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  1. Ok, thanks. Downloading the Module is still possible with the handle "ProcessDatabaseBackups".
  2. Hi, if I try to call https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-database-backups/ i get this error: >> Unable to complete this request due to an error. - Error has been logged. For any other modules i tried it worked. Anyone else?
  3. Hi, is there a way to activate the option Input > Visibility > Presentation > "Open when populated + Closed when blank" for a Fieldset (Page) containing some fields like text or textarea? To me it is always open, even if all fields inside are empty. Thx, Matze
  4. Matze

    Get field id

    Yes, that worked! Thank you! 🙏
  5. Hi, I'm trying to get the id of a specific, non empty Textarea field, but my code returns an error: // "Formattext01" = name of the textarea (ckeditor) field // code in template: echo $page->Formattext01 // returns the content as expected echo $page->Formattext01->id // Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /Users/websites/testpage/site/templates/basic-page.php on line 1 I guess i overseen something? but what? thanks for help!
  6. Okay, it's "Textareas" - found it, sorry … (how can i delete a post?)
  7. Hi there, i need around 20 simple text fields in a template, same properties for all, except the "label" (or title to use it in code). Something like this: painter: _____________ period: _____________ canvas material: _____________ painting technique: _____________ etc is there a way to avoid building 20 single fields? I use pro fields too, but cant see any solution e.g. with Multiplier or table. Thank you Matthias
  8. Hi there, maybe i just missed it, but - while I'm editing a page, is there … a way to quickly jump to the template of the page to edit it? … a way to quickly jump to a field (when superadmin there is a hover about which field is currently used, but no linking or options with this, so i have to go over the menu, looking for the right field.) Thanks.
  9. Thank you all for your inspiration! I'll try them all. Seems that Soma's solution will make it. Not sure what "Enter the names of any image fields (separated by a space) that you do not want to allow for selection with this module." exactly means, but a quick test hides them from the CKEditor selection. (hopefully not restricting any other functions of the field)
  10. Hi there, For example, if i have three image(s)-fields in a page template. And a ckeditor field. If i click on the "add image" button in the ckeditor a dialog opens (eventually with some images to choose from, if uploaded before) and a button to upload images. After clicking this button, a new dialog appears to choose from which image field to upload. In this case three fields. Is it possible to configure which fields appear at this place, or preselect one? Or only to display the image field which is meant for this purpose? I want to avoid that a customer uploads a content image to a different field, where maybe some layout images or others are stored. Thanks for any hints Matze
  11. Thank you Robin, this worked very fine. So I'm close: The password field isnt required anymore and it's hidden if the page is published. Only if the page is unpublished it's still visible. Any reason for this? Or any idea how to hide completely, independent of published or not? Thank you so much!
  12. The hook worked perfectly, thank you very much! Now i just need to find out how to hide the password field in Admin, too. There is no "visibility" option for the password field? Any reason for this? I tried to manage this over access control, but this was causing new problems. Unchecking the "view" checkbox for admin role ( and automatically guest, too) was disabling the possibility to check password in script via Password->matches().
  13. Well, thank you very much, but no, it’s a secondary password to set, for some reasons. But it's not set via Admin. But i need the field for the password. So the question is still: why is a password required if i uncheck "required" in the field definition?
  14. Hey there, is there a possibility to make a password field not required. Whatever i try (no check or check the required option in field definition) it is always set to "required" and gives an error () if i try to save or create a new page with this field in its template. Required password was not specified, Missing required value Is it possible? Thanks! Matze
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