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  1. Hi, Is 1030 the id of your 'Home'?
  2. Hi @kongondo, I'm in the process of having to merge 2 Joomla/Seblod sites with several types of 'search' pages. Most of them have a search-box with a combination of dynamic search + one or more input boxes for a text search. In the documentation I couldn't find find any reference to the fact that your module effectively supports a combination of dynamic search + one or more input boxes for text. If it can do what I do as in the link below, I'll buy your module immediatly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hereunder one example, of one type of filtered search page with such a box (text+dynamic), paging and a responding url from a collection with 44000 items: https://sincfala.be/museumcollectie/collectie?cck=collectieitems&art_title=&collectienaam=Audiovisuele+materialen&rubrieknaam=Prentbriefkaarten&onderrubrieknaam=Duinbergen&zoek_op_een_trefwoord=hotel&search=collectieitems&task=search Kind regards, Bernard
  3. @gebeerFor sure I remember you from those days. That's when I jumped over too. For sure I didn't make many sites (one for a soccer club and a shop) but I used PW especially at the time for a setup of touchscreens in a museum I work for. Nearly each room in that museum had a different screen layout being powered by one PW. Even though I'm not a good coder, I even managed to make streetview to look into the right direction in each of the POI's (from a setting in admin). The poi's on the left of the map are more documented but this only shows the power of PW and what it can do: https://durvenleven.be/pw/handelszaken/ In another room there was something like this: https://durvenleven.be/pw/personen/ (truly sorry that I'm out of the tread but I couldn't help it)
  4. @Macrura Hello Marc, Really, you're a champion ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ Anyone from a Joomla/Seblod content (and maybe others too) wishing to import content in bulk and being worried about the images, this is a lifesaver! This morning I updated PW to 3.0.212 and ImportExternalImages to 2.0.14. In the script to import the pictures after I imported the articles and all their fields I needed with ImportPagesCSV, I used the script hereunder (subject to be improved - Noobs will love you for this ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe with a (total) img import counter as well at the end of the ride??) to monitor the process: <? $p = $pages->get(2356); $m = $modules->get('ImportExternalImages'); try { foreach($p->children as $c) { $c->of(false); echo "Saving child page: " . $c->title . "<br>"; $m->importImages($c); $c->save(); if($c->isChanged()) { echo "Child page " . $c->title . " was saved.";}} // didn't get the echo's though } catch (Exception $e) { echo $e->getMessage(); } ?> At one point during impot, in one of the articles, the img had a typo mistake of width="25รน" instead of width="25%" (Azerty keyboard key) and the import halted. When correcting the typo error in the article of which the title was reported thanks to the script, by refreshing the 'import' page the script went happily on importing pictures. At one point there was a timeout, but who cares ... I just refreshed page again and the module went on doing what it was supposed to do. Upon inspection, I couldn't help to be astonished as even the alignment of the pictures as in the original articles was maintained. Really: Hats off! ๐Ÿ˜€ Again, congratulations! Let this be a lifesaver to many people wishing to join the PW family! Kind regards, Bernard (temp overview https://kusttram.com/1325pw/overzicht-heemkundige-teksten/Pagina134 of a site in development without layout and temp pages - I will install dynamic search from @kongondo and from there seblod might be in the rear view mirror for many coming from the Joomla/Seblod setup - Here is the joomla/seblod combi I'm going to migrate from: https://www.zwinstreek.eu/geschiedenis/heemkundige-kringen/zoeken-in-publicaties?search=pdf&task=search )
  5. @Macrura, Indeed it's not always obvious to be in pace when the elements around are changing. I'm glad to have run into a problem and that the cause has been found. If things go wrong at my next trial, don't worry as I already deleted the content twice an re-imported it with ImportPagesCSV. So, what would you like me to try to import images in bulk?
  6. Hi @Macrura, I ran the script and I got this message: Unknown image size '60%' (not in $config->imageSizes) In 2020, I got the same problem. (Posted April 15, 2020). Also, now, when I manually save an article which has pictures with a %, the right or left alignment don't get taken into account. At least things are getting more clear, not so?
  7. @Macrura Hi Marc, Did you have time to think about a solution to import the pictures in bulk? If you want to, I can always test new ideas you might have. I'm more than willing to change the script in your module to test if it would work. You know, I've got a gut feeling that it has got to do with the hook that your module is only supposed to kick in after $c->save("textarea"); Kind regards, Bernard
  8. @Macrura Hi Marc, I tried a different script as hereunder. I tried save "body" as well as "textarea" (the field where the links are) but to no avail. The output gives me 3420 lines in the style of: Saving child page: Akkerzieken in de Zwinstreek Saving child page: 't Heistenaartje - Ode aan de zeedijk Saving child page: 't Heistenaartje - Jacobus Landuyt Saving child page: 't Heistenaartje - Mijn eerste vaart etc etc The script is: $p = $pages->get(2356); try { foreach($p->children as $c) { echo "Saving child page: " . $c->title . "<br>"; $c->of(false); $c->save("textarea"); if($c->isChanged()) { echo "Child page " . $c->title . " was saved."; } } echo "Children saved successfully!"; } catch (Exception $e) { echo $e->getMessage(); } Kind regards, Bernard
  9. @Macrura Hi, In a site under development, I imported 3420 articles with img links to a joomla/seblod website. Now as I did before I want to import those images into their respective pages in PW. In 2020, I went to Batch Child editor where I 'Unpublished' the articles in bulk and published them again. In the process your module pulled in all the images. This time, I seemingly cannot do this anymore. So, amongst many other trials, I created a template in admin and an empty page where I put the script as hereunder. The script runs but none of the images are pulled over. I see that your module uses a hook-after-save. How can I make your module to work to convert those pages in bulk? $p = $pages->get(2356); $p->children->find("limit=3420"); try { foreach($p->children as $c) { $c->of(false); $c->save(); } echo "Children saved successfully!"; } catch (Exception $e) { echo $e->getMessage(); } Kind regards, Bernard
  10. @Macrura - You really deserve a gold medal a) for the speed you responded and b) for how the module sailed through all the articles, pulling in all the images smoothly. On (3) however, I wasn't successful as somehow the script didn't work in Tracy Debugger's console but not to worry ... I went to Batch Child editor where I 'Unpublished' the articles in bulk and published them again. In the process your module pulled in all the images. ;) Once again, Thank you very much!
  11. Hi, I'm importing a fairly large Joomla site that exist since 2009. The module is a lifesaver BUT I encounter 2 problems where nothing happens: When the extension ends in .JPG (all caps) the image gets skipped Even if one image width is expressed in e.g. 30%, the whole import process gets aborted I'd be VERY happy to find out where I can adjust the script so that the module would run flawlessly. On a second breath, can someone point me to a script where all children of a parent get opened and saved one by one so that all the images get imported automatically with this module? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, I have been searching a bit everywhere but except for UIkitty (for Drupal) I can find very little reference to CKeditor and UIkit combined. Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, I would love to have my CKeditor to run with UIkit classes. Is anyone doing it? What files must I add, where do I find them and what must I change where? Not only for me but for anyone wanting to use UIkit in the front- and backend, I think it would be wonderfull to be able do so ... Many thanks in advance!
  13. For me the problem with the map either or not appearing on the front-end lied with the " Front-End Page Editor " module. When uninstalling that module the problem dissapears as well.
  14. This morning I tried again and only found 1 error in JqueryCore.js:2:40351 ( /wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryCore): Use of getPreventDefault() isn't supported anymore. Instead use: defaultPrevented. -> I did so and the error went away. On the other hand, when I try and drop a CSV in the the ImportPagesCSV upload box, it doesn't accept it, so I have to press the upload button. For normal fields an even pictures the the ImportPagesCSV module is working fine but not for the Leaflet submaps. Same problem with BCE. My version of PW is 3.0.61 - Leaflet V 1.03 - php 7.1 now
  15. Hello @Robin S, Thank you for your reply! Since yesterday I tried those combinations but to no avail. Just now I turned the php7 to 5.6 but there too it doesn't work for me. In one of the existing pages I had already saved an address but after uploading 2 records with an address (with $page->$name->address = $value , that one too disappeared. Could it be pw 3.0.61 which causes an issue? Tonight I tried with BCE too but there too .. no success
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