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  1. Ah okay. I do not use the ProField Modules. That's a really cool feature, though.
  2. Really cool design! I love the content module solution. I build something like that my own by using nested repeater fields... but can you tell me how you realized that good looking "Select type to add..." popup?
  3. Most of the time its the smallest things that cause the biggest problems when going "live" with a site 🙂 That is the usual way I do it (and I think most of developers do): 1. Export your local database 2. Create a new (empty) database on your live server and import the database there 3. Upload all project data from your local directory to the live server via FTP 4. Adjust the config files for the new database connection 5. Testing with debug mode enabled
  4. That is a classic error message that I get all the time: The Database connection cant be established. Mostly because I forgot one of the things: - Do you have a variable in your config to switch between two development environments (local/live)? So that you are still trying to use your local database settings on your live site? - Do you already have a working PW installation on the remote server? Try checking the config values against the config that refuses the connection
  5. Take your time! I am nut in a hurry. The project I am using this module on is still in development.
  6. 5.7.32. My Processwire runs on PHP 7.4.12
  7. phpMyAdmin 4.9.7 It's a mySQL Database with a utf8_general_ci collation.
  8. I read the posts on the previous pages, it seems that more people have trouble with upgrading the module. I will stick to the module as it is now. On the live site it runs fine and that is where the statistics do matter.
  9. Sorry about that! Yes these messages are not error messages. But when you open a page and see a few hundred warnings you can get a bit nervous 🙂 On my live site I don't get these messages at all, despite the debug mode set to off. So only my local environment causes the issue when there is no IP address assigned to my virtual host. Thanks for the fast help! I tried to upgrade via the PW upgrades module but this time I got a real error message: Modules: Error upgrading module (ProcessPageViewStat): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'IF NOT EXISTS usr int(10) unsigned' at line 1
  10. Hello! I installed the module and it works fine for me. But my local dev environment I get a ton of error messages - when not logged in - Warning: unpack(): Type V: not enough input, need 4, have 0 in /Users/sthumann/Sites/kibis/site/modules/ProcessPageViewStat/func/IP2Location.php on line 1013 This message repeats itself a hundred times, then at the end there are these two lines: Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /Users/sthumann/Sites/kibis/site/modules/ProcessPageViewStat/ProcessPageViewStat.module on line 407 Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /Users/sthumann/Sites/kibis/site/modules/ProcessPageViewStat/ProcessPageViewStat.module on line 408 In the modules settings I disabled all options. These error messages only appear when: - not logged in (on local dev environment) - when my local host has not an IP address assigned to it. I am using MAMP Pro on Mac... On the live site these messages never appear. I guess the that the IP2Location throws those errors when there is "no ip address" to find. So my question is if there is a way to detect if the page runs on a local test system to disable the tracking functions in those cases?
  11. Great news! I was busy with other projects so I could not participate on the beta testing but I surely can't wait to give this new version a shot in one of my next projects.
  12. Okay this solution is a little bit over-the-top for me. But the IntersectionObserver Function looks quite interesting. I've never heard of that before. In fact all my hand made "is element in viewport?" solutions were always kind of tricky to pull off.
  13. I really like the clean look and the choice of color. The pink hue really gives a warm touch. And I absolutely like sites with big colorful images. What plugin was used for the image translation effects? Looks super smooth.
  14. This seems to be a pretty useful module. I am looking for a solution just like that. Is anybody using this module with the latest Version of processwire and does it still work with the modifications mentioned a few posts above?
  15. I was able to solve the problem. After logging into the backend and getting the blank admin page I discovered a log entry inside the tracy debugger log. There was an issue in my /site/ready.php file that threw an error: PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by That error was caused by some spaces behind the closing ?> Tag inside the ready.php. I am using this same ready.php file on multiple other websites and it never made me any trouble though. I find the fact weird that this error is only provoked when trying to log into the backend. Anyhow I am glad that this is solved now.
  16. So finally I uploaded the website into my own personal webspace to see if the login works - it does. So I guess it is some kind of .htaccess or php.ini (black) magic that is missing on the strato.de server. I am looking forward to see if somebody has a clue about this. 😑
  17. Another thing I discovered is that the redirect to the "URL with Slash at the end" does not work for the back-end login. For all other pages in the frontend it does. When calling: https://www.mysite.com/processwire I get a blank page. In that case you normally get redirected to the same URL but with a slash at the end: https://www.mysite.com/processwire/ This URL shows the login page. But after logging in I get a new blank page... In my local dev environment everything is working fine and I never had this problem before on other hosting providers.
  18. I just put up a site on a hosting service that I didn't use before (strato.de). As always in those cases some things just won't work. Right now I can not log into the backend of the site. When calling the backend via https://www.mysite.com/processwire (not the actual URL of my site) I get a blank white page without any content. When turning the debug mode on this login page looks normal. But after logging in again all I see is a blank white page. In the session log I get a 'Invalid challenge value' error. The wire-challenge cookie is indeed missing, I can confirm hat. However the session log also says "Successful login for 'admin'". I've searched the board and found a few threads about this problem but none of the solutions work for me. Even turning the sessionChallenge off in the config does nothing: $config->sessionChallenge = false; https://processwire.com/docs/start/install/troubleshooting/
  19. Pro Fields Table is actually already included in the PW core. It is the only Pro Fields module that is free to use. You just have to install it from the modules list in the PW backend.
  20. This would be a perfect use for a repeater field. https://processwire.com/docs/fields/repeaters/ You would create repeater field called "concerts" within the backend. Then you create the subfields for the repeater to be added. Like Date, title, desc, link, etc. Those fields can then be added inside the settings of the repeater field. Add this repeater field to one of your templates and you can add concerts. To render the field in the frontend use it like this: <? foreach ($page->repeater_concerts as $concert) { ?> <ul> <li><?= $concert->date ?>/li> <li><?= $concert->title ?></li> <li><?= $concert->desc ?></li> </ul> <? } ?>
  21. Okay that explanation seems logical to me. I will stick to the "datepicker on focus" option then.
  22. I placed a simple "Start Date" - Date Field inside a repeater. I set the options of this date field so that the jQuery UI Datepicker is used when clicking on the calendar icon next to the field. When editing my template this calendar icon is missing. So the datepicker never opens. I can however change the functionality of the field so that the datepicker opens when the field is focused. This works fine. When displaying the same field on the template outside of the repeater field though, the calendar icon is displayed correctly and works as expected. Is this a normal behaviour? What the date field looks inside a repeater field: What the date field looks like when added to the template outside of a repeater field:
  23. Thanks for your replies. I think I will stick to this solution: 1. Crate a Template for the Ajax Page 2. Create a Page with that template and call it via Ajax
  24. Hello! I want to make use of a JS modal that contains a form. Then the user submits the form I want to handle the submission via ajax and display a "success" message within the modal. I am wondering what is the best practice to handle ajax calls within processwire in general? Usually I would create a static PHP file that handles all the form validation which is then called via ajax after pressing the "submit" button. My question is: Where do I place such a static file within the PW folder structure? I want to create a custom "ajax" folder and place that file there: Then make the ajax request. This is a JS file that handles all functions for the site and sits somewhere within the "scripts" folder. $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "/site/templates/ajax/form-submit.php", data: formData }).done(function (data) { console.log('form submitted'); console.log(data); }); This call results in a 403 (forbidden) error. The URL that is called looks like that: https://mywebsite/site/templates/ajax/form-submit.php So my question is: Do I need to create a custom template file (=form-submit) within the processwire backend first and then create a page with that template to make it accessible through an ajax request?
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