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  1. My bookmark isn't being saved properly, as it saves a different selector than what I chose A gif video showing this bug is below. I am using Processwire 3.0.62 I believe that there is a bug with saving bookmarks where the selector being saved is 2 "is empty" for a 2 repeater fields which have OR on them.
  2. If the GDPR requires websites and other data processing companies to allow me to withdraw my consent at any time, does that mean that I can signup to a website based in the European Union and get them to remove my personally identifiable information from their database, such as my ip address, so I can use their website anonymously?
  3. I updated to the latest dev version which is 3.0.90 and now it works. It also works on the newest master version 3.0.62 It looks like an issue with the old version of processwire 3.0.61
  4. I use WordPress, Codeigniter and Processwire CMS/framework to make websites. Other people will recommend something different.
  5. So what do you want to make with javascript and php?
  6. That's vague. I specifically asked you what you want to make with php and javascript. Every year the possibilities of what you can do in php and javascript increases, so no one person can know everything or how to do everything. It's best to have a skillset of what you want to do rather than learn things you don't need to learn. Below are things you can make with javascript Scraper Bookmarklet PDF Viewer Games Chat room Video and audio chat Audio and video player Video game emulator Below are things you can make with php MVC framework Templating engine Parser Scraper Wordpress/magento/processwire/prestashop/mybb plugins
  7. When I insert an image into the CKEditor in a field called "content" , it should also be added to the "image_bucket" field (an image field) but it appears in the CKEditor but not the image_bucket field. The image appears in CKEditor and in the page when viewed in a web browser, but it does not appear in my file system when I use WebDAV or FTP to see if it's uploaded. When I select the image in CKEditor then click the image button, I get the Invalid image file: 1,shop_novels.png error. (The file name is shop_novels.png) The assets/ folder and all folders within it have 755 chmod. How do I fix this problem? Here's a video showing this behaviour.
  8. I use Sublime Text
  9. It depends on what you want to make, as what you can do with php and javascript increases every year. So what are you looking to make in php and javascript?
  10. Lol yeah merry christmas!
  11. Hello I would like a setting in the processwire admin panel that allows me to set the complexity setting of new passwords. Just a reminder to say that this is a good feature to put in.
  12. @rafaoksi The video tutorial you posted shows how to install the new blog profile which contains UI Kit. How do I install the old blog profile?
  13. There was some confusion as to what I asked and what some of you thought I asked. I was asking how to add the "Add new" menu items that should appear underneath "Tree" under "Pages. I was not asking how to add a template to the "Add new" menu located on the Processwire admin panel "Pages" page. However I restarted my computer and the problem is now solved. It must have been something to do with sessions or cookies or something. Well it definitely wasn't the cache.
  14. Hello The "Add new" menu item missing from Pages dropdown menu, but on the Pages admin page, on the right hand side where it says Add New, there are types of pages I can add. Why would the Add new options appear in one place and not the other? I am using Processwire 3.0.62
  15. My web host switched from Apache to Litespeed. Update It seems to be a permissions issue with the files. All my folders are set to 755 and all my files are set to 644, but when I change site/assets/logs/modules.txt to 777 an error disappears. How should I set my permissions under Litespeed? I deleted the cache and now I get these errors.