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Found 1 result

  1. In this post we had a small discussion about making PW more userfriendly(for new, non developer users) https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7184-lets-highlight-processwires-ability-to-be-an-enterprise-cms/page-2 Personally i think the technical details belong to another thread, so i opened one. When you install PW you got basic pages and nothing else at least from the view of a newcomer that is not a developer. What does a newcomer expect from something that is propagated as being better than WP? Basic pages whith more than body and titl. At least they need title, browser title, meta description, publish date controll, a main image, image uploadfield for images in the MCE editor, short text, long text(Tiny MCE), tags, optinally a small gallery for additional images(whith lightbox), an easy option for comments. A basic Blog/News system as news and blog can easily be used interchangeably. Image cropping on default image fields. Premade RSS feed. Premade sitemap. Premade search. A basic form module An Image gallery with mass upload, description,title, title tag, alt tag, fancybox option. A Template system for easy template change and an option for modules to link in Module installers that are able to deinstall a module completely.(for example the blog module does not) Site settings and maybe Template settings Simply install and go. The interesting part is that almost everything from this list is already there in PW. A few words about PW in general. Im my opinion PW is not a CMS, at least not now. Its a CMF whith an extra comfortable backend , and it really schould be advertised as that right now. Many of the stuff that pepole expect from a CMS is not present (installable templates, modules, calenders...) it has to be build by yourself. Even if thats pretty easy to do, its not click install and go. So its a framework and not a CMS. Ok, let's look at the reality of most CMS. Either they got far to many modules or they do not have enough modules. Many modules are unmaintained or broken or lack some important functionality. Often installation of any module or updating the CMS breaks a lot of things. even paid modules often come whith lots of problems inside plus you literally have to test hundreds of modules before you find a combination that is functional, compatible and affordable. So from this point of view PW is even better than any CMS, as almost all stuff is build with plain core functionality, but still its a framework not easy to understand by a user. So what do we need to make it a CMS? The keyword is standarisation. An user does not want 100 ways to make a news page, he exactly wants 1 way to do that. Its great if you easily add some fields but basically he just wants a news page. Standarisation does not need to take away freedom, it only allows to make components that interact in certain defined ways. Standarisation can never be perfect but it can help alot in interaction between different parts. If we look at PW templates there are endless ways to get the result you want so its almost impossible to make a module that creates at least a halfway decent looking default template for its functionality that links into the basic site structure. Would it be bad to create a standrard way for making templates that allows modules to link in ? Would it be bat to have a bunch of default modules that allow templatebuilders to produce templates that already have a well made formating at least for this few modules. You still have the option to do it the way you like, you can build your own stuff or just modify the existing stuff but in addition to that you now got the option of installing a few modules, buy a template, do a few modifications and you page is ready. So it even adds more freedom to the system not less. Lets take a look at WP. Most templates only support the basic blog and maybe a few modules. as soon as you start to install additional modules you either have to live whith an often ugly default output and often it fails completely. So you start modifying the template or even worse you need to modify the module. The next module update kills all your changes and you have to start over.... The fun starts if you have a bunch of modules that need modification . A big company called Templatemonster has a solution for that problem. They sell WP themes that are a complete installation bundled with all the necessary modules and all addons fully functional, but don't try to upgrade the WP system, simply don't do this. Maybe this is the perfect way for PW to make premade templates ? I guess not. You still run into trouble if you want to change the look of your page. But still it may be an idea to earn some money whith PW. at least i would pay for a nice installation package whith blog and gallery and a really nice modern template with some color, background and logo control in the backend. For the easy creation o something like that we would need an extended Profile Module that allows to store a complete page as an installlable Profile. Right now i had some trouble storing multilanguage support and pre generated user and a few other things. So i guess the best way would be to define a bunch of standard modules, define a default way to do templating and for interaction between modules and templates. More about that tomorrow(more technical details ), i need a bed right now
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