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  1. @bernhard, I meant “_not_ beholden to UIKit…” At any rate, I understand everything you’ve explained. I appreciate your input.
  2. @bernhard, this module uses both UIKit and Tailwind in conjunction? The use of UIKit is because it has premade components not available in Tailwind (out of the box)? If in conjunction, won’t the CSS styles clash with each other? My preference is for Tailwind styling so for the components we are beholden to UIKit-way of styling?
  3. I like your efforts on this. Visualizing the title portion is very helpful.
  4. @teppo Thank you. This is fantastic.
  5. Very cool. Thank you, @Robin S.
  6. I really like this. Thank you.
  7. I would love to swap out UIKit for Bootstrap. Big time.
  8. Yes, but that’s after the fact. I want to grab and assign the field to the dropdown upon loading the form.
  9. Looking forward to testing this. PW is such a great platform but ecommerce is so much a part of how my clients are looking to make money. I hope this project thrives and the community can keep it vibrant.
  10. Unlike the Integer input type, Decimal doesn’t allow for a default value. I’d love to see this added. I’m working on a mini project where this would come in really handy. The site admins would have all 7 fields pre-populated and they can then adjust as needed.
  11. Same. I’m actually hoping I can use it outside of the typical shop site. I want to build an app that allows for invoicing/payment through Stripe for 1-up items and most importantly being able to run a query in PW that searches pages and then invoices them all as **one** invoice. Padloper probably is overkill for that though. There’s probably already something available in modules that would do the job. But anyways, I’ll be supporting Padloper for sure.
  12. I believe this is a bug. If UIKit theme is used and we traverse to Modules > Configure > AdminThemeUikit > Forms + input, the setting for “Input types that should be offset with additional top/bottom margin” has no affect. I started with Fieldset, but it didn't work. I thought, maybe it’s just the Fieldset field which isn't working; so I placed the entirety of **all** the available fields in that setting. But no fields are effected within my admin screens. I logged out and cleared my cache but still nothing. What **does** work is going into the individual settings for each field (at the field level) and activating the extra margin setting there. But at the global UIKit setting, it appears something is broke. (Attached is the setting I’m referring to.)
  13. Good question. I’ve never used it before either although I bought it and keep renewing it.
  14. Can this be used within Ryan’s pro module Form Builder?
  15. Never mind. After I entered a different address than the one entered in the field set-up, things are working just fine.
  16. Is there any way to prevent this module from deleting the address entered in the field after the page has been saved? I love that the latitude and longitude is created and saved on page reload, but it would be nice to have a reference of what those coordinates are for by keeping the contents of the address field.
  17. HTMX is gaining traction especially in Python circles. And recently in .Net I’m seeing more integrations. Thank you very much for doing this. I feel like HTMX is the one tech I’ve been more excited about than anything else in the last 10 years.
  18. It’s been a great two weeks in Processwire land. Thanks Ryan and community.
  19. No worries @Jonathan Lahijani. Thanks for your efforts. Don’t make any special effort on my behalf. I just like to learn from other’s approaches. Take care.
  20. Is this base available for others to use? I’d be curious if it could give me a head start on some upcoming projects.
  21. Thanks Ryan. Take a well-deserved break this weekend.
  22. I don’t know if anyone here would find this handy but interesting nonetheless: https://css-tricks.com/wrangling-control-over-pdfs-with-the-adobe-pdf-embed-api/
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