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  1. Awesome news, can't wait to try this. Thank you guys for the effort!!
  2. All good, that seems to have done it πŸ™‚ Glad I could help & thanks for the support!
  3. Somehow i feel like getPath is doing it's thing correctly..., It's supposed to return false if the path is not valid, or am I getting confused here? πŸ™‚ But in AssetsArray.php -> addAll(), there seems to be a check missing for $path. If I change that to public function addAll($path, $suffix = '', $levels = 2, $ext = ['js']) { /** @var RockFrontend $rf */ $rf = $this->wire('modules')->get('RockFrontend'); bd($path, 'before'); $path = $rf->getPath($path); bd($path, 'after'); if (!$path) return; // ******* <-- add this line ********* $files = $this->wire->files->find($path, [ 'recursive' => $levels, 'extensions' => $ext, ]); foreach ($files as $f) $this->add($f, $suffix); return $this; } The errors are gone... Although I'm not quite sure about what to return there πŸ™‚
  4. So, back on this. If I create an empty folder "site/templates/layouts", there's only two errors coming up.. So I guess for the 3 directories that do not exist, instead of not doing anything, the script somehow falls back to trying to look up files in the server root '/site/templates/layouts' <-- does not exist, error 1 '/site/templates/sections' <-- exists '/site/templates/partials' <-- exists '/site/assets/RockMatrix' <-- does not exist, error 2 '/site/assets/RockPageBuilder' <-- does not exist, error 3 Let me know if you need anything else and thanks again! RF is really fantastic already, and loving the new features.
  5. Error is still there on 2.1.10 unfortunately.. Here's the bd.. I need to run now but I'll happily provide more information later today. '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/site/templates/layouts' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/assets/site/templates/layouts' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/layouts' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/site/templates/sections' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/assets/site/templates/sections' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/sections' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/site/templates/partials' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/assets/site/templates/partials' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/partials' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/site/assets/RockMatrix' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/assets/site/assets/RockMatrix' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/assets/RockMatrix' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/templates/site/assets/RockPageBuilder' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/assets/site/assets/RockPageBuilder' '/home/sites/XXXXXXXXX/public/site/assets/RockPageBuilder' Thanks a bunch!
  6. before '/site/templates/layouts' after false before '/site/templates/sections' after '/home/sites/XXXXXXX/public/site/templates/sections/' before '/site/templates/partials' after '/home/sites/XXXXXXX/public/site/templates/partials/' before '/site/assets/RockMatrix' after false before '/site/assets/RockPageBuilder' after false
  7. Ok so a little more info.. It seems RF is trying to add styles from StylesArray->addAll("/site/templates/layouts") Although I'm currently not using layouts on the site. Then also from StylesArray->addAll("/site/assets/RockMatrix") and StylesArray->addAll("/site/assets/RockPageBuilder") which I don't have installed on this setup, maybe that helps...
  8. Hey and thanks. So that gives me 5 dumps, 3 of which look similar to this one array 0 => array 'file' => '/site/modules/RockFrontend/AssetsArray.php:69' 'call' => 'WireFileTools $files->find("/", [ 2, array(2) ])' <--- this seems to be causing trouble 1 => array 'file' => '/site/modules/RockFrontend/StylesArray.php:28' 'call' => 'StylesArray->addAll(false, "", 2, [ 'css', 'less' ])' 2 => array 'file' => '/site/modules/RockFrontend/RockFrontend.module.php:513' 'call' => 'StylesArray->addAll("/site/templates/layouts")' 3 => array 'file' => '/site/modules/RockFrontend/RockFrontend.module.php:266' 'call' => '$rockfrontend->autoload(Page $obj)' 4 => array 'file' => '/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module:184' 'call' => 'Page $settings->render()' 5 => array 'file' => '/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module:114' 'call' => 'ProcessPageView $process->renderPage(Page $obj, PagesRequest $obj)' 6 => array 'file' => '/index.php:55' 'call' => 'ProcessPageView $process->execute([ true ])' The other ones look like this 0 => array 'file' => '/site/modules/RockFrontend/AssetsArray.php:69' 'call' => 'WireFileTools $files->find("/home/sites/XXXXX/web/XXXXXX/public/site/templates/sections/", [ 2, array(2) ])' ... So somehow AssetsArray.php seems to be looking for something in the server root, although I have no idea what exactly, and why πŸ˜„ I'll investigate further.. Many thanks for the pointers @bernhard
  9. Hey @bernhard, after deploying from ddev to a live server Tracy is giving me 3 errors per page load (frontend only) like this: PHP Warning: is_dir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/sites/XXXXXXXXXXXX/:/tmp/:/dev/:/usr/share/php/:/etc/ssl/certs/:/usr/lib64/php8.0/bin/) in .../XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/public/wire/core/WireFileTools.php:765 I wasn't even sure if Rockfrontend was the culprit here, but I checked two versions. On 2.0.7 Tracy gave me the error twice, while on 2.1.5 it's three times per page.. We're on a shared hosting plan with this project, not sure how to go about this.. Any idea what could be going on there?
  10. Hey @kaz, in /site/modules/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/InputfieldLeafletMapMarker.module try changing line 193 f. if( ((string) round($lat, $precision)) != ((string) round($this->defaultLat, $precision)) || ((string) round($lng, $precision)) != ((string) round($this->defaultLng, $precision))) { to if( ((string) round(floatval($lat), $precision)) != ((string) round(floatval($this->defaultLat), $precision)) || ((string) round(floatval($lng), $precision)) != ((string) round(floatval($this->defaultLng), $precision))) { that's hotfixing the issue over here. Don't know about the rest of the module, but I haven't gotten other errors so far.
  11. @bernhard you're on fire ? Looks great but I'm currently on a self-hosted Gitea instance, and it looks like they're not planning on supporting Github Actions anytime soon.. https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/12673#issuecomment-684968986 Thanks for the heads up though, I'll keep an eye on RM!
  12. @bernhard Trying this on a test project currently, I'm wondering if there's an easy way to add pages to RockFrontend the same way you're doing with $home. Let's say, I normally have a /contact/ page, stored in $contact, holding all possible information, phone numbers, social media links etc., and I'd like to make that page available in all rendered files. Right now, unless I'm missing something, I could use custom variables to pass to $rockfrontend->render(), but that doesn't seem to work with ->renderLayout().. The other minor issue I'm having, if you use Alfred on an empty text block, you don't get the edit links, the whole block just disappears. Other than that, very nice work, feels really good to be using Latte again ?
  13. If you're following the steps above, don't forget (like I did earlier) to make the bash script executable.. In Step 6, after editing your post-recieve file $ cd /var/www/myproject-git/hooks $ chmod u+x post-receive Very cool guide @gebeer, I was toying around with a webhook from Gitea calling on a local php script earlier today, which runs okay, but this seems way more elegant.. And definitely easier to set up ? Thanks!
  14. Just a quick note, if you're on Linux & Code-OSS and have trouble opening your ALFRED / Tracy links to directly edit template code (around 34:00 in the video), you need to create a separate URL handler for vscode:// type links in ~/.local/share/applications create a file code-oss-vscode-url-handler.desktop #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open [Desktop Entry] Name=Code - OSS - VSCode URL Handler Comment=Handles opening of vscode:// URLs in Code-OSS GenericName=Text Editor Exec=/usr/bin/code-oss --open-url %U Icon=code-oss Type=Application NoDisplay=true StartupNotify=true StartupWMClass=Code - OSS Categories=Utility;TextEditor;Development;IDE; MimeType=x-scheme-handler/vscode Keywords=vscode; Terminal=false Borrowed from here: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/48528#issuecomment-414056547 And Alfred is your new best pal ?
  15. Thanks @bernhard! Tried that but somehow Firefox keeps acting up.. See the first two screenshots attached, one of these two pops up on every page reload (no addons activated). Vs. no problems on Chromium (last screenshot). Maybe something to keep an eye on.. I'll investigate some more and maybe try this on a live server later. ### Firefox 1: ### Firefox 2: ### Chromium:
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