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  1. I don't think that would make any impact on filtering and search. If anything, it would only make your setup more complicated than it needs to be. You would have to take care of creating year/month/day parent pages with each new record (or create them ahead of time).
  2. err, I should have googled this before answering... (I had no idea what ESP means). So it's data from one single weather station only? My above post was based on the assumption that you get weather infos from all over the world via some 3rd-party API and you update your site via cron jobs. It's been said time and again that a big number of PW pages will scale well, but a combination of (too many) fields, templates, and pages - plus complex queries - can seriously impact speed. In your case, the setup seems to be quite simple though, so I would go the "native PW route". However: When it comes to loading huge data-sets and visualise them (aggregate a 5-year-span of weather data and create statistics or curve diagrams), I would surely look for RockTabulator or some such. You can fake a future situation yourself with simply creating thousands of dummy data-sets.
  3. The majority (everything?) of the content is automated via imports, and you have practically no use for the whole PW admin backend? If so, I'd surely go the custom-mySQL-tables route. In PW, do your visualisation stuff (pulling raw data from mySQL). Perhaps you'd only have to build 1 page per location, and then use the location-page-id as a foreign key in mySQL. If you expect huge traffic, then a proper caching strategy would be essential. Do you plan to have some sort of search / filter on your site?
  4. @BFD Calendar It's certainly none of my business, but don't you want to optimize your site a bit? For starters, it takes ages to load. It's also not responsive. Your homepage is a whopping 24MB. You're loading JS in the <head> instead of the end of your <body> etc. The pattern backgrounds makes reading content hard. Images don't have an alt attribute. Google doesn't like slow and non-mobile-friendly sites, and chances are, your users won't either. https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly?id=Os-IXOq4pmJaFuqLUSb8xQ https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=de&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.birthfactdeathcalendar.net%2F The long homepage e.g. could make use of some lazy loading technique - it ain't that hard to do. I don't know what else is slowing down the site (TTFB is over 7 seconds, which is really bad)... maybe un-optimized PW selectors?
  5. Did you debug it with Tracy? Check whether you need parent or rootParent, and your template and field names.
  6. Did you check the Apache error and access log?
  7. Nice. Apparently, my anti-virus software thinks your demo site is spam.
  8. @ttttim This module was just released yesterday... maybe take it for a test-drive?
  9. Did you try someting like $unifiedMatches = $pages->find("id=$find1, limit=$limit")->add($pages->find("id=$find2, limit=$limit")); ? Seems to work with a quick test here...
  10. Sadly, Google doesn't seem to offer a cached view of such articles... Maybe we should ping @ryan ? Were those tutorials too much out-of-date, or was there any other reason they didn't make it to the redesign pool of content?
  11. Lots of infos here: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/composer-google-calendars-and-processwire/
  12. You have a lot of weird invisible characters in your code - this happens sometimes when you copy-and-paste from forums. Luckily, good text editors / IDEs spot such stuff and give warnings. I cleaned up your code and attached it here (together with two minor hints re: code) kalimati.zip
  13. You probably need to tell PW that it should look in that folder instead of wire/modules/. Did you clone the entire module folder to site/modules/ ?
  14. Strange. According to the official docs, this should work. Maybe a caching issue? Can't you just use @import ? Try adding a Custom Editor JS Styles Set, and then follow these steps: https://processwire.com/docs/fields/ckeditor/#custom-editor-js-styles-set
  15. Yeah, I was thinking the same. tl;dr: there's probably something broken with my server, rather than PW. In my several tests, I had to shut down Laragon (and Apache manually via Task Manager) and restart the server. I also found an Apache error, same as reported here, (installing a new Apache didn't help) + a PHP error: #8 C:\laragon\www\pwdev\wire\core\ProcessWire.php(444): ProcessWire\Session->__construct(Obj in C:\laragon\www\pwdev\index.php on line 64 [13-Jul-2019 19:00:41 Europe/Zurich] PHP Fatal error: Exception: SQLSTATE[70100]: <<Unknown error>>: 1317 Query execution was interrupted (in C:\laragon\www\pwdev\wire\core\WireDatabasePDO.php line 480) I also switched to InnoDB in the meantime... So most likely there's something broken now with my LAMP setup 😞 But I'll disable every hook now and also some modules, and see how it goes. Does anyone know if it's safe to delete DB-sessions manually in mySQL?
  16. @gunter I guess it's the last block of code of @bernhard's post from 4th October:
  17. You're on a roll! Thanks for all these tutorials, and a very good weekend to you, too! 👍🏆🎆
  18. I've never tried, but a quick search suggests you can do this:
  19. Well, instead of creating 8 InputfieldFile fields with maxFiles=1, why not just create one InputfieldImage field? Not sure about customizing your special file path for storing though - usually PW stores files/images under site/assets/files/page-id/ ...
  20. Wow, PW (backend) became absolutely unusable after I created some 14k pages. Absurd long loading times. Something like discussed here? Interesting. Gotta try it out too...
  21. There's also https://modules.processwire.com/modules/duplicator/
  22. @Jim Bailie You'll find plenty of examples in the dedicated pro forum threads, once you buy it. And people are happy to share their own code-snippets / advices in those forums. "site sample": not sure if you think of it as a special installable site-profile. If so, then I would guess no.
  23. I guess I would try option 3, but of course some more information about these "tasks" and "tools" would be needed. Maybe I'd use JSON storage only for settings. This module would perhaps be useful.
  24. Did you try to manually delete all the contents of site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/ ?
  25. re: Composer It's like npm for PHP, and super-easy to use. Some scripts out there require lots of dependencies, and they also check if your system meets all requirements. Downloading all dependent libraries yourself manually can be time-consuming. You can install Composer locally, install your spreadsheet stuff, and then copy / FTP the generated vendor folder to site/wherever/. From there on, just make sure your include_once() points to the proper path, and follow the docs. tl;dr: Composer is certainly not overkill 😉
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