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  1. This looks strange, because ProcessPageClone should be an "Core Module" inside of the wire folder, not site folder: "\wire\modules\Process\ProcessPageClone.module"
  2. CMS is the wrong word for it - you mean "WYSIWYG Editor" or "Pagebuilder" (CMS = Content MANAGEMENT System) I think if you don't want to write HTML (or PHP), then Processwire is not the best choice for you.
  3. Eventually it's a bug in PW 3.0.200 - have a look at this thread:
  4. Im not sure, but you can activate the pagination inside of the „admin“ (System) Template.
  5. You can also create a form in the frontend, but then you have to "build" it yourself. Or you can use the paid module "FormBuilder", with which you can "build" your own forms in the admin and also create new pages via these forms (in the frontend). There isn't just one way of doing it 😉
  6. @Pete the pagination is not working example: click ok a Tag (Germany 😉 ) and click on next… and view more articles on the Front Pages gives a 404
  7. It’s Just a Spam Post… the Site is using Wordpress…
  8. I'm not sure, but i think you can set a variable and output it with latte (untested) ( {do} -> Executes the code and does not print anything ) {do $content = 20+10 } {$content}
  9. Unfortunately, without more information we can not help. Maybe you have included a php file that outputs this? Processwire does not automatically generate such information But there's a configuration if you want to append or prepend a file: config.php: $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php'; $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php'; There's also a config inside of each template ("files" tab 😉)
  10. The individual user first needs the rights to edit, you can solve this via the Admin Restrict Branch module. Then FEEL should also work correctly
  11. Just have a look at this Module 😉 https://processwire.com/modules/admin-restrict-branch/ I think this is the right approach for it 😉
  12. What exactly are you planning to do with it? I have only assigned a role (with edit right) to the appropriate users. I do not understand the question about guests
  13. If a user has the permission to edit the page, the edit link is also displayed. You should check the permissions first 😉 I use the module myself with users who do not have superuser rights.
  14. i think you can use $files->find() "Find all files in the given $path recursively, and return a flat array of all found filenames"
  15. Check if there is a "header" or "main" file in the site/templates directory. Normally there is normal HTML code inside, where the Google Fonts are included. But it also always depends on how the developer has programmed the page 😉 (by the way, you can edit posts in the forum, you don't always have to reply to them).
  16. Then just have a look inside of the file "functions/f_orders.php" I Think there's the "WireDataDB" Part 😉
  17. this is because require_once "loads" the content from the file and displays it 😉 Of course, if you delete the part, it will no longer be displayed. But it can have negative effects, since you don't seem to know what the included file does.
  18. Looks more like the problem is in the "functions/f_orders.php" file The code you posted does not look wrong
  19. Thanks @bernhard 🙂 then I would prefer to use a modal 😉
  20. Hello, I have written a small admin module that displays a "tabulator" table. Within this table there are edit links for the listed pages. If you click on this edit link, a pw-panel opens and you can edit everything. But after saving the page, the pw-panel remains open. Is there a way to close the panel when the page has been successfully saved? Is there any way to react to the closing on the admin page? (for example: reload the tabulator table 😉). Or does it make more sense to use a modal? This is my first own admin module, I would be very happy if someone could help me with it 🙂
  21. Just use this selector 😉 parent=/departments/department-name/
  22. Was there a faulty update @Pete? Avatars no longer show up for me, Unicode emojis no longer work, and ProFields downloads don't work either. 😞 /edit: 24. Oct - Avatars are Working again, Profield Downloads not: <Error> <Code>InvalidObjectState</Code> <Message>The operation is not valid for the object's storage class</Message> But Some Attachments & Avatars are not working, Example: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/24189-pageviewstatistic-for-processwire/#comment-205221 /edit 25. Oct - Avatars, Attachments and Downloads are working again 😉 Thanks
  23. Just use $urls->httpRoot https://processwire.com/api/ref/paths/
  24. Do you even need it? Normally you can access the field directly: $page->name-of-the-field Or do you have an example where it is needed?
  25. Does anyone have an example of how to put calculations into a repeater (Subtotal, Received, Total due)? I need exactly such a function 😉
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