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  1. There's no "ready to use" export function in processwire, but you can easily create one like described in the posts of AndZyk. But I think you have not understood how Processwire works 😉 a simple introduction can be found here https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/hello-worlds/ The important thing is that you understand that the export must be programmed by you via php. The module "BatchChildEditor" simplifies the whole thing only a little. In the module description there is also a simple example: https://processwire.com/modules/batch-child-editor/ But you need an understanding of how PW is structured (Everything is a page, every page has a template, every template has fields, every field has a certain type).
  2. I think the statusChanged hook is the right one for this 😉 (or statusChangeReady) Then check if the status is changed to hidden...
  3. Do the child pages also have the custom page class? So in your example the template "overview"? Because the child pages are pages of their own.
  4. Oh yeah, finally 🙂 I just prefer to use PHPStorm than VSCode 😉
  5. Okay here we go 😉 "$grandparent" is NULL... checked it with a bd() And here's the Screenshot:
  6. Thanks @bernhard, the path Problem is fixed, but the repeater error message remains. I dont know how to debug this error, i only know that the error only appears when RockMigrations is installed.
  7. @bernhard This is the function in the module file: <?php /** * Get changed watchfiles * @return array */ public function getChangedFiles() { $changed = []; foreach ($this->watchlist as $file) { // remove the hash from file path // hashes are needed for multiple callbacks living on the same file $path = explode(":", $file->path)[0]; $m = filemtime($path); /////////// LINE 1282 if ($m > $this->lastrun) { $changed[] = $file->path; $file->changed = true; } } return $changed; } It's this Line: $path = explode(":", $file->path)[0]; Explode the Path -> it's just C (should be "'C:/apache2/htdocs/site/migrate.php'") When i remove the explode the "C" Error is gone, but the repeater error remains.
  8. I have a problem with the latest version. When I use the shortcuts with external links, I always get the following error: I think the check doesn't fit that way (line 226): if (!$page || !$page->url) { Because if "$page" does not exist, then "$page->url" will cause an error. Also added an issue on github 😉https://github.com/daun/processwire-dashboard/issues/41 /edit: the new version 1.5.2 fixed this bug 🙂 thanks!
  9. I tried an update from v1 to v2 today But now Tracy shows me these errors on every page 😞 (including admin) When I uninstall the module, the error is gone again. Im using the current PW master version (3.0.200)
  10. Woah... i love the MagicPages Feature 🙂 (and also all the rest 😄) I'm still using v1 of RockMigrations, but i think it's time to switch to the new version 🙂 Thanks for the great video bernhard!
  11. Really? I think the api search function is good 😉 Just search for „save field value“ and the First result is setAndSave… https://processwire.com/search/?q=save+field+value&t=API https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/set-and-save/
  12. Just install the less Module 😉 https://processwire.com/modules/less/
  13. Just delete the php file? FTP, Explorer, Finder, SSH, … there are many options 😉
  14. Another German Processwire „Review“ “When web development has to be quick“: https://www.golem.de/news/processwire-wenn-webentwicklung-schnell-gehen-muss-2209-167784.html
  15. I had problems with the latest RockFrontend version also under laragon/Windows. But could not analyze it yet exactly what it is (Corona, vacation, etc. 😉 ). But the topic paths has always been a problem under Windows 😉 @bernhard But on my Mac it works without problems under DDEV.
  16. Just add a <a> href tag to your icon? https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_a_href.asp Or change the href="#" to something like href="https://instragram.com/youraccount"
  17. Looks like your $login_date variable is wrong. Line 499 date_create($login_date) returns false (date_create: "Procedural style returns false on failure.") That's why you can't use format on $date_diff 😉
  18. Do you just mean a link to a social media account? Or do you want to link to a related post from a social media platform? If it should be only a link to the account, you can simply use such icons: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_social_media_buttons.asp And then you create a URL field ("InputfieldURL") in Processwire and put your social media link there. (Can also be an extra social media page that only contains the links)
  19. Or just use the URL Path Hooks function 😉 https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.173/#introducing-url-path-hooks /site/init.php <?php $wire->addHook('/hello/world', function($event) { include($this->wire->config->paths->templates."test.php"); return true; }); Now you can use the Url "https://your.site/hello/world/" - and the content comes from /site/templates/test.php
  20. Also available in german 😉https://www.ionos.de/digitalguide/hosting/cms/processwire/
  21. Can you Test it with echo $input->post('modelId'); Or Just add an slash at the end: xhr.open("POST", "/ajax_handler/", true);
  22. I think if all blog posts need the same fields, Berhard's solution is better. So you have to set the fields only once. But of course your solution works too 🙂
  23. You can create different templates that have different designs (templatename.php) The author must select which template/design to use when creating a page. A template defines which fields are available on a page and which template file (/site/templates/templatename.php) is used. The content/text is then defined on a page.
  24. Bernhard has already posted a nice code example here 🙂
  25. Try {$item->title}, does it work then? "<h3><a href='{$item->url}'>{$item->title}</a></h3>" .
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