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  1. You can use RockMigrations for such tasks 😉 It's a very Powerful Module Or just look at the docs 😉 https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/delete/ // Delete a page and recursively all of its children, grandchildren, etc. $item = $pages->get('/some-page/'); $item->delete(true); It looks like the "true" is missing: $item->delete(true); "If set to true, then this will attempt to delete all children too."
  2. Do you know the "Combo" ProField? https://processwire.com/store/pro-fields/combo/ I'm not sure, but I think this might be just the right thing for you 😉
  3. I've been using Bootstrap 4 all the time, but I didn't want to take the step to version 5. I'm making my first, successful steps with Tailwind and I'm currently very satisfied. But you have to learn a lot of new things, because it's still a bit more complicated than Bootstrap, but you also have a lot more freedom. I also use Htmx and Alpine.JS with TailwindCSS 😉 many nice new things 😉
  4. There’s the file field in the core… you can use this field for such tasks. and then there’s the paid module „form builder“ - you can easily create a form and send it via email (+attachment)… The function exists, you just have to use it
  5. You can contact Ryan and renew the licence for Formbuilder. I think that should cost about $39. I think that would be the easiest way to get an updated version 😉 And there is also 1 year support 😉
  6. I think this is the worst solution for probably a small problem
  7. you forgot an s in $pages Wrong: <?php if ($page->get('1025')->FIELD): ?> Right: <?php if ($pages->get('1025')->FIELD): ?>
  8. and don't forget to save the value/page! 😉 $userPage->save(); https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/save/
  9. I think that would be really cool 😉 In my opinion, the page overview should be revised. The edit, move etc. buttons should always be displayed. Buttons should always be displayed. So you can call the function faster. Possibly a table view would be nicer here...
  10. You only changed the image, wouldn't it make more sense to use CSS to create round images? https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_rounded_images.asp
  11. Another small Problem: "Listen To The Voice Of Relief" Two pictures are rounded off - and one is squared...
  12. Can you check if the problem occurs with another browser or incognito window as well?
  13. I think here are some different possibilities: You create a template + page You use the same template/page where your form is (And check it with the $input API) Create a template / page for different functions (for multiple pages) - Here you have to use the $input API to decide what to do Depending on how complex everything is, you have to decide how you want to use it 😉
  14. It's already possible to list commercial modules 😉 For example Padloper: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/pad-loper/ Or dynamic selects: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-dynamic-selects/
  15. I have a problem with the module. On a page with 3 languages, the sitemap displays only the default language. The site works without problems, I can switch the languages: domain.ext/ (german) domain.ext/en/ (english) domain.ext/fr/ (french) Is there something else that needs to be set so that the other languages are also displayed? Oh, i found my problem... i still had the old sitemap module installed... 😄
  16. Just use the field or Selector 😉 https://processwire.com/docs/selectors/#or-selectors2 <?php $events = $pages->find('template=calendar-post, Start_date|End_date>=today, sort=Start_date, limit=10'); ?>
  17. Just write <?php echo $page->body; ?> or the short code 😉 <?=$page->body?>
  18. Line 437: <?php namespace ProcessWire; $content = $page->body;?> Just delete the "namespace ProcessWire" 😉
  19. This makes no sense... if($today == $start AND $today == $start) This is redundant, it is simply 2x the same check Use this: if($today == $start)
  20. I have a problem with the new version, each time I open the dashboard, I get 2 messages: If the message is closed, it will be displayed again the next time the dashboard is opened.
  21. There's a new Pro Module: https://processwire.com/store/login-register-pro/ The "FrontendUser" is outdated 😉 Last Update 2016...
  22. Just check the user role 😉 https://processwire.com/docs/user-access/roles/ or change the permissions to your post page in the Admin Panel (or both!) https://processwire.com/docs/user-access/permissions/
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