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  1. I'm still using this approach and it works great for my needs ? Look at the @BitPoet posts ? R
  2. hello sorry for confusion ? my tree looks like this HOME - USERS (template = Uporabniki) - User 1 (template = Uporabnik) - User 2 (template = Uporabnik) - .... OBJEKTI (template = Objekti) "This are Categories" - Objekt 1 (template = Objekt) - objekt 2 (template = Objekt) - ..... There is the url to the site, so you can see how it works. Under (GARAŽA) you will see that it is empty and there I would like to show the text. https://pekarna.info/ Thank you R
  3. Hello, I need some help please. I'm working on sortable "portfolio" site wich is working great so far. I have categories (page select field = "objekt_select") that one can select when creating a new portfolio item. (Categories are made up front and are always the same even if they are empty.) I would like to show some text when the categorie is empty. (expl.: This categorie is empty.) So my code look like this, with one of my failed atempts. <article class="col-md-4 text-left"> <div class="about-content-main pad-common high-bg border-top-white"> <h2 class="inner-heading white-text">Buildings</h2> <span class="liner-small"></span> <ul id="mediafolio-filter" class="mediafolio-filter clearfix"> <li class="filter" data-filter="all">All</li> <?php $objekt_select = $pages->find("parent=1026");?> <?php foreach ($objekt_select as $item) : ?> <li class="filter" data-filter="<?= $item->name ?>"><?=$item->title ?> (<?=$pages->count("template=uporabnik, objekt_select=$item")?>)</li> <?php endforeach; ?> </ul> </div> </article> </div> <!-- row:ends --> <div class="list mediafolio-thumb-wrap row"> <?php foreach ($page->find('template=uporabnik, sort=random') as $single ):?> <!-- MY Attempt, but not working --> <?php if ($single->count('template=uporabnik, objekt_select=$single') < 1) : ?> <!-- grid-item:starts --> <article class="mediafolio-grid mix all <?php echo $single->objekt_select->implode(' ', 'name') ?> zoom"> <a href='<?=$single->url?>'><img title="<?=$single->title?>" alt="<?=$single->slike_uporabnik->description?>" class="img-responsive homeimg" src="<?=$single->slike_uporabnik->url?>"></a> <div class="mediafolio-caps"><a class="item-title" href='<?=$single->url?>'><?=$single->title?></a> / <?php if ($single->objekt_select->implode(' / ', 'title')) :?> <?php echo $single->objekt_select->implode(function($item) { return "<span><a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a> / </span>"; }); ?> <?php else :?><?php endif ;?> </div> </article> <!-- grid-item:ends --> <?php else :?><h2>There are no items in this category!</h2><?php endif ;?> <?php endforeach; ?> I'm not very good with PHP so any help is appreciated. Thank you very much ? R
  4. I think I got it ? <?php $pageReferencedByMarker = $pages->get((int) $dot->info);?> <a href="<?=$pageReferencedByMarker->url?>"><h4><?= $dot->infoLabel;?></h4></a> <?php {};?> This works, thank you ? R
  5. Hello, nice module ? can I get the URL of pages selected with asmSelect. Somehow can't figure it out. My code looks like this: <div class="map"> <img src="<?= $item->marker_image->url ?>" alt="" style="width:100%;"/> <?php foreach ($item->marker as $dot) :?> <div style="top:<?= $dot->y;?>%; left:<?= $dot->x;?>%;" class="box"> <div class="pin-text"> <h3><a href="<?=$pages->get((int) $dot->value->url);?>"><?= $dot->infoLabel;?></a></h3> //link ofc. not working!!! </div> </div> </div> Thank you R
  6. Hello, Need some help getting vr360 images to work. I found this module https://github.com/danielstieber/Markup360Image Installed it but somehow not sure how to show the vr images. I have normal "images" field and I want first image to be VR360 wiev. I've tried with something like this but not working. <?php $m360 = $modules->get("Markup360Image"); echo "$m360->render($images->first->url)"; ?> It would also be great if I could use tags like ('vr') to tell if image is vr or not. Is this possible somehow? I bought SeaVuel template there is the same way of telling the vr from normal images but Im unable to figure it out how it was done there. I already enabled tags in images field. Any help is apreciated Thank you R
  7. Try renaming the folder without - master Just guessing here R
  8. yes, it is working perfectly now! ? I actualy already tried that but I guess i did something wrong because I couldn't make it work. Thank you very much ? R
  9. Hello, Not sure if my title is appropriate for this post but I don't know how to explain in short what I need. ? So I want to create a table of all posts and show what page reference field value is asigned to each post. Visualy I need something like this: # | EDIT | PUBLISHED | POST TITLE | first PageReference SPORT | second PageReference COOKING | third PageReference HEALTH | ... | ... 1 | edit | yes | my post 1 | yes | yes | / | ... | ... 2 | edit | yes | my post 2 | / | yes | yes | ... | ... 3 | edit | no | my post 3 | yes | yes | yes | ... | ... I hope you get the idea. So I have tried to create this but somehow not working as expected. My code below: Atm I'm showing values instead of Yes & No, just to see if it works. <table class="table table-bordered table-hover"> <thead> <tr> <th scope="col">#</th> <th scope="col">edit</th> <th scope="col">published</th> <th scope="col">Article title</th> <?php foreach($pages->get(1067)->children() as $child) { echo "<th scope='col'><a href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a></th>"; } ?> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <?php foreach ( $pages->find('template=blog-detail, sort=-created, include=all') as $single ):?> <tr> <th scope="row"></th> <?php if($user->isLoggedin()){ if($single->editable()) { // if editable by user. echo "<td><a class='editpage-inline' href='https://" . $config->urls->httpHost . $config->urls->admin . "page/edit/?id=". $single->id ."&modal=1'> <i class='fa fa-pencil' aria-hidden='true'></i> Uredi!</a></td> "; }};?> <?php if($single->is(Page::statusUnpublished)): ?> <td style="color:red;font-weight:800;">Ne</td><?php else:?><td>Da</td> <?php endif; ?> <td><a href="<?= $single->url ?>" target="_blank"><?=$single->title;?></a></td> <?php if($single->zasvojenosti_select) :?> <?php foreach($single->zasvojenosti_select as $item):?> <td><?=$item->title?></td> <?php endforeach; ?> <?php else:?> <td>no</td> <?php endif;?> </tr> <?php endforeach; ?> </tbody> </table> It is working somehow but it is all messed up. The columns are not showing up as they should, there should be an empty column if the value is not set for the article. This is what I get I just hope you understand what I mean ? Thank you very much in advance R
  10. Hello Maybe this was already asked, but could't find anything on the forum. Is it possible to merge two menus together somehow. I have a header menu with logo in between and now Im using two separate menuesbuilders for this. I also need to have another one for mobile. So everytime I update one menu I have to update mobile separately. Any chance I could combine two menues together so I wouldn't have to update the mobile everytime? So it would show both left and right in the mobile automaticaly. my code: (mobile menu) <?php $menu = $modules->get('MarkupMenuBuilder'); $options = array( 'wrapper_list_type' => 'ul',// ul, ol, nav, div, etc. 'list_type' => 'li',// li, a, span, etc. 'menu_css_id' => '',// a CSS ID for the menu 'menu_css_class' => 'dl-menu',// a CSS Class for the menu 'submenu_css_class' => 'dl-submenu',// CSS Class for sub-menus 'has_children_class' => 'menu-item',// CSS Class for any menu item that has children 'first_class'=>'',// CSS Class for the first item in 'last_class' => '', 'current_class' => 'active', 'default_title' => 0,// 0=show saved titles;1=show actual/current titles 'include_children' => 4,// show 'natural' MB non-native descendant items as part of navigation 'm_max_level' => 1,// how deep to fetch 'include_children' 'current_class_level' => 3,// how high up the ancestral tree to apply 'current_class' 'default_class' => '',// a CSS class to apply to all menu items ); echo $menu->render(2146, $options); ?> ID Left of the logo Right of the logo I tried something like this: echo $menu->render(2018|2019, $options); but ofc. not working. I hope I'm making sense here Thank you R
  11. Roych


    Hello, Im trying to get body field from my repeater matrix to od description in SEOMaestro bu somehow can't get it to work. Right now I get title and other fields first then the body field. How can I achieve this in default settings. Thank you R
  12. Was just looking at it. Thank you for explaining ? R
  13. I guess it still is ? When I disable tracy the CO is gone. ? Thank you R
  14. Hello, I have this little green CO in my favicon. I was just wondering, what does that mean, was googeling but couldn't find anything. Can someone tell me what is this for? Thank you R
  15. Will try to remember this one, thank you very much I'ts working great now ? R
  16. Hello this was probably asked a million times, but somehow couldn't find anything. I need some help with translating some text inside of echo, I have expl. elseif ($today >= $start AND $today <= $end) echo " <span class='editor-label' style='margin: -7px 0 0 -7px;background-color:#db152e;'><span style='font-size: 10px;'><?= html_entity_decode(__('UNTIL')); ?> $end</span></span> "; I tried all sorts of things but it is not showing on the fronted. Thank you R
  17. Thank you very much I already had everything just not in the right place. All I had to do was to place <?php $events = $pages->find('template=calendar-post, limit=5, Start_date|End_date>=today, sort=Start_date'); ?> <?php if(count($events)): ?> above everything. Figured it out thanks to your example ? Thank you R
  18. Hello I'm not a coder so would appreciate some help with PHP. I created simple even calendar and all is working great so far. I'm using next to fetch my events. Every event is a page. <h2>My Header for events</h2> <?php $events = $pages->find('template=calendar-post, limit=5, Start_date|End_date>=today, sort=Start_date'); ?> <?php if(count($events)): ?> <?php foreach($events as $single): ?> my events code! <?php endforeach; ?> <?php else: ?> <div>There are no events at the moment!</div> <?php endif; ?> But I would like to change this and hide the entire section including the <h2> if there are no events, how can I do that. Meaning that I would then remove (There are no events .... from the code). Not sure how to check if page (template=calendar-post, Start_date|End_date>=today, sort=Start_date') exists. Hope you uderstand Thank you R
  19. Oh, too bad ? I Hope they'll fix it soon ? Thank you R
  20. IT is not just one image it happens with diferent images, so the images are not the problem. Yes I'm using AutoSmush and SSL, did you happen to find the problem or fix for this? I'd like to keep AutoSmush if possible. Thank you R
  21. Hello, I'm having some weird issue with image uploads, with normal images field. I get Invalid image when I try to upload an image (normaly or drag&drop). It does not happen all the time if I try to upload the same image again sometimes it uploads but there is no thumb preview in admin. (but the saved image works on frontend). I noticed this on multiple of my sites, not sure what is wrong it was working fine not while ago. I'm I missing some update (maybe server) or ...? I have 3.0.165 and all modules upgraded. Any ideas? R
  22. Omg, not even sure what to say, lol? Didn't thought of them. Works perfect now ? Thank you R
  23. sorry, my mistake I already tried it with $item->images->first()->url I mistyped in above post. When reading my first post I I wasn't realy clear about what I wan't. Sorry ? My page tree: BLOG (template = blog-list) - Post 1 (template = blog-detail) - with page reference field "skupine_page_select" (bullets for selecting category for each post) - Post 2 -"- - Post 3 -"- CATEGORIES (template = categories-List) - Category 1 (template = category-detail) with image field - Category 2 -"- - .... I want to show category image in my "blog-detail" template. I can bring the title of the category but not the image. This shows the title, but I guess it is just from the page reference field itself which is already in my blog-detail template, or ...? <?php echo $page->skupine_page_select->implode(function($item) { return " <a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a>"; }); ?> I hope you understand Thank you
  24. Hello I'm having some troubles getting first image from pages selected with page reference field. I have categories with children and each children has one image (images field). Then on Posts page I have page reference field for selecting and adding those categories. I can echo the title based on selection but somehow can't get images to show up. What am I doing wrong here? <?php echo $page->skupine_page_select->implode(function($item) { return " <a rel='tag' href='$item->url'>#$item->title <img src='$item->images()->url'></a>"; }); ?> Thank you for your help R
  25. Hello, this will sound silly as was probably asked a milion times, but somehow can't find the answer here. I'm using this module for a while now, but always with ckeditor. I would like to use another field like URL or simple one row Text field but I just can't seem to make it work. It strips the <p>. What am I doing wrong. It always (echoes) just the link to video. I would like to use this with protable and best with some one row field (URL, text fields), so I could add videos the fastest way. Now I have it working but with textarea (no ckeditor) but I have to put <p> paragraphs manualy everytime. What do I have to do to make it work with other fields? Any guidance is greatly appreciated. R
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