAs function for a custom status. It works so far 🙂 Kind regards, Guido
  2. Hey @kongondo, thank you for your wonderful work so far! I'm almost done implementing a shop for a local café and roastery in germany. We try to archive a csv export on the order bulk edit menu and i couldn't really find a good way to implement this, could you help with that? Is there a hook to use? The idea is to generate a csv file with shipment data of the selected orders if the state is changed to e.g. 'order delivered'. This could be used to generate dhl shipping labels. Then the shipping info doesn't have to be manually transferred. Kind regards, Guido
  3. Hey @kongondo, do you know a rough release date for the discount feature? Looking forward using it (or a workaround) by the middle of this year. Or is here anyone who already build an addon/hook for this? Kind regards, Guido
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