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  1. Thanks Dragan, I already found it, looks like it doesn't work as excpected with multilanguage.
  2. Here is situation. I have multilanguage web site, e.g. default lanugage plus 2 additional languages. I created all pages and fill content currently only for default language. So now I have 3 very similar URLs, for example for page with title About us: /about-us /de/about-us /fr/about-us They all have same part "about-us" because the title of my default language page is: About us. And it's ok. Now, when I start with filling content for alternative languages, this url property (Settings > name) does not change unless I manually edit it. Basically when I change german title to "Über uns" and save it, name will not change to /de/uber-uns, it will remain as /de/about-us I understand that it's desireable from SEO point of view, but during initial dev process I would like to force it to change it based on current language title. Is it possible, did I miss something obvious?
  3. I have situation like this. Page 1: https/www.domain.com/some_non_processwire_page.php This page is out of my scope and it set some PHP session, e.g. $_SESSION['something'] There is no way that I can bootstrap PW in this page, I must leave $_SESSION['something'] as it is, so there is no option to bootstrap & and convert it to $session->something Page 2: https/www.domain.com/some-pw-page This is normal PW templated page, full under my control. I need to read $_SESSION['something'] from there. I know PW has it's own $session object, but as I staed beofre, I can't bootstap PW from some_non_processwire_page.php and then do stuff only with PW $session Is there any possible way that I can read $_SESSION['something'] from https/www.domain.com/some-pw-page I found some topics about session here on forum, but none of this answers is solution for my situation.
  4. Congrats, looks amazing and performs super fast. Just a short question. Did you have any concerns about SEO impact since everything is done through VUE and there is no real source coude there?
  5. Yes Zeka! That it solution. Now I see it in documentation, somehow lost between all other properties Thanks everyone for contribution.
  6. dobro vece dragane 🙂 however, still no language switch at top. also tried with: $field->type = new FieldtypeTextLanguage(); but with no success.
  7. I'm trying to build custom form (module) and I want to make text fields multilanguage as they are in normal Processwire environment. This is some of code I have: <?php $form = $this->modules->get('InputfieldForm'); $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldText'); $field->label = 'Title'; $field->name = 'title'; $field->columnWidth = 100; $field->required = 1; $fieldset->add($field); $form->add($fieldset); return $form->render(); ?> This is what I got: And this is what I want - with language switch at top: Is it possible to accomplish with API?
  8. in my case pagination is not issue, I'll use Robin's solution for initial sort, save sort result value in new page custom field and then sort like we always do: $authors = $pages->find("template=author,sort=my_new_sort_field"); works like a charm.
  9. I need to sort results by title ascending, and title includes special characters (croatian letters). The problem is that results are sorted but not 100% correct: e.g. $authors = $pages->find("template=author,sort=title"); Cavali Cavilon Čavlović Cesare ... You see intruder (bolded), it looks like sort engine treats letters C and Č as same ones. I'm not sure that this is Processwire related, but maybe API has solution for this kind of behavior? I have UTF-8 page content type .
  10. Thanks netcarver.
  11. It would be very nice to be able to save page with common shortcut (e.g. CTRL + S on windows) in admin. Live long PW
  12. In my case, cache problem occured because my hosting plan had "Run PHP as: FastCGI application". After they changed to "Apache module" problems are gone.
  13. This is pretty old post, but I'm experiencing exact same problem as icietla, ProcessWire 2.6.1 © 2015. If its not Processwire, anybody know what should I look first? As addition, this is not happening always but ocasionally.
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