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  1. matjazp's post in Accessing filesize property of $file in admin template was marked as the answer   
    Check what is $i (use TracyDebugger). Does: 
    $pagesWithImages = wire('pages')->find($fieldname.">0, sort=title"); make a difference (removed .count)?
    You can also use:
    $imagedata = $p->getUnformated($fieldname); then you don't need is_array check.
  2. matjazp's post in Making unscrollable admin header was marked as the answer   
    Without much testing: install AdminCustomFiles module, create /site/templates/AdminCustomFiles/ProcessPageEdit.css with:
    #masthead { position: fixed; height: 2.8em; width: 100%; z-index: 1; } #breadcrumbs { padding-top: 4em; }
  3. matjazp's post in Save Hook Problem was marked as the answer   
    if($vessel == 2) {
  4. matjazp's post in API how to delete files with hook "after page save"? was marked as the answer   
    Not tested, maybe 
    $p->removeAll() or $p->delete($p->filename)
  5. matjazp's post in How to configure CKEditor(textarea field) to enable Color toolbar? was marked as the answer   
    Did you add "TextColor, BGColor" to the CKEditor Toolbar? My first line looks like this:
    Format, -, Bold, Italic, Underline, -, TextColor, BGColor, -, RemoveFormat You can further customize what colors will be allowed, under Custom Config Options:
    colorButton_enableMore: false  colorButton_colors: F00,FFC609,FFF 
  6. matjazp's post in CKeditor custom config options was marked as the answer   
    To answer myself about colors: I needed TextColor and BGColor in the toolbar, not Colorbutton (and to limit colors I added colorButton_enableMore: false and 
    colorButton_colors: CF5D4E to the Custom Config Options, to allow only one color). JSON validation error also disappeared.
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