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  1. Thank you for your reply. It works for me as a superuser. But the editor gets a warning message that he does not have the right to move pages (below this particular parent page). What rights do I need to give him to make this work? I have already spent half an hour unsuccessfully clicking through all the templates and role settings ...
  2. I am a little confused. As far as I remember, on my older Processwire pages, I can only move pages within the parent page (i.e. change the positions of the siblings). Now I've noticed that I can (recently?) move them across the entire page tree. How can I limit the moving of pages? I didn't get any further by setting the user rights.
  3. Thank you! Is this an official solution or some kind of hack? I can't find an info in the documentation.
  4. Hello! How can I manually deactivate or uninstall a module that no longer works after updating processwire and php? Or is it enough to simply remove the folder from the sites/modules folder? Thanks!
  5. Sorry, a made an error in thinking. There is a directory in the root with this name containing an index.html file.
  6. I have noticed some strange behavior. If I have a file in the root of the page called e.g. mypage.inc, it is displayed when I call up the url "myurl.de/mypage". Is this a bug or a feature?
  7. I miss the toolbar in edit mode! Previously, after clicking on "edit", the toolbar was still visible and I could close the edit view again using the "browse" button. After saving the page, the edit view is not closed either. Processwire: 3.0.210 Admin-Bar: 2.9.1
  8. Is there a way to load thumbs from youtube when links from piped.video are inserted? The urls are very similar. If this url was inserted: https://piped.video/watch?v=lWXhL62PSdw this thumb should be loaded from youtube, for example: https://img.youtube.com/vi/lWXhL62PSdw/0.jpg
  9. It also took me a while to understand drupal. In a nutshell: A template is called content type and instead of pages there are nodes. These nodes can be transformed into a page structure via a navigation module. The templating is also somewhat difficult and the structures are predefined. The advantage is probabely that the editor can create many things in the backend himself (e.g. with the views module). However, it is anything but intuitive or easy to understand and learn.
  10. I have created 4 larger wesites with drupal 7 before I got to know processwire. The modules and the community are great with drupal. But in the end I found it extremely annoying and frustrating. It was no fun and the projects often ended up taking much longer than expected. I can't say how it is with the newer versions ... If you want to have clean code the templating is quite complex. It seemed to me that the Drupal way was rather to take the very complex code as it is output (with nested elements and classes) and then just customize or hide elements in CSS. The module "views" (perhaps the most popular in drupal) is quite complicated and in the end limited in its possibilities. What is complicated to click together in "views" can often be done in processwire with pages->find in one line! What I also found annoying was that, depending on the modules used, the backend no longer looked very uniform. This is much better in processwire. If I have to make adjustments to the websites today, it takes me a while to think my way back into the structure and understand which module creates which content in which place. I am really happy to have found processwire and will certainly not be using drupal for another website.
  11. Big thanks to all of you! I simply used the $page->delete() in a template file like this: // Find old pages $pages = $pages->find("template=mytemplate, parent=myparent, sort=date, limit=50000"); // Delete old pages foreach ($pages as $page){ $page->delete(); };
  12. Hi! How can i best delete older pages via the console or directly in the database. There are several thousand pages so it is not possible to do it manually. I would like to delete all pages before a certain date or those that are older than a year, for example. Thanks!
  13. Arrrg, my 12 months support time must have expired 😕 Do I have to buy the module completely new or can I upgrade it?
  14. Hi! I would like to output the datetime field in the email in a different format. unfortunately i can't set that in the field setting. The output format is: "2021-12-01 00:00" What i need is: "01.12.2021" ... and without the Time Is there a way to make this work? Version: 0.5.1
  15. Thanks for the hint! Is it already compatible to PHP8?
  16. If i understand your question right this module will help you: https://processwire.com/store/pro-fields/repeater-matrix/ As a part of the ProcessWire Pro Fields it is not free. You can create different types of repeater elements and the user can choose which one to use on each page. Its pretty cool!
  17. Hey Teppo! Thanks for your detailed answer! Less is more, right? 😉 I will definitely try out the ProCache module. In the future I will try to reduce the number of modules used.
  18. I would like to update a website to php8 that was previously running on 5.4. Unfortunately I'm having problems with several modules like MarkupSEO and AllInOneMinify that haven't been updated in a long time and don't seem to work with PHP8. Even in PHP7.4 some errors are thrown out. I'm afraid this is a general problem with the modules on older websites, isn't it? Or a general problem of a cms with less popularity? How do you deal with this?
  19. I would suggest to use this very nice admin theme as default for processwire. It looks much more professional and cleaner even if maybe a few ui optimizations would be necessary.
  20. Thanks for the info! Is there a quick workarcoud to fix it on my own. Or do i need to downgrade to an older php? ---------------------------------------------------- For now i just hide the error / warnings with this code in my site/config.php /** OWN ERROR HANDLER FOR DEPRECATION NOTES **********************************************/ function myLocalDevDeprecationErrorHandler($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline) { if(!isset($GLOBALS['DEPRECATION_WARNINGS_BAG'])) { $GLOBALS['DEPRECATION_WARNINGS_BAG'] = []; } if(!is_array($GLOBALS['DEPRECATION_WARNINGS_BAG'])) { $GLOBALS['DEPRECATION_WARNINGS_BAG'] = []; } $GLOBALS['DEPRECATION_WARNINGS_BAG'][] = [$errfile, $errline, $errstr]; return true; // true | false = suppress further processing } /** OWN ERROR HANDLER FOR DEPRECATION NOTES **********************************************/ See here:
  21. Under PHP 8.1 i got this error message: Warning: Undefined array key "canonical" in .../site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/MarkupSEO/MarkupSEO.module on line 357 Warning: Undefined array key "custom" in .../site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/MarkupSEO/MarkupSEO.module on line 401 Deprecated: trim(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated in .../site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/MarkupSEO/MarkupSEO.module on line 580 Warning: Undefined array key "canonical" in .../site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/MarkupSEO/MarkupSEO.module on line 357 Is there an updated version?
  22. Now I run into another problem. I would like to use the redirect in a website where i use the login/register module. According to my devtools in firefox the initially URL (https://mysite.com/article/name-of-my-article/) is redirected to the frontend login form (https://mysite.com/) with a 301. I have no idea how to write the hook to grab the URL and set the cookie. In this hook i don't work: $this->addHookBefore('ProcessLogin::buildLoginForm', function(HookEvent $event) ...
  23. As i mentioned before i didn't get any result in my hook if i try it with segments. Or is there something wrong?
  24. You are absolutely right! But the GET variable is not absolutely necessary if i understand it right. Is there any way to get the last part of the URL via segments instead of this wild explode('/' ... Or can i not use segments in this context?
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