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  1. interrobang's post in resizing portrait images into landscape without cropping was marked as the answer   
    I think you can do this with the PIM module https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4264-release-page-image-manipulator/ The method you are looking for is canvas()
    Having said that, I would probably do it with css if it is ok for you using a css background-image instead of a normal <img/>. You can position and scale background-images easily with css like this:
    <style> .slide { background-position: 50% 50%; background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; } </style> <div class="slides"> <div class="slide" style="background-image: url(img.jpg)">Content Slide 1</div> <div class="slide" style="background-image: url(img.jpg)">Content Slide 2</div> </div>
  2. interrobang's post in Deleting large number of images silently fails was marked as the answer   
    I edited my first post. The solution was to increase max_input_vars.
  3. interrobang's post in Find page name for a repeater item was marked as the answer   
    Repeater pages have a method getForPage() to get the page the repeater is living on. 
  4. interrobang's post in Change order of languages was marked as the answer   
    When you click on one of your languages in the site tree you don't get the usual "edit", "new", "move" menu?
    I am talking about moving the language pages in the site tree an the left side of the screen, not in the languages setup page you see when you go through the setup link in the top navigation.
    Btw, welcome to the forum!
  5. interrobang's post in Config Array was marked as the answer   
    I did a quick test and this seems to work too:
    $config->var = new stdClass();
    $config->var->item = 'val1';
    echo $config->var->item;

  6. interrobang's post in $page->id Returning root id was marked as the answer   
    Sounds strange. Maybe you have forgotten a = somewhere like this:
    if($page->id=1){}  instead of 
  7. interrobang's post in Form validation translation was marked as the answer   
    This is out of the scope of PW, the bubbles you are seeing are from your browser. You can find some infos here:
    Also, make sure you have set the right html lang attribute for your language.
  8. interrobang's post in Request seems to be forged was marked as the answer   
    I just moved a site from my local MAMP to the production server and could not login. I tried everything suggest here in the forum, but the "forged" message remained.

    Because I did not want to upload all sessions I excluded the "/site/assets/sessions/" folder when uploading the site by ftp. As soon as I created the "/site/assets/sessions/" folder by hand on the server everything worked again.

    Conclusion: Remember that you need these folders:
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