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  1. Yep was talking about that. What hapens when i emty it completely ?
  2. Where did you get the original file , cannot find it in the theme folder in the PW download? Using the default file it should just look like the default UiKit theme, right ?
  3. I tried to use this tool https://getuikit.com/v2/docs/customizer.html To modify the look of my BE template. Just made some changes , downloaded the .less file and added its content to the theme.less file. This works good al long as i don't try to change some main colors. As far as i understand it you have made a copy of the default admin uikit theme , and then added a few extra variables (eg. to combine the color of the menubar and the main buttons into one var @tm-primary-color) Is it possible to just use a file whithout those modifications an completely rely on the UIKit Customizer ? Thanks in Advance!
  4. Hmmm , ok and concerning to Fields Array.php Line 16 So if we expect a fully complete $fields array all of those fields need to be initialized right at the beginning too ? The query itself shouldn't be so much time consuming? Do i see this correct having too many unused ,modules / templates does a simmilar slowdown ?
  5. Just, asking myself, why PW needs to load all fields and Templates at Startup. Schould be possible to store installed fileds/tamplates in a DB and load this at startup , of possibly use some kind of autoloader? Is there some documentation about the Bootstrap process? Possibly someone could point out where to find the relevant parts in the initialisation?
  6. As we are building some webapplications with the PW backend , having those really big spacings between all field elements in forms and everywhere is not too practical. UI Kit already has less spacings between all elements than Bootstrap for example , but i am looking fore a more condensed BE Theme. Maybe someone already made something like that?
  7. Almost 100 % sure fetching all vars from a form, and put them into the page. Creating an empty page , so i can add Profields Table (You cannot add this to a not saved page), set some other values like customer and delivery address , set the table with products and then save it again. // Create page $b = new Page(); $b->template="bestellung"; $bId= $b->save(); // Set basic stats $b->bestellung_user_select=$derCustomer; $b->bestellung_liefer_addresse_select=$pages->get((int)$input->post->liefer_select); if ($input->post->liefer_select=="3826" OR $input->post->liefer_select=="3827") $b->bestellung_status_select=$pages->get(3829); // status Barverkauf else $b->bestellung_status_select=$pages->get(1047); // status bestellt $b->bemerkung_area=$bemerkung_area; // Add articles (bestellung_artikel_table) //$b->of(false); // turn off output formatting foreach($myProducts as $prod) { if (!empty($input->post->artikel[$prod->id]) AND 0< (int)$input->post->artikel[$prod->id]){ $art= $b->bestellung_artikel_table->makeBlankItem(); $art->artikel=$prod; $art->stueck=$input->post->artikel[$prod->id]; $b->bestellung_artikel_table->add($art); $b->save('bestellung_artikel_table'); } } // save it all $b->save(); // Show order successfull $okBestellt=true; // Finally delete the post array , so the form is ready to go again $_POST=array(); // Global Post array $input->post=null; // Processwire post $aStueck=array(); $bemerkung_area=""; } // END of order Very simple indeed. But it does its job. (Orderpage is just a simple frontend page) Edit: Btw. have no changing field defined so it should not look after changes ? In the BE it kicks in without any changes. As a test workaround i simply made a CLI script that simply loads all pages that are not send , and then saves them again. the Hook then kicks in and sends the pages as he should. $result=$pages->find('template=46, deny_export=0, bestellung_stueckzahl!="", bestellung_user_select.count!=0, bestellung_liefer_addresse_select.count!=0, bestellung_id_collmex="", limit=2'); foreach ($result AS $p) { echo $p->name."\n"; $p->save(); }
  8. When saving a page with the "order" template in the backend IftRunner is nice to me and sends the order via page action into my accounting software. When saving "order" in a frontend page it does nothing. So i certainly missing something . Any ideas?
  9. Hey , just found that the Tracy Panel selector shows rendering time and memory consumtion of all the panels. Maybe you like to see how this impacts on a slow system on my bigger server this is almost irrelevant. Results for pagetree: I activated all for an overview . But you where right the Request Info was consuming most of my time , as it was active by default.
  10. FieldsetPage is a good idea have to experiment with it. As fas as i understand you can use the default saveReady hook for doing stuff with it . Any ideas if you have multiple shipping adresses? Possibly a pagetable would do the job... Whish we could put customized listers in those page tabs.
  11. So i guess i even have to reuse fieldset fields ?
  12. Double memmory has no effect (still only about 20Mb used ). Processor says 47% , so thats quite a lot. Copying to another a more poverfull server helps alot , moved a nother application whith same problem recently. This is a very small box so the problem comes up very early i guess. But as soon as the application starts growing drastically(200+ fields) its always the same slowdown. Although bigger server can handle 200-300 fields. This field/template loading would be a good thing for optimisation. I can not imagine why its necessary to load all Fields/Templates every time. More and more people are building applications using PW and you cannot always avoid to add fields or templates. Maybe its possible to cache those field loads somehow or just load the fields needed ? But ok, so if you plan on a big applications right now its necessary to save fields and templates wherever you can ? What we have ... Reuse fields as often as possible. Eg. instead using one description field per dataset, generate 1 descriptions field and reuse it as often as possible. But what do i do f if i have a webshop where each client has a invoice address and a delivery address. So the client needs a double set for adress data? Somwhere i read that you should combine multiple fields into one, is there an easy example for doing this somewhere ? Another idea would be making an address template and page fields to link the reused address fields groups to the client , but there is no clean solution for editing those addresses in the client page and this ad at least a template and 2 fields. What else can we do , and how to save templates ?
  13. Is there only a list of fields loaded or the actual field data. Loading of all fields is a great bottleneck for building bigger applications like maybe a CRM.
  14. Why all fields or templates need to be loaded on any request ? Whats the reason , sounds unnecessary to me ?
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