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  1. @Macrura - You really deserve a gold medal a) for the speed you responded and b) for how the module sailed through all the articles, pulling in all the images smoothly. On (3) however, I wasn't successful as somehow the script didn't work in Tracy Debugger's console but not to worry ... I went to Batch Child editor where I 'Unpublished' the articles in bulk and published them again. In the process your module pulled in all the images. ;) Once again, Thank you very much!
  2. Hi, I'm importing a fairly large Joomla site that exist since 2009. The module is a lifesaver BUT I encounter 2 problems where nothing happens: When the extension ends in .JPG (all caps) the image gets skipped Even if one image width is expressed in e.g. 30%, the whole import process gets aborted I'd be VERY happy to find out where I can adjust the script so that the module would run flawlessly. On a second breath, can someone point me to a script where all children of a parent get opened and saved one by one so that all the images get imported automatically with this module? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I have been searching a bit everywhere but except for UIkitty (for Drupal) I can find very little reference to CKeditor and UIkit combined. Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, I would love to have my CKeditor to run with UIkit classes. Is anyone doing it? What files must I add, where do I find them and what must I change where? Not only for me but for anyone wanting to use UIkit in the front- and backend, I think it would be wonderfull to be able do so ... Many thanks in advance!
  4. For me the problem with the map either or not appearing on the front-end lied with the " Front-End Page Editor " module. When uninstalling that module the problem dissapears as well.
  5. This morning I tried again and only found 1 error in JqueryCore.js:2:40351 ( /wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryCore): Use of getPreventDefault() isn't supported anymore. Instead use: defaultPrevented. -> I did so and the error went away. On the other hand, when I try and drop a CSV in the the ImportPagesCSV upload box, it doesn't accept it, so I have to press the upload button. For normal fields an even pictures the the ImportPagesCSV module is working fine but not for the Leaflet submaps. Same problem with BCE. My version of PW is 3.0.61 - Leaflet V 1.03 - php 7.1 now
  6. Hello @Robin S, Thank you for your reply! Since yesterday I tried those combinations but to no avail. Just now I turned the php7 to 5.6 but there too it doesn't work for me. In one of the existing pages I had already saved an address but after uploading 2 records with an address (with $page->$name->address = $value , that one too disappeared. Could it be pw 3.0.61 which causes an issue? Tonight I tried with BCE too but there too .. no success
  7. Hello, Now I have come to the stage whereby I want to import hundreds of pages via CSV with addresses. I tried to find a solution in this forum via Google search and tried all the possibilities that were suggested for Batch child editor as well as in the code of the ImportPagesCSV module being used/suggested for Ryans's MapMaker but both of them refuse to work and import the adresses, lat lng zoom in one way on another into the Leaflet mapfield. Now I have 2 questions: 1. Is anyone succeeding at the moment to upload CSV's to the Leaflet Map addressfield? How? My version of PW is 3.0.61 - Leaflet V 1.03 - php 7.0. 2. If so, here's my second question (to @gebeer, I think?): Say, I only upload the address, will it geocode automatically? If not can it be done or will I be to geocode the addresses externally beforehand before I upload the CSV's? Kind regards, Bernard
  8. Hi, I'm using PW 3.0.61 with PHP7 and yesterday I downloaded this module as I urgently need to import coordinates to link those pages to my map in the frontend. As I'm using Leaflet Map Marker in the admin, the subfields in the 'map' table in the database are: map.data map.lat map.lng map.zoom map.status e.g. Albatrosstraat, Knokke-Heist, BE 51.34085 3.242333 18 -100 As I have to import 1000's of pages, I have no option but to work by batch georefferring and csv imports. I tried everything to make the import of the subfields work but to no avail. Could it be that the module is not compatible with PW 3.0.61 or that Leaflet Map Marker has other settings, or am I missing something somewhere? I tried to pair CSV column number and Processwire field names as in: 1:title 2:map.data (tried map.address too) 3:map.lat 4.map:lng etc.
  9. Hello, I managed to render a leaflet map with wms in a barebone template in processwire. Seen that it works, I added a new provider in leaflet-providers.js and I also updated providers.inc and providers.json files. In leaflet-providers.js I added: ....... }, <--- didnt forget the comma ;) GRB: { url: 'https://geoservices.informatievlaanderen.be/raadpleegdiensten/GRB/wms?', options: { layers: 'GRB_BSK', format: 'image/png', transparent: true, attribution: 'Realized on Processwire' } } As a proof of concept first, in order to render the map I must replace the L.tileLayer by L.tileLayer.wms somewhere in the script so that I can obtain a: whatever = L.tileLayer.wms("https://geoservices.informatievlaanderen.be/raadpleegdiensten/GRB/wms?", { layers: 'GRB_BSK', format: 'image/png', transparent: true, attribution: "Realised on Processwire" }).addTo(map); After a hint from @gebeerI tried to do so in MarkupLeafletMap.js line 47. but I don't think I'm doing it right. Is there a particular syntax I should use?
  10. Hello everyone, Hello @gebeer After having tested lots of modal rendering scripts, for 3 solid days, I ended up with Featherlight, a very lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin, which seems to harness many possibilities. From a 'Title' field in a Leaflet map popup, I can now render child pages with a map in modal windows overlaying each other. However now I need every map to get a different ID instead of 'mleafletmap1' otherwise they won't render. I tried to put $page->name but as soon as there are hyphens, it doesn't work. Any idea of which dynamically generated variable I could use as an ID for the maps in the base-template? In the popover the title has to be clicked twice to fire a modal page. How (where) can I change this behavior? Even though everything is working fine inside the map, at the bottom of the modal windows with a map I find this: $(function() { var percelen = new jsMarkupLeafletMap(); percelen.setOption('zoom', 14); percelen.setOption('scrollWheelZoom', 1); percelen.init('percelen', 51.341845581086325, 3.268561363220215, 'OpenStreetMap.Mapnik'); var default_marker_icon = L.AwesomeMarkers.icon({ icon: 'home', iconColor: 'white', prefix: 'fa', markerColor: 'green' }); }); (in a map with markers this gets much longer) Is it an error that this appears under each modal map or is it something I will have to look into on the side of Featherlight? In any case, at least I'm moving on now and as soon as the problems above can be solved (especially the first 2), I will start playing around with basemaps and wms and see what happens ...
  11. @rick To call the map in the test page map I use: <?php $options = array('markerIcon' => 'flag', 'markerColour' => 'purple', 'markerTitleField' => 'title',); echo $map->render($page, 'map'); ?> to zoom into my question in the options I find among many others:: `markerLinkField` | Page field to use for the marker link, or blank to not link (type: string; default: url) `markerTitleField` | Page field to use for the marker title, or blank not to use a marker title (type: string; default: title) I'm missing something like markerTitleLinkField whereby I could call a dialog box, am I right?
  12. Thank you for your quick reply, but in the ### Options of the leaflet-PW module, can I control the behavior of the `markerTitleField` (or alternatively markerLinkField) which means that the dialog box would be triggered to load the content of a page. What do I put in the the `markerTitleField` (or alternatively 'markerLinkField') option to do so? Is it possible? Does the corresponding .js or other file in the module provide for it?
  13. Hello @gebeer Unless I'm missing something important about the version of jquery on my testing page I was using //ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js in the template file. Now I changed it to //ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js and everything is fine with the map. The testing page takes a few seconds to load as There are 600+ pw children streets which will eventually be shown in the end (look at the source). Next step for me to endeavor into : I saw in the options of the leaflet-PW module, that one can control the behavior of the `markerTitleField` (or alternatively markerLinkField) which means that a sliding pane or modal window would be triggered to load the content of a page. What do I put in there? Is it possible? I'm looking around for a versatile Leaflet script (there are many it seems) to put content in a slider pane OR modal window, so that when someone clicks in the title link in a popup or on a marker, instead of opening a new page, in the browser, a responsive page gets called up in a sliding pane or modal window inside the map with the possibility to have extra controls around them (eg. close, fullscreen, 'like', post a comment, mailto, etc etc). .... but first finding the versatile sliding window (and/or modal) script to load any type of content into is already a challenge for me as I want to stick to the latest version of PW as well as of leaflet (1.0.3) ... Does anyone a suggestion? Even though there is streetview in this example, I'm convinced that with the Leaflet Map module PW will render a page like this on it's socks, not so? (The next step after this will be even more of a challenge.to broaden the scope of this module even further)
  14. @gebeer I replaced/added the content of these files in /pw/site/modules/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/assets/leaflet-markercluster MarkerCluster.Default.css add oldie styles 3 years ago MarkerCluster.css Corrected spiderfy leg anim and leg opacity option 2 years ago leaflet.markercluster-src.js Tag v1.0.4 29 days ago leaflet.markercluster.js Tag v1.0.4 29 days ago EDIT: IT IS WORKING !! Thank you very much @gebeer setup: PW 3.0.58 © 2017 Leaflet 1.0.3 with modified files as above is FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/assets/leaflet-markercluster
  15. @gebeer I tested it on the V3 version and changed the content of the files as suggested. The map in the screen stays blank and the consoles says: ==> jquery.min.js:2:31515 jQuery.Deferred exception: t is undefined o.Util.trim@https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:1149 o.Util.splitWords@https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:1230 o.Evented<.on@https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:3878 L.MarkerClusterGroup<.initialize@http://durvenleven.be/pw/site/modules/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/assets/leaflet-markercluster/leaflet.markercluster.js:6:515 o.Class.extend/e@https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:2729 jsMarkupLeafletMap@http://durvenleven.be/pw/site/modules/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/MarkupLeafletMap.js:54:19 @http://durvenleven.be/pw/straatnamen/abraham-hansplein/:36:20 g/</j@https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js:2:29946 g/</k<@https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js:2:30262 undefined ==> TypeError: t is undefined[Meer info] leaflet.js:5:1149 o.Util.trim https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:1149 o.Util.splitWords https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:1230 o.Evented<.on https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:3878 L.MarkerClusterGroup<.initialize http://durvenleven.be/pw/site/modules/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/assets/leaflet-markercluster/leaflet.markercluster.js:6:515 o.Class.extend/e https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js:5:2729 jsMarkupLeafletMap http://durvenleven.be/pw/site/modules/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/MarkupLeafletMap.js:54:19 <anoniem> http://durvenleven.be/pw/straatnamen/abraham-hansplein/:36:20 g/</j https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js:2:29946 g/</k< https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js:2:30262 In InputfieldLeafletMapMarker.module - Lines 61 and 64 I also bumbed the version to 1.0.3 for the admin side and there the 'map' is working fine. (rendering-georeferring, saving etc)
  16. @gebeer Thank you for all the info! I already prepared long reply but I first want to sort out a little problem I'm having when going to v 1.0.3. The admin side works perfectly but on the front-end the map remains blank and an error is being thrown. In the console I read: Uncaught TypeError: L.MarkerClusterGroup is not a constructor at new jsMarkupLeafletMap (MarkupLeafletMap.js:54) --> var markers = new L.MarkerClusterGroup({polygonOptions: {color: 'teal', weight: 1, opacity: .39, lineJoin: 'round'}}); var marker = ''; When I cancel out these 2 lines the map shows up but obviously without the markers. Did anyone encounter the same problem? ProcessWire 3.0.58 -
  17. Hi all, Leaflet is working fine on test pages I made in PW 3.0.58. Now I have 3 questions: Did anyone upgrade this module to leaflet 1.0.3 ? As a basemap with eventual layers I'm requested to use WMS ( http://geoservices.informatievlaanderen.be/raadpleegdiensten/GRB-basiskaart/wms) Does the module support wms? I tried but I'm doing something wrong it seems .. On top of that I should use either a .dbf, shx or shp file of which then I can link each row to a page in Processwire. Can this be done? I have to get started and am hesitating whether PW will be the ideal platform to do this. So, on the first 3 points, is there anyone who could inform me?
  18. Hello Adrian, Firstly a great thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover TracyDebugger which I'll definitely keep as an extremely useful tool! I seem to have found a but though in the script right above here for PW3+: I did the following: made a copy of PW2.7.3 to a subdirectory on the site Removed the old cropimage modules and installed TracyDebugger (and did some other stuff) Upgraded to PW 3.0.44 and installed Croppable Image 3 properly. Ran the script for PW3+ with : $oldFieldtype = 'CroppableImage3'; // CroppableImage3 instead of CropImage otherwise it doesn't do a thing $newFieldtype = 'CroppableImage3'; Instead of taking an exact copy of eg. thumbnail_yyz_20140101_164521.jpg it seems to make its own cropfile called yyz_20140101_164521.-thumbnail.jpg Why doesn't it take an exact copy of the picture in thumbnail_ ... and just rename the file? Do you know a solution or am I going wrong ? Kind regards, Bernard
  19. Hi, Is the script that optionally handles deletion of the source variations available yet? But first and foremost (forgive my ignorance), where do I put the script above? Croppable image 3 works as a dream! ps. I had to change the limit of the image file from 1 to 0 - otherwise it refused to work as it kept on giving me an error: Call to a member function getCrop() on a non-object Kind regards Bernard
  20. Same question here, Following the thread, I downloaded a lot of things and cast them off again. Now I have both Atom and phpstorm (30 day trial) on my machine. Coming from notepad+++ plus filezilla and dreaming to be more efficient, where do I go from here? Earlier tonight I was hoping someone would open a thread with a simple guide as to how to streamline the development of a site with PW on the one side and a php (say html5) template on the other. I'm coming from Joomla/Seblod situations with mainly Yootheme templates. Now I love PW because there's a clear line between content output and rendering but somehow I'm really searching to find an external -in between- tool to tie those two together when developing a site. For sure I'm only learning so .. is there something obvious I'm missing?
  21. Dank je wel Martijn voor dit snelle antwoord. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I'm on windows 10 ...
  22. Just tested it in win 10 and indeed, it's not maintained and not fully translated neither. So what's the best option as an IDE for someone who's not fully versed in any language and eventually would like to see PW options pop up in that IDE? I read and re-read this tread which mailly dates back to 2013 and in 2016 I am now hesitating between Sublime Text, PHPStorm and to a far lesser degree WeBuilder. Any sugesstions for the long term [edit] for up to windows 10 users ?
  23. Hi, I just moved a site PW 2.7.2 under construction from a server with php 5.3 to php 7. All went very smooth but in admin I had an error trying to reach 'superuser', modulesettings, 'upgrades', etc referring to ProcessWireUpgrade.module v0.0.4 line 655 Compile Error: 'continue' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context (line 655 of /customers/7/3/[ROOT]/site/modules/ProcessWireUpgrade/ProcessWireUpgrade.module) On stack overflow I saw that 'continue' (on line 655) can be replaced by 'exit' . I did so and all my problems dissappeared. Afterwards I upgraded ProcessWireUpgrade.module v0.0.4 to 0.0.6 and no more problems appeared. I hope that one day this will help someone .. Kind regards, Bernard
  24. Thanks Mike, but I just seem to have solved the problem while reading through and through the forum and experimenting a bit ... 1. In wire/core/password.php (version 2.7.2 around line 230) I changed public function supportsBlowfish() { return version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '5.3.0') >= 0 && defined("CRYPT_BLOWFISH") && CRYPT_BLOWFISH; TO public function supportsBlowfish() { return version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '5.4.0') >= 0 && defined("CRYPT_BLOWFISH") && CRYPT_BLOWFISH; (I was coming from php 5.3.18 on the old server to php5.4.x on the new one) 2. I did THIS (at the bottom of site/templates/admin.php) with a NEW password and clicked 'mysite'surl.com'/processwire ONCE $u = $users->get('YOURLOGINNAME'); $u->of(false); $u->pass = 'ANEWPASSWORD'; $u->save(); 3. Went back to admin.php and erased what I put in #2 and saved it (ftp) 4. Clicked again on 'mysite's url.com'/processwire and logged in with the new password 5. A miracle happened as I got back into the admin section on the new server Nothing better than the PW forum as it really harnesses all the solutions .. Thanks! Bernard
  25. Hi, I retried to upload everything from one server withe the testsite with ProcessWire 2.7.2 to another server php 5.4. The front end is doing fine but when I try to login I still get a "The process returned no content." On the top or the admin page I get: Unable to generate password hash What is possibly wrong? Kind regards, Bernard
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