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  1. @byte

    Thanks for your reply. Works perfect.
  2. @byte

    Hallo, on a page i got 9 fields for Tabs. How can i access the data like in the following example? The way i am trying it, guess what , doesn't work. Any suggestions? <?php for($i = 1; $i <= 9; $i++) { echo "<input id='tab{$i}' type='radio' name='tabs' class='inputtab'"; if($i == 1) echo " checked='checked'"; echo ">\n"; echo "<label for='tab{$i}' class='labeltab'>$page->Tab.$i</label>\n"; } ?> Same on the TabContent <?php for($i = 1; $i <= 9; $i++) { echo "<div id='content{$i}'>"; echo "<p>$page->TabContent.$i</p></div>"; } ?>
  3. @byte

    Hi, instead of letting pw handel the error pages i want to use my own. I got one page handling all errors by switching $_SERVER['REDIRECT_STATUS']. But it looks like pw is allways handeling the error pages no matter if i am commenting it out in the htaccess. What do i have to write in the htaccess to use my own error page?
  4. @byte

    The Statistik-Script is PHP-Web-Stat. I copyed all files to the root/stat/ now and it works. Thanks a lot for your quick replys. So if i want to include a file in a template from there it schould be include("../stat/config/tracking_code.php");
  5. @byte

    Hi, i am new to processwire and trying to setup a simple homepage. I am allmost done with and it works god so far. Now i want to use a statistik-script on my page. I copyed all file to a subdir under site/templates/stat/. But i get no access to that subfolder under processwire to install the script. Also i need access to that script for counting and have the user set a opt-out cokkie. How can i get access to files in that subfolder? Thanks in advance for help!