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  1. Hey @Mats, great module! I was playing around with pages->find today and was getting matches for pages that didn't have map markers stored to them, or at least I thought. On closer inspection in MySQL I found that there were DB rows for all pages that had the template with my map marker field, not just the ones with actual markers stored. Most of the empty records look like this data: EMPTY lat: 0.000000 lng: 0.000000 status: -1 zoom: 0 Some like data: EMPTY lat: 0.000000 lng: 0.000000 status: -100 zoom: 0 Which I'm assuming would be the ones that once had a marker which was later removed through "Clear" And some like this: data: EMPTY lat: 0.000000 lng: 0.000000 status: -100 zoom: 16 Which I guess are pages that someone just fumbled around with the zoom on in the backend 🙂 So in order to find pages with actual map markers right now I'd need to set up my selector like template=mytemplate, map_marker.lat!=0, map_marker.lng!=0 Instead of just map_marker!="" This might also explain why the marker input field keeps popping up in page edit mode, even though I've set the visibilty to "closed when blank & open when populated". Am I missing something obvious or is this unintentional behaviour? Best regards!
  2. In case anyone should need it, this still works with the latest UiKit Theme, just replace the jQuery selector with: $(document).ready(function(){ $('#pw-masthead .pw-primary-nav').append('<li><a href="https://example.com/" target="_blank">Example</a></li>'); }); Or @Jonathan Lahijani's recipe for a less quick & dirty approach: https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/create-custom-admin-settings-page-link-in-admin-menu/
  3. It seems like a long way to go, but this looks fantastic. I'll get on it asap, thanks a bunch @Robin S and @bernhard. @marcus Wondering if this might deserve a recipe, I could imagine quite a bunch of people are struggling with this issue. Thanks again, and greetings to NZ!
  4. Sorry to bring up this issue once more, but I can't seem to find a proper way of implementing natural sorting for child pages in admin. I have a template for artists, and a template for paintings as child pages. The titles of paintings often contain serial numbers as in "Forest 1", "Forest 2" ... "Forest 104". So the default way of sorting paintings by title in the page tree doesn't work, as it renders as "Forest 1", "Forest 104", "Forest 2" etc. Is there a way of achieving this by hook or config option, that is paginateable and works for both front- and backend? Possibly without adding extra fields to the templates? It does seem to be fairly common use case but so far I've not managed to find a viable solution.. Also it's the first time that I didn't come across a "Oh well we do it this way in PW" within 3 minutes of research :) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance & good evening ya'll.
  5. Ok solved, seems I ran into a issue similar to this one here All running smoothly now 🙂
  6. Hey, first post here :) Getting a 500 Internal Server Error when installing (via URL from Github master) .. PW error log gives me a When I remove the template .module files from site/modules/MarkupPwpswpGallery the main module loads up just fine, and also renders the gallery. Have to set the template to basic though as Petersburger is the default .. Any ideas what could cause this? Great module, great CMS, great community btw :) Thanks in advance!!
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