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  1. NorbertH

    Another issue i have is that when i edit the comments from the page they belong to the headlines say nothing about the content Say absolute nothing ... So if you look for a certain Comment you have to open all comment lines manually. How about something like : Or maybe : In addition to that a search field would be genious!!
  2. NorbertH

    When you for example use this on a webshop to allow comments on products , one thing you really miss is the name/title/otherfield of the page where the comment belongs to. Going through all Product pages to look for a new comment is really painfull. Is there a way to display the page name, id or whatsoever in the overview. Maybe even 1-3 configurable fields , or a link to edit the relevant page ? That also would be helpfull if you have a spontaneous diskussion in your blog comment, that goes in a wrong direction. Just hop to the page and follow it whithout other posts and spam between the messages. Awesome module, thanks for coding it!
  3. I have an issue while processing a form in PW // Variant 1 html <button tabindex="-1" id="reset-button" name="reset-button" value="reset" class="btn btn-info" type="send">Form Reset</button> // Variant 1 php if ( !empty ($input->post->reset-button)) .... // Variant 2 html <button tabindex="-1" id="reset-button" name="reset_button" value="reset" class="btn btn-info" type="send">Form Reset</button> // Variant 2 php if ( !empty ($input->post->reset_button)) .... When using a hyphen ( Variant 1) i get an notice : Assuming a constant whith value "button" then results in several follow up errors, but thats not relevant. When using the underline, everything is ok , when using $_POST['reset-button'] directly i encounter no issues. I am absolutely confused by this. Any ideas whats going wrong here ?
  4. I have an order form where the customer service selects the customer and then fills out the order form. Its almost like a very simple webshop. When you select the customer you get the order history and the form to place new orders all generated dynamically on one page. Now i am looking for a way to store comments about those users and their transactions and thought about using the comments module for this. The problem is that the page always uses the same page id as the content is generated dynamically, so the comments field always displays all comments for all customers. So my question is if there is a way to seperate the customers in the field call from whithin the template, for example by giving it a fake page id or maybe linking it to the page id of the user and not to the actual page calling it. Maybe like this : <?php echo $page->comments->render(array('page_id' => $page_id); ?> <?php echo $page->comments->renderForm(array('page_id' => $page_id); ?> Thanks in advance !
  5. How can i convert a float field to decimal , decimal does not show up in select list for change fieldtype ?
  6. How about posting this version here ?
  7. NorbertH

    I am looking for a way to add a full pagetree to select the path to redirect users to. It would enable us to redirect to FE pages too , and possibly to the profile page.... Does anybody know how to replace the standard selector whith a full pagetree to select a page in that module ?
  8. NorbertH

    Whats your PHP version ?
  9. NorbertH

    Maybe we should use empty() instead of isset?
  10. Having the same issue whith FieldtypeSecureFile . It simply does not Trigger isChanged after i override an image (only 1 document allowede in that field)
  11. NorbertH

    $page->template->fieldgroup->getField('title', true)->label finally does it . Thanks Soma! But to be true i really expected that : $page->title->label should return the label that is set in the context of the page template not the basic lable set in the field . Wouldnt' it be more intuitive to return the the overridden label than the original one from the field? If i "override" a label in a template i expect it to be the one to be sent to my page as the label for the title.
  12. NorbertH

    Is there a way to fetch it in the $page context ?
  13. NorbertH

    How do i get the label if i have overridden the label in the template ? I always get the original one from the field.
  14. NorbertH

    Still it would be great to have options like "modified>created" or "modified=created" in selectors . That would make it very comfortable. Maybe whith putting the second selector into some brackets, to mark it as selector and not value. "modified={created}" So possibly allowing sub selects in selectors. Edit: sub Selectors are already implemented ..
  15. NorbertH

    When Trying to install i get this error : It seems he is trying to load acfConfig.php while the file is called AcfConfig.php .