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  1. $headers = 'From: info@selfdomain.com' . "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: '.$email . "\r\n" . 'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion(); This should help πŸ˜‰
  2. Your link isn't working, but regardless, I suspect the following code is missing in the template file: <?php echo $form->styles; ?> <?php echo $form->scripts; ?> Have a look, here: I mostly use "Option B" to implement my forms when I don't need any fancy customization, so I don't have to worry about styles & scripts.
  3. Which method are you using to implement FormBuilder on your frontend?
  4. Hey Philipp, have a look at this topic - seams to be nearly the same question you asked for: Many greets1
  5. Hey Mats, try following: This should avoid setting cookies.
  6. I don't get what you mean with this sentence. Could you explain? You can put the language switcher wherever you want to. If you have e.g. a site spanning header or footer you could put the code in there.
  7. Have a look at the docs πŸ™‚ Implementing a language switcher https://processwire.com/docs/multi-language-support/multi-language-urls/#language-switcher
  8. DV-JF


    Hey @Wanze I've maybe figured out a problem with your module - see: https://github.com/wanze/SeoMaestro/issues/40 Edit: Because this seems for me that this could be a problem for anybody else, I'll copy the text and images here - anyone else facing this problem? Seo image is duplacated multiple times: PW Ver. 3.0.184 Modul Ver. 1.1.0 PHP 7.4 Settings - see. Screenshot below Description: Till now I've only setup one image on the Homepage (page id 1) for the SEO image field. But it seems, that every time I save the page I visit the page an extra image is created in site/assets/files/1234 the folder corresponding to the page I'm saving. EDIT OUUUCH -It seems even worse: - The suspicious files are generated every time the page is loaded in frontend - see last three screenshots. This blows up the assets folder enormously and is absolutely weird. For more screenshots see attachments.
  9. Only a side note: Make sure, that $config->debug is set to false πŸ™‚ and/or make sure to get rid of these errors:
  10. $options = array( ... 'nextItemLabel' => "<span>next</span>", 'previousItemLabel' => "<span>prev</span>", ... ); Are you sure, that they are not rendered? What happens if you change the code like this above?
  11. Thanks for the reminder. Just in time a customer of mine asked for a solution for a "mini-shop" on his website. This seems like the perfect opportunity to help you with some testing. Hopefully I'm not to late for the party πŸ₯³
  12. @Chris Bennett Thx for responding. What makes me think a bit is the following circumstance: if I understood the specification (https://content-security-policy.com/nonce/ - see "Rules for Using a CSP Nonce") correctly, it is necessary that for each "HTTP response" nonce must have a unique value. However, this will not work if ProCache caches the pages. Maybe someone else has an idea about this?
  13. I'd tried, but it doesn't work out for me. Don't remember where the exact problem was. In the end I decided to not compress or cache the template, which is responsible for the output of the css file.
  14. @Chris Bennett is your approach compatible with ProCache or are there any edge cases that have to be considered?
  15. @Mika may I ask you, out of interest, what the specific use case is for you? Why would you want to search for a title that is at least longer than 10 characters? πŸ˜‰ Cheers!
  16. Hey @DrQuincy in site/templates/admin.php you could do somthing like this: <?php $wire->addHookAfter('AdminTheme::getExtraMarkup', function(HookEvent $event) { $parts = $event->return; $markup = ''; if((wire('config')->debug) == true) $markup = ' <div class="pw-container uk-container uk-container-expand"> <div class="uk-alert uk-alert-danger">Your in Debug Mode!</> </div>'; $parts['masthead'] .= $markup; $event->return = $parts; });?> Perhaps you could even check the $config->httpHosts if you want to. I hope this'll help you πŸ™‚ Many greets!
  17. DV-JF

    Right to know

    Hey @benbyf, just had a quick view on it. I'm not living in the UK and mistyped the postcode. Got an 500 error: See https://right-to-know.org/your-area/?postcode=SW1A+001 Apart from that I really like the site and the idea behind it. Well done!
  18. Wonderful! @cjx2240 Could you please change the title of this post to [SOLVED] ... , makes it easier for others to find this solution πŸ˜‰
  19. Hey @cjx2240 I recognized that this behaviour only occurs when I inspect the website with the dev tools and the "user agent" is changed. To prevent this I added the following entry in the site/config.php file: /** * Prevent from being frequently logged out while using Chrome DevTools * */ $config->sessionFingerprint = 2; Hope this helps you too. To make it save for production you could check if $config->debug is true and wrap this with an if query-.
  20. Hey @JohnRodgers have a look at this module: Maybe it's a little bit older but I think, it'll still do its job. Greets, DVJF alias Jens
  21. This looks great! I'll give it definitely a try in an upcoming project. Thank you!
  22. Did you update the module here: https://processwire.com/modules/german/
  23. Hey @hollyvalero You're almost right. All folders starting with a dot are backups which where automatic created, when you update the modules via the PW backend. So if you've tested everything carefully, there's no reason to not delete them πŸ˜‰
  24. Hey @Mantas, welcome to the forum and to ProcessWire πŸ˜‰ To do so I just delete the following folders via FTP: /site/assets/cache/*/*.* /site/assets/sessions/*/*.* and truncate the table "caches" in the DB. After that you have to relogin and do a "module refresh" via "/processwire/module/?reset=1". That's the way I do it.
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