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  1. Yes, that did the trick. Was looking everywhere for something like this. Thank you a million πŸ˜‰ R
  2. Yes I need to remove only the surrounding <p> tags for this one textField only, because it messes my front end look. I'm not a coder, so not really sure how to proceed here. Thank you very much R
  3. Hello, I know this was probably asked a million times before but I tried all kinds of "solutions found on forum" none of them works for me. I need CkEditor but I don't want my content wraping in <p>. How can I get rid of them but keep other formating. Just get rid of first and last <p> and </p>. I tried (works for others based on forum threads ...) <?php $bodyCopy = preg_replace('/<p>\x{00A0}<\/p>/u', '', $pages->get("/nastavitve/")->kontaktni_podatki); echo $bodyCopy; ?> But it's not working. It still leaves the wraping <p> tags. Thank you R
  4. Thank you, it's working now. As you'we stated above, showing two when logged in. πŸ™‚ R
  5. Hello Not sure why but it always shows me two qrcodes (images -> gif) next to each other on the page. Can't see the problem in my code. Any ideas? I have a select-options field with option to show the qr-code or not. If selected It always shows two qr-codes. This happened after the upgrade of the module actualy it was working fine before!! My code <?php if ($item->id == '3') : ?> <div class="qrkoda"><?=$page->qr_koda?></div> <?php else:?><?php endif;?> Thank you R
  6. Oh great, I thought so, just had to make sure I'm not missing this out. πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much. R
  7. Hello, Am I missing something or .. I guess there is no Padlooper.zip file to download yet, or ...? Just seeing all comments about excitement but I can't see any links to download here. Thank you R
  8. Interested as well, please πŸ˜‰ Thank you
  9. I repaired a table for body field through PHPMyadmin and it is fixed now. R
  10. Hello, Im having troubles with this error, any ideas how to fix this? It happens everytime I want to change something in body field. It was working fine till today? SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 126 Incorrect key file for table './mydb_name/field_body.MYI'; try to repair itIn /wire/core/Fieldtype.php line 1333 Not sure if this is PW related or server maybe? Thank you R
  11. I only used "substr($title, 5)" string and works just fine. πŸ˜‰ Thank you R
  12. Uff, that simple πŸ˜› I was overthinking everything. πŸ˜› Thank you very much πŸ˜‰ R
  13. Hello I'm trying to remove first four characters from a title field (or custom text field), how would I do this? I have titles like (they are imported with csv and numbers are for automatic categorising sort so they have to be there) 01 - Category1 02 - Category2 03 - Category3 I only want to output the Category1, category2, etc... Any help appreciated Thank you R
  14. Thank you, It looks like it is working great now. Great module btw! πŸ˜‰ R
  15. Hello, I always get this error after instaling the module, any ideas? Notice: Undefined index: pw_language_1022 ---- site/modules/ProcessTranslatePage/ProcessTranslatePage.module.php on line 115 Thank you R
  16. Great module πŸ˜‰ I was just thinking that maybe option for selecting a default view would be nice? R
  17. Yes I replaced the file I deleted the process_pageviewstat_main through adminer Yes I followed your instructions as described but nothing works Now I uninstalled the module and deleted everything from modules folder. Then I started a new install but Again I get an error.
  18. I tried replacing the file, but still not working. I can't access the admin area at all after instaling the module so I can't click on refresh. After renaming the folder I get missing file notification. After renaming back I get error. It happens on all my sites, so unlikely that there is the problem on all of them or ... I removed all of the folders and cleaned the database from admin as before and installed the new version, now I have only one ProcessPageViewStat folder but the error is still there. Kinda lost here.
  19. I deleted the folder and then under the modules in admin it asked me if I want to remove this module from the database.
  20. I always have both folders (.ProcessPageViewStat and ProcessPageViewStat) inside modules. I removed module from database completely and tried to install it from scratch but still get the same error.
  21. I tried all of the above but still get error. Im posting gif so you can see I get error when trying to upgrade from Upgrade module.
  22. I already tried that. I'm using upgrade module. As soon as I click upgrade I get error and can't even access admin area anymore. If there is "ProcessPageViewStat" folder present in modules folder I get this error and nothing works at all. If I remove the module folder it starts working again. I tried with refresh and from upgrade but all the same. Any ideas? Thank you R
  23. Hello, I tried to upgrade the module on multiple sites but always get this error on all sites. any ideas how to fix this? Thank you R
  24. Unfortunately yes, it was specificaly requested that the page tree should be like that. πŸ˜• It would be much easyer for me to do it like always. Yes it's true, and one article could not be in more than one category and I'm sure it will probably be demanded in the future. Ok, I got some idea, maybe even with Formbuilder and "Submit to page" option selected and could even be done from frontend for client or editor. hmmm ... I've already done something similar. I'll dig into it πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much for helping, Im still learning PW and because Im not a coder I probably always will πŸ˜› so maybe sometimes I ask to many questions to find the best solution that works for my knowledge. R
  25. Yes this was exactly what I meant. I just though if it was maybe possible. It would make article publishing and categorizing them in the tree much easyer, than always go to tree, select the right category, subcategory, subsubcategory and create new article there. Maybe there is some other way to do that, maybe page fields or ...? Never done that this way. I always had categories in one place and posts in another, then in "post-detail" I'd use page fields for checking under which category the article belongs. But the admin tree looked like this: HOME - Articles (post-list.php) -- Article 1 (post-detail.php) -- Article 2 (post-detail.php) -- Article 3 -- etc. ... Categories (categorys-list.php) -- Category 1 (category.php) -- Category 2 (category.php) -- etc. ... The dynamic select is more for listings, but it was just a thought that it might work this way for publishing and categorizing new posts also. Thank you for your time and help, and sorry for my confusing questions. R
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