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  1. Hello Bernhard, I don't know how to properly write this post, I'll probably "refactor" it after. basic-page.php and home.php are empty template files. Are they only needed (even empty) if custom page class(es) php files that are related to them exist? Because latte files are used here I'm a bit confused about the (possible) role of these template files. In this site profile, in which use case(s) would they not stay empty? Could you please give one (or more) example(s)? Thanks in advance! NB: I don't want to use tailwind (for several reasons, one of them is that there are resets used but uikit uses normalize already, doesn't it? (I would perhaps prefer modern-normalize or another "at-rest" for the moment project related to one of the css grids evangelists (I don't remember her name right now)), BUT I'm curious about _tailwind.css, I think it's the first time I see the "_" prefix on a css file name.
  2. If there is a ruby one there should also be a python one 🙂: https://wagtail.org/ If ProcessWire didn't exist I probably would have already tried it. (I would also probably have tried a ruby one.)
  3. Hello Ivan, Not yet. But unlike other interesting things that I haven't tried yet, I wanted to post the link anyway. I'll try it on another computer than my main one, on an old laptop or desktop, first with the "Mistral" model I think. A few GBs are needed if I remember correctly. During a few seconds I thought about the AIs taking control of our computers without asking permission in the future... They could also help to protect them. But let's not forget data poisoning. Have a nice week Ivan! Have a nice week also @szabesz!
  4. https://processwire.com/blog/posts/new-rte-for-pw/ (see Toolbar configuration) https://processwire.com/blog/posts/using-tinymce-6-in-processwire/
  5. OK, I'll open another topic if I can't resolve this. Edit: I thought it had disappeared but the less files error messages are coming back. I've just tried RockPageBuilder's Advanced Live Demo on Firefox, drag-and-drop doesn't work. On Vivaldi it works. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/29456-rockpagebuilder-drag-and-drop-compatibility-with-firefox/?do=findComment&comment=238563
  6. Could it be related in any possible way to the fact that in Firefox's console I have around 120 error messages of type request failed with status 404 linked to less files? With "strange" paths like https://www.project.loc/site/templates/bundle/var/www/project/site/modules/AdminStyleRock/styles/alfred.less and all the others like https://www.project.loc/site/templates/bundle/var/www/project/site/templates with less files in folders and sub-folders inside "templates".
  7. Hello, With the rockpagebuilder profile, so there is draggable="false" and when clicking on the "crosses" handle to drag the content it becomes draggable="true" and sortable-chosen is added to the class. On Vivaldi I can see by default in the Styles tab section[Attributes Style] { -webkit-user-drag: none; } and when clicking (without releasing) I then see section[Attributes Style] { -webkit-user-drag: element; user-select: none; } But in Firefox I don't see anything, probably because it is a webkit-specific property. This property seems to be best supported in Safari. https://caniuse.com/webkit-user-drag https://caniuse.com/?search=user-drag On https://sortablejs.github.io/Sortable/ the handle version demo, for example, works in both Vivaldi and Firefox... and in Vivaldi I still see div[Attributes Style] { -webkit-user-drag: none; } and when clicking div[Attributes Style] { -webkit-user-drag: element; user-select: none; } So, what is the difference...? (Also, could it be because of a z-index setting or something else...?)
  8. https://brave.com/leo/ https://search.brave.com/ https://brave.com/codellm/
  9. { "error_message" : "The provided API key is invalid. ", "results" : [], "status" : "REQUEST_DENIED" }
  10. Hello BitPoet, I thought that I was "Following" by default because I had created the topic. I received an email with the title "Did this answer your question?" the 20th March. The project hasn't really started yet. I'm waiting for more information to give a quote and continue to work on it. Time has passed really quickly. I'm moving from one house to another one so I didn't realize it. I still have the desktop computer and the Internet in the old house for the moment. In the new house there is no ADSL connection and the fiber/fibre one hasn't arrived yet in the street. I've just added "forceNew" => true to my $options and have cleared the browser's cache, and it has just worked. So, a Very Big Thank You! After that, I've put it to false, to see later if I need to keep it to true or if I can just keep it deactivated from now on. I haven't tried with $image->removeVariations() for the moment as it has worked with forceNew". I've just realized that I had set cropping to false in $options after all the tests that hadn't worked, so it seems that it has fetched the square versions that already existed. "$image->removeVariations() in between", you mean calling it just after using size(), or just before? I have a doubt. You use size(), then remove variations, before calling the thumbnails? And that's why it has fetched the square versions even if "cropped" wasn't activated anymore? Or you tell it to remove variations before using size()? I guess it's what "forceNew" => true does, if one chooses this solution, or at what moment is "forceNew" => true applied? I wonder why it didn't work without forceNew activated. It could be because of the server-specific cache... I'm just curious... Thank you again!
  11. Hello, I'm converting again a website from another CMS to ProcessWire. On the old website, there are square thumbnail images that were created manually back then, if I remember well. The original images that I'm using again are in majority square images. But some are landscape images. There could also be portrait images. There will also be new images of different proportions. I can't get the rectangle images to be cropped and reduced in size to 75 px. The width is ok (in the case of landscape images of course) but the height is less than 75px. The shortest side should be 75px and the longest side (centered) cropped in order to be 75px. I am using Imagick by default, but I've also tried by setting its priority to 2 and 3. So I've tried with GD with config.php by enabling cropping and/or by trying different settings directly in the template. It doesn't change anything. A square variation could be created in the backend but I'd prefer it to be done via the api in this case. I'm not sure if I need to specify a condition where the height is not equal to the width of the image. I thought it would work automatically with size() and cropping activated. The cropping is normally centered by default if I'm not wrong (even though I've also tried by specifying it). Thank you in advance for your help, hints... If you need more details please let me know. I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.212 dev with PHP 7.4.
  12. It seems that the website basili.co also uses ProcessWire.
  13. Does someone already know about Fleet (JetBrains)?
  14. Thanks again also to Horst and to the other contributors.
  15. Hello, In the backend, you can go to Modules > Site, there is a "Clear Compiled Files" button at the bottom of the page. Or you could try by directly removing the content inside site/assets/cache/ (or perhaps just inside site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/). Edit: there is also https://processwire.com/modules/process-cache-control/.
  16. I rarely go on Twitter, but I stumbled upon this: You know what to do :)! NB: I'm waiting to create a CSS GRID website (with some parts with Flexbox if it is really needed) to add a response.
  17. https://www.planethoster.com/en/ https://www.planethoster.com/en/World-Hosting (see more details below the reviews. Example: "a pool of resources and you decide how to distribute them".) (But you also have https://www.planethoster.com/en/HybridCloud-Servers if needed.) Servers in France (Paris) and/or Canada (Montreal). 8 CPU - 16 GB RAM - 16 MB/s I/O cPanel and now also N0C. Several languages, several database types, etc. Free domain name. Cheaper if you take 2 or 3 years instead of one. Several important and interesting discounts available: https://docs.planethoster.com/guide/facturation/code-promo-rabais-remise-promotion (In French but you can google-translate it if needed. I can't find it in English.) Random example among others: "7- Obtenez la période restante prépayée chez un compétiteur en mensualité(s) gratuite(s) PlanetHoster." Also: https://www.planethoster.com/en/Affiliates But you cannot accumulate discounts (from code-promo-rabais-remise-promotion or Affiliates). Normally you automatically have a 15% discount that is activated when you are a new client/customer (or you can copy a promo code manually). Several currencies. Free World Lite. VIP option: Includes all the features of the World Platform - Free private WHOIS for all your domain names - Free premium VPN (multiple locations!) - LITESPEED + LSCache Etc. Added: PHA-awin (promo code to have 25% currently. I don't know how long it will be valid. This one already existed before.) Non-profit entities."25 % de remise/rabais pour les organismes à but non-lucratif (OSBL)". Then the second year and more: -10%.
  18. Source: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/24925-shetlandorg-welcome-to-the-islands-of-opportunity/ Also Fathom Lite, mentioned by some members of the Forums (sometimes also outside of the ProcessWire Forums).
  19. Christophe

    Qubes OS

  20. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/supporting-the-creative-community/ (latest news)
  21. Hi Adrian, When I started migrating the already existing content from Joomla! to ProcessWire and developing the new version, the domain name was still on the old version that was running at another hoster. With the .xyz domain name at 0.5 for the first year, it was (or seemed) a no-brainer. At the new hoster (not new to me and other clients), with the same account I can easily set up a new "World" and choose a domain name. But I guess I could now use a .dev subdomain. I won't have to be more careful than between 2 websites with only a different extension. At first, it was also in case I would have had to change a lot of "instances" of the domain name (database, etc.). But with ProcessWire I just had to change the extension in config.php of course and the links were modified automatically (including in CKEditor fields). With a subdomain it would have been the same for sure. Perhaps, it would have been better to have a more distinct domain name. But I always put the old version on the left side of my Vivaldi split tabs. And the Joomla! website was quite different. I have to look how easy it is to use a subdomain pointing to another "World" (better than to a subfolder) with the hoster. Also I have to check how not to have the .htaccess file redirect the subdomain to the domain as it's normally what it does, if I remember well. Happy New Year 2021 - to everyone here (and in the Forums)!
  22. Out of curiosity, who has already crossed the path of .xyz or .pw? Both are now considered generic extensions. For a non-profit organization, I use(d) a .xyz for the development/tests/copy of the new version of a website with the .fr extension. The acquisition price was 0.5. Currently it's 1.25. But the renewal will be 10. So perhaps a .pw will be used instead. And for Matomo, I will use a .pw. 6.20 then 6.20 the renewal. So, in total there are 3 different SFTP accounts/"Worlds" which share a certain amount of resources.
  23. Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview https://vivaldi.com/blog/vivaldi-mail-technical-preview/
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