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    @Noel Boss interesting. And you use Amazon for your live PW sites too? Does Cloud9 let you go from development to EC2 (?) so you never leave the Amazon ecosystem? And I can vouch for Transmit. I’ve been using it for over 10 years.
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    Congrats on the new machine! Anytime I add something great to my workflow, it energizes me.
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    Very refined. It would make for a nice experience with front-end editing too. Would love to see this implemented very soon.
  4. I’d love to see, as an option, a user-supplied character inserted between title and sitename. For instance, I usually use the pipe (|) character or sometimes a hyphen. And this character would only obviously be inserted if both title and sitename are used. If sitename isn't supplied, then the pipe or whatever gets stripped.
  5. Why isn’t there any documentation on Markup Regions within the official docs? The only thing I could find was various blog posts. This would surely help beginners.
  6. OK. This could have been an oversight on my end. I now see the FieldsetPage option in the dropdown when creating the field. My apologies.
  7. I already have it installed and it's dependencies. Ultimately, shouldn't it be as easy as: Create your individual fields. Assign those fields to the FieldsetPage field. Assign the FieldsetPage field to a template. Tada…the fields show up in the page edit/create screen.
  8. Guess I'm lost. I just installed today's Dev release (3.0.77). I create my individual fields. I then go to create this new FieldsetPage field type, but it's not there. I have to choose Repeater, then FieldSet page becomes an option BUT ONLY AFTER the field has already been created. But once I switch over to FieldsetPage as the type of Repeater, it seems to break everything. My understanding is that FieldsetPage allows me to take any fields and group them together for reuse. I can then assigned that fieldset to a template. What am I missing?
  9. Do any of you developers refer to “pages” by any other name when you’re explaining PW to clients? I ask because it seems like the term “page” sounds fixed or dated. When I create pages that simply are look-up data (pulled into fields, etc.), they're more like a collection of data and not pages directly accessible on the front-end.
  10. Ok. Thanks for the update. Didn't know that.
  11. Wonder what the state of this premium module is. I think everything listed in the Premium modules page for PW should give a sense of trust. There's not activity in this forum and the last changelog goes back to January of last 2016.