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  1. I've added 1.5 million pages. It works faster than Wordpress, but server response time is still high - 0,8-2 s. I have 4 Cores, 4 GB RAM and SSD disk, Mysql 8 and PHP 7 I'll keep you updated
  2. After installing Dataset module I get this error: Module reported error during install (DataSet): SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'label' cannot be null When I click an Import link nothing happens. Tasks page is empty I tried to do a simple import for testing using this config Any ideas? Where can I see error log? JSON{ "name": "Testing the import", "input": { "type": "csv", "delimiter": ",", "header": 1, "limit": 10 }, "fieldmappings": { "title": 1 }, "pages": { "template": "basic-page", "selector": "title=@title" } }
  3. How fast will be site after importing 8 million posts? I tried to use Wordpress but it requires serious hardware to handle 8 million posts I have a VDS 4 Cores 4 GB memory and NVMe storage
  4. Can I import 8 million posts? Is it possible? Hardware requirements? I have 300 XML files (30k posts per file) SEO title Meta description H1 title Category Post content What is the fastest way to import?
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