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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I had integrated ViteJS a year ago or a bit more, it could be used to build for example a dashboard, or even a website, but the main issue I faced was to make Server Side Rendering working with all the setup to be able to get better SEO/ranking. That's said, SSR code was done this morning 🎉🎉 The test below was made on a non optimized Caddy setup on Windows with sad php-fpm. I built a javascript package which will be published on NPM to give you a smooth experience to integrate Vite into ProcessWire. I have to build a ProcessWire module to make thing even easier instead of putting some file in our template dir, that will be made asap as it doesn't require lot of work. It's also shipped with InertiaJS which I find no point of not using it, but could be used without it. Everything can work with Svelte Framework (I am a big fan of it, I feel like coding web on the 2k years), React work also, and Vue should work without hassle as any other frameworks/libraries. Just saying, but his one I think will not be much of interest for you, I also built a solution which replace Electron for building desktop application based on native code (Pascal) and JavaScript bindings, where ProcessWire is used as headless cms (I think I had already spoke about it in some threads), it could be used as is without the need to put your hand in native code. I'm curious to hear what others in the ProcessWire community think about using ViteJS for your development. Have you tried it before? What has your experience been like? Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments, and feel free to vote in the poll below to let me know if you're interested in more tutorials and resources on this topic, like profiles, themes. And pheww, I am quite happy! 🥷
  2. So I have been hard at work creating url segments for a template (api) and everything is working swimmingly in creating a simple end point for svelte.js. I have however, run into a few questions that I can wrap my head around. In my api template I have: if($input->urlSegment1 === 'clients') { header('Content-Type: application/json'); $clients = $pages->find("template=clients"); $client_array = array(); foreach ($clients as $client) { $id = $client->id; $title = $client->title; $url = $client->url; $clientName = $client->client_name; $clientColor = $client->client_color->value; $assigned = $client->assigned_to->user_full_name; $client_array[] = array( 'id' => $id, 'code' => $title, 'name' => $clientName, 'associated_users' => $assigned, 'url' => $url ); } $client_json = json_encode($client_array, true); echo $client_json; } The output json from this is: [ { "id":1644, "code":"abc", "name":"Test Name", "associated_users":null, "url":"\/pw\/clients\/abc\/" }, { "id": 1645, "code": "xyz", "name": "Test Name", "associated_users": null, "url": "\/pw\/clients\/xyz\/" }, ] I was curious is it possible to add in "clients" before this output json so it would appear as clients: [ { "id":1644, "code":"abc", "name":"Test Name", "associated_users":null, "url":"\/pw\/clients\/abc\/" }, { "id": 1645, "code": "xyz", "name": "Test Name", "associated_users": null, "url": "\/pw\/clients\/xyz\/" }, ] I was not really sure of how to tackle this in my php code, and have spent more time than I care to admit trying to figure it out. Another question I have is that "associated_users" is returning null, which in this instance is correct. It is a multi page field that is set to pull a custom name field from the users template, ie "Louis Stephens" would be associated with the first page. I understand that I need to use a foreach to get the correct data, but I was really unsure of how to place this inside an array, or update the array with the new data. Any help with any of this would greatly be appreciated.
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