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  1. I know: I am late to the party – but i have a question to the initial post of @ryan (see quote above): In a current project I want to display the comments list one a cached page (ProCache) and the comments form on another, uncached page. Unless teasered in the above quote, I didn't find an option in renderForm() to configure this usecase (posting comments to another page) – or maybe i am looking on the wrong place. So, does anybody know how to set this up and could give me a hint in the right direction?
  2. Good question! I am also interested in Personal / Single edition of ProMailer only for usage on my own site. My clients are happy with their existing mailing solutions but I like the ideal of a mailing module directly integrated into my PW site. So it would be great to have the option of purchasing a personal edition of ProMailer!
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