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  1. @KarlvonKarton Not an answer to your OP, but why don't you use PW's built-in multilang feature with single or double underscores anyway? ($this->_() or __()) https://processwire.com/docs/multi-language-support/code-i18n/#translatable-strings
  2. The gist of that thread was: Create a standalone script and bootstrap PW. (temporarily at least) switch tables to InnoDB. -> not sure about that use $pages->uncacheAll() + gc_collect_cycles() in each loop https://processwire.com/talk/topic/14487-creating-thousands-of-pages-via-the-api/?do=findComment&comment=187826
  3. In the frontend? Or right in the backend GUI, whenever you re-order page references?
  4. @vwatson I think your chances that @ryan sees this question is much higher if you posted in the Pro board instead. My guess is that Ryan simply didn't implement it yet...
  5. You could try using honeypot as well: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12872-module-comment-filter-antispam-guard/?do=findComment&comment=186248 and the CommentFilterAntispamguard module mentioned in the same thread.
  6. Can't you just use httpUrl instead of url?
  7. I guess so. \ comes from your Windows install... Try to clear compiled files under modules (bottom of page).
  8. @NorbertH Ryan has created a few pro fields that are meant to be much more efficient, like Pro Fields Table and Textareas. Maybe you should try them out. Chances are, you can significantly reduce the number of fields, and hence, the number of DB queries. Most people just buy it for Repeater Matrix I guess, but Pro Fields has some other goodies as well...
  9. A quick search for this COMODO stuff returned this interesting result: https://help.comodo.com/topic-212-1-514-5943-.html Apparently, you can fine-tune which rules to activate or not. Perhaps it's possible to narrow down the firewall rule*, and de-activate it on PW-admin pages / URLs. Whether your hoster allows this, is of course another question... * I guess it's #950107 from https://www.netnea.com/cms/2016/01/17/most-frequent-false-positives-triggered-by-owasp-modsecurity-core-rules-2-2-x/
  10. Well, that's strange. Seems like your hoster prohibits a query with "get" (?). When you said "logs": did you refere only to PW-logs, or also Apache logfiles? Check both. You could also add ?get={firstname}%20{lastname}%20-%20{email} to any other PW page (FE + BE) and see if the same happens.
  11. Did you check your browser JS console as well? Keep an eye on the network tab as well (you can filter by XHR).
  12. Did you try custom (field / value) and then "modified>=today" ? (modified=today for some reason doesn't work) (manually entering modified>2018-01-01 14:00 worked for me too)
  13. Do you mean MarkupPagerNav? I never tried to use this inside a custom admin page, I'm not even sure it's supposed to work in the backend too. Looking at the docs (filed under "frontend")... did you do step 2? Enabling Pagination Determine what template(s) you want to use pagination with. Go to Admin > Setup > Templates > [Your Template] > URLs, and check the box for: Allow Page Numbers. Save. Most likely, your template is "admin" (?), so I'm not sure if this possible at all.
  14. What's your relevant code in your template file? That's not an image/file URL, i.e. not $imagefieldname->url What's inside this array? I guess the images? Or is it empty? Looking at your screenshot, why is there a visible <img src=... in the middle of nowhere? Did you inspect that?
  15. There are a few settings under module/edit?name=SessionLoginThrottle
  16. I'll gladly do so and try to find a pattern that might help to isolate/identify the root cause. Alas, this week I'm short on time 😞
  17. Yes. PageType with template service. title: PageTitle! Field with the type of FieldtypePageTitle It's listed in the config under "legalFields" (showing as "title (system)"). However, I can't choose it from legalPageFields, i.e. the dropdown doesn't list it.
  18. No, they all have a template assigned (most though without a physical file - don't think that should matter). I only ever just use the system-field title. Is that not included? Strange thing is that if I replace title with name in the query, it works. But (again, just for some PR fields) if use title, I get errors.
  19. @dadish Thanks for the quick update / fix. I tried it again today, and while empty int fields are no longer a problem, I get some other strange issues: I can query some page reference fields, but not others. The error shown is like: Unlike with the integer issue, the output stops, i.e. there is no additional data output shown. I compared a pageref field that doesn't throw GraphQL errors with another one that does: The one that works shows this in the documentation explorer panel: (when searching with the field-name) ProductPageArray ProductPage ProjectPage.product ProjectCreateInput.product ProjectUpdateInput.product While others just show: ProjectPage.industry ProjectCreateInput.industry ProjectUpdateInput.industry (project = template, product + industry = page reference fields) Does that give you a hint what's happening behind the scenes?
  20. I never used Hanna Code myself, but can't you just do $buttons = $hanna->render("[[subscribebuttons]]"); and then $out .= $buttons; ? Don't know if you gotta have $hanna = $modules->get('TextformatterHannaCode'); inside or before your function definition though...
  21. Since @ryan most likely won't read this thread, maybe someone should open an issue (with label "enhancement") here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3Aenhancement Most probably, this would mean a huge refactoring of lots of core-code, but hey, we would all profit from a performance boost in situations mentioned in this thread.
  22. Yes, just a regular integer field. I was just thinking... Most fields in the pages / template I'm querying are optional. Granted, I didn't do extensive testing so far, but I guess it throws errors each time when there is no value in a field. (hence, the selector "only show if images.count > 0" was working fine). Could that be? Earlier it just outputted empty nodes or null instead (which I would expect and is totally fine).
  23. I finally found some time to install the brandnew version and do some tests. I made sure I cleared the modules cache, and cleared file compiler cache. But I get some strange behaviour in the test-tool (pw-admin/setup/graphql/) : Did anything major change in regards to query syntax? This used to work previously: Now I get lots of errors. Even something smaller throws errors: If I remove "budget" field, it works. I double-checked it's in the allowed fields in the module config. Something similar happens when I include images, and some pages don't have images. i.e. With this selector it works as expected: project(s: "industry%=verwaltung, images.count>0, sort=-year, limit=3") If I just do project(s: "industry%=verwaltung, sort=-year, limit=3") { I get stuff like this: Funny thing is, the output at the bottom after "data": { "project": { "list": [) still looks OK to me. Do I see these error messages only because the site is in debug-mode? Or because I do this in the backend as superuser?
  24. My only concern would be that a lot of page references can slow down page-loading in edit-mode in the admin. But just for updating / creating / reading such values, I don't think performance would suffer. You can always completely hide these PR fields in the admin (or choose to only load via AJAX when opened).
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