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  1. Yes I replaced the file I deleted the process_pageviewstat_main through adminer Yes I followed your instructions as described but nothing works Now I uninstalled the module and deleted everything from modules folder. Then I started a new install but Again I get an error.
  2. I tried replacing the file, but still not working. I can't access the admin area at all after instaling the module so I can't click on refresh. After renaming the folder I get missing file notification. After renaming back I get error. It happens on all my sites, so unlikely that there is the problem on all of them or ... I removed all of the folders and cleaned the database from admin as before and installed the new version, now I have only one ProcessPageViewStat folder but the error is still there. Kinda lost here.
  3. I deleted the folder and then under the modules in admin it asked me if I want to remove this module from the database.
  4. I always have both folders (.ProcessPageViewStat and ProcessPageViewStat) inside modules. I removed module from database completely and tried to install it from scratch but still get the same error.
  5. I tried all of the above but still get error. Im posting gif so you can see I get error when trying to upgrade from Upgrade module.
  6. I already tried that. I'm using upgrade module. As soon as I click upgrade I get error and can't even access admin area anymore. If there is "ProcessPageViewStat" folder present in modules folder I get this error and nothing works at all. If I remove the module folder it starts working again. I tried with refresh and from upgrade but all the same. Any ideas? Thank you R
  7. Hello, I tried to upgrade the module on multiple sites but always get this error on all sites. any ideas how to fix this? Thank you R
  8. Unfortunately yes, it was specificaly requested that the page tree should be like that. πŸ˜• It would be much easyer for me to do it like always. Yes it's true, and one article could not be in more than one category and I'm sure it will probably be demanded in the future. Ok, I got some idea, maybe even with Formbuilder and "Submit to page" option selected and could even be done from frontend for client or editor. hmmm ... I've already done something similar. I'll dig into it πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much for helping, Im still learning PW and because Im not a coder I probably always will πŸ˜› so maybe sometimes I ask to many questions to find the best solution that works for my knowledge. R
  9. Yes this was exactly what I meant. I just though if it was maybe possible. It would make article publishing and categorizing them in the tree much easyer, than always go to tree, select the right category, subcategory, subsubcategory and create new article there. Maybe there is some other way to do that, maybe page fields or ...? Never done that this way. I always had categories in one place and posts in another, then in "post-detail" I'd use page fields for checking under which category the article belongs. But the admin tree looked like this: HOME - Articles (post-list.php) -- Article 1 (post-detail.php) -- Article 2 (post-detail.php) -- Article 3 -- etc. ... Categories (categorys-list.php) -- Category 1 (category.php) -- Category 2 (category.php) -- etc. ... The dynamic select is more for listings, but it was just a thought that it might work this way for publishing and categorizing new posts also. Thank you for your time and help, and sorry for my confusing questions. R
  10. Hello, sorry for my late post. I'll try to explain a litle different this time I hope it will be more clear. πŸ˜‰ Everything is done and created in backend! Im posting some gif on what do I want to achieve. So I have previously made categories (left image). I add them to dynamic select field (right image). And when I create new post I select all the categories I want, and after saving the new post should be placed under that category. So in example below the new post should be placed/published under (My post 2). that is all I want to achieve. Selecting the category and place new post under that category. I hope this makes more sense. πŸ˜‰ Thank you R
  11. Sorry for not being clear enough I will try to explain in more details πŸ˜‰ I'm not building a menu but page tree hierarchy in admin. So, I would like to create multi-categorized site. It would have categories, subcategories and subsub categories etc. and and every blog-post should be placed under it's own sub/category that is selectable when creating a new blog-post. I was thinking that I would place the dynamic select field in blog-detail.php template add categories columns (previosly created in admin tree with category.php template) to it. And when creating a new blog-post you could select all the categorys and all the subcategories of where this new post shoud be placed under. And after save, the post would be saved under that sub/category. The tree should look like this. every post placed under it's own category. Subjects (CATEGORY) Domestic violence (SUBCATEGORY) Domestic violence Β· Violence between parents (SUBCATEGORY) BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) I need help immediately! (SUBCATEGORY) BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) Helpful addresses (SUBCATEGORY) BLOG POST HERE BLOG POST HERE I use violence in my relationship (SUBCATEGORY) BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) I know about violence in a relationship Mental stress Mental stress BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field) Is my child psychologically stressed? BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field BLOG POST HERE (placed here with dynamic select field My child has mental health problems NEW Subcategories with posts Tobacco I don't want to have all blog posts together like below and then selectable with page fields: Posts - BLOG POST - BLOG POST - BLOG POST - BLOG POST - ... Categories - Category 1 - Category 2 - Category 3 - ... Not sure if I can explain it better πŸ˜‚ I hope you'll understand something from this mess πŸ˜› Thank you very much R
  12. Hello I've just purchased the module it works great so far and it is going to be useful in the future πŸ˜‰ But I was wondering if it could be used to categorize posts/articles with the module. I mean that it would publish and place the article into coresponding category in the tree based on a selected categories or templates. expl.: HOME - Category 1 --Subcategory 1 --- SubSubCategory 1 ---- POST 1 (automaticaly placed when creating a new post) ---- POST 2(automaticaly placed when creating a new post) - Category 2 -- Subcategory 2 --- POST 1(automaticaly placed when creating a new post) --- POST 2(automaticaly placed when creating a new post) I hope u understand what I mean πŸ˜‰ Thank you R
  13. Hello, I would realy appreciate some help with building some more complexd menu. I'm kinda lost with it. I hope it can be done at all with menubuilder. Here is the HTML of what I would like to achieve. Right now I'm here with my code, it kinda works, but not as it should I got stuck. I'm not a coder so any help is greatly appreciated. I would also like to know if it is possible to start the menu from 3rd 4th or 5th child. Thank you very much R
  14. Omg, so simple. πŸ˜‚ It works perfect now. Thank you very much πŸ˜‰ R
  15. Hello I'm working on some tabbed content and need some help, please. I m using text field for naming tabs. All is working fine if I write one word inside. But if there are two words (expl: Food Prices) the tabs stop working. The field is called "text1" And Im using repeater for my work. Is it possible to output the field without spaces. I tried with ID but its somehow not working. My whole code just for reference: Thank you very much R
  16. Hello, I have an idea to create some simple quizzes on my site and was wondering if it is possible to change the JS code with fields. I have a JS code like: I would create some repeater, table or combo fields for questions and answers, which can be added as needed. Also the ending comments. Maybe put this { question: "How many planets are currently in the solar system ?", optionA: "Eleven", optionB: "Seven", optionC: "Nine", optionD: "Eight", correctOption: "optionD" }, in a foreach or something? I'm not sure how to put foreach code inside JS so it would work as I want. Is this even possible? Any help greatly appreciated πŸ˜‰ R
  17. I'm still using this approach and it works great for my needs πŸ˜‰ Look at the @BitPoet posts πŸ˜‰ R
  18. hello sorry for confusion πŸ˜‰ my tree looks like this HOME - USERS (template = Uporabniki) - User 1 (template = Uporabnik) - User 2 (template = Uporabnik) - .... OBJEKTI (template = Objekti) "This are Categories" - Objekt 1 (template = Objekt) - objekt 2 (template = Objekt) - ..... There is the url to the site, so you can see how it works. Under (GARAΕ½A) you will see that it is empty and there I would like to show the text. https://pekarna.info/ Thank you R
  19. Hello, I need some help please. I'm working on sortable "portfolio" site wich is working great so far. I have categories (page select field = "objekt_select") that one can select when creating a new portfolio item. (Categories are made up front and are always the same even if they are empty.) I would like to show some text when the categorie is empty. (expl.: This categorie is empty.) So my code look like this, with one of my failed atempts. <article class="col-md-4 text-left"> <div class="about-content-main pad-common high-bg border-top-white"> <h2 class="inner-heading white-text">Buildings</h2> <span class="liner-small"></span> <ul id="mediafolio-filter" class="mediafolio-filter clearfix"> <li class="filter" data-filter="all">All</li> <?php $objekt_select = $pages->find("parent=1026");?> <?php foreach ($objekt_select as $item) : ?> <li class="filter" data-filter="<?= $item->name ?>"><?=$item->title ?> (<?=$pages->count("template=uporabnik, objekt_select=$item")?>)</li> <?php endforeach; ?> </ul> </div> </article> </div> <!-- row:ends --> <div class="list mediafolio-thumb-wrap row"> <?php foreach ($page->find('template=uporabnik, sort=random') as $single ):?> <!-- MY Attempt, but not working --> <?php if ($single->count('template=uporabnik, objekt_select=$single') < 1) : ?> <!-- grid-item:starts --> <article class="mediafolio-grid mix all <?php echo $single->objekt_select->implode(' ', 'name') ?> zoom"> <a href='<?=$single->url?>'><img title="<?=$single->title?>" alt="<?=$single->slike_uporabnik->description?>" class="img-responsive homeimg" src="<?=$single->slike_uporabnik->url?>"></a> <div class="mediafolio-caps"><a class="item-title" href='<?=$single->url?>'><?=$single->title?></a> / <?php if ($single->objekt_select->implode(' / ', 'title')) :?> <?php echo $single->objekt_select->implode(function($item) { return "<span><a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a> / </span>"; }); ?> <?php else :?><?php endif ;?> </div> </article> <!-- grid-item:ends --> <?php else :?><h2>There are no items in this category!</h2><?php endif ;?> <?php endforeach; ?> I'm not very good with PHP so any help is appreciated. Thank you very much πŸ˜‰ R
  20. I think I got it πŸ˜‰ <?php $pageReferencedByMarker = $pages->get((int) $dot->info);?> <a href="<?=$pageReferencedByMarker->url?>"><h4><?= $dot->infoLabel;?></h4></a> <?php {};?> This works, thank you πŸ˜‰ R
  21. Hello, nice module πŸ˜‰ can I get the URL of pages selected with asmSelect. Somehow can't figure it out. My code looks like this: <div class="map"> <img src="<?= $item->marker_image->url ?>" alt="" style="width:100%;"/> <?php foreach ($item->marker as $dot) :?> <div style="top:<?= $dot->y;?>%; left:<?= $dot->x;?>%;" class="box"> <div class="pin-text"> <h3><a href="<?=$pages->get((int) $dot->value->url);?>"><?= $dot->infoLabel;?></a></h3> //link ofc. not working!!! </div> </div> </div> Thank you R
  22. Hello, Need some help getting vr360 images to work. I found this module https://github.com/danielstieber/Markup360Image Installed it but somehow not sure how to show the vr images. I have normal "images" field and I want first image to be VR360 wiev. I've tried with something like this but not working. <?php $m360 = $modules->get("Markup360Image"); echo "$m360->render($images->first->url)"; ?> It would also be great if I could use tags like ('vr') to tell if image is vr or not. Is this possible somehow? I bought SeaVuel template there is the same way of telling the vr from normal images but Im unable to figure it out how it was done there. I already enabled tags in images field. Any help is apreciated Thank you R
  23. Try renaming the folder without - master Just guessing here R
  24. yes, it is working perfectly now! πŸ˜‰ I actualy already tried that but I guess i did something wrong because I couldn't make it work. Thank you very much πŸ˜‰ R
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