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  1. Was looking to make a local tech job board website but havent got round to it yet.
  2. Thanks for your help, but not sure thats the issue. I will however check the latest version of PW to check support and report back
  3. Really good point, totally forgot to add it in the information. Have added now. Summary of license: Unlimited use of software on own projects No modifications or derivative works No commercial use other than applications and services produced by Licensee No attribution is required Free software updates up to next major update e.g. where major release is v1.0.0 to v2.0.0 not v1.0.1
  4. Hi Everyone! So I've been working with PW for over ten years now!!! Big thanks to @ryan and everyone in the community (genuinely such a warm community). I've made a few modules in my time as well as tutorials and this was the first that I thought might work as a commercial module: MembersMessaging This module enables you to easily setup a messaging system for your users through your site. Allow your website users to message other users on the site given a user name or similar information. Module uses the notions of threads, messages and users to describe the message relationship -> A thread is a page storing n messages including: time posted, created by user and message text, the user ids in that thread, which users have unread messages in that thread, whether messages are encrypted (and it's salt). User pages have a list of all threads they are apart. In your templates you can add: a compose message form, threads and their messages, thread reply forms, message and threads counts, as well as delete and delete all messages. You can view messages in the admin (unless encrypted set to True) and view message stats and module usage in admin page Members. Purchase here How to install? - Install Processwire - Add MembersMessagingModule folder to modules folder in processwire: /site/modules/ - Login to your site admin and navigate to Modules: yoursite.com/[admin]/module - Configure the module settings: yoursite.com/[admin]/module/edit?name=MembersMessaging` - Follow the instructions below to add messaging to your templates How to use Example usage: $mm = $modules->getModule("MembersMessaging"); echo $mm->execute(); echo $mm->js(); echo $mm->css(); Full api here. Configuration Module allows you to configure whether: to allow new threads to yourself to allow new threads to guest user role to trash or unpublish threads deleted from frontend to use select or textinput for username input to allow an All keyword to signal thread should include all users to change all keyword to something else to notify a user via email they have been sent a new message to set email sender address to change username output from user name field to some other field specified to change default max threads and messages to display to encrypt messages (using basic encrypt strategy that encrypts each message on server before DB save, and is decrypted on request) Roadmap: Available here. ------- I'm not really sure how much interest there would be in this module so I've posted it to GumRoad for now, but will be looking to work on a PW store front if theres any interest in it and other modules - I've got ideas for other modules such as deffered page publishing, image folder GUI, protected field, field dependencies, pages contraits. I'm also available for hire currently to work on sites or modules https://www.benbyford.com
  5. Hi @jbaharvar happy to throw my hat into the ring too. I've been using Processwire since 2012 and have worked on various websites, modules and apps using it: some sites ive made https://www.benbyford.com/works/?f=website
  6. Super, thanks. I remember seeing this ages ago but then didnt use or realise it would be default behaviour.... so now I know 🙂
  7. I have a site that uses both static requests and then continues with partial requests to urls using ajax and blocking out if(ajax) in my template. When making the static requests I use the built in caching in PW or Procache. However in order to recieve the partial request i have to use a cache burting GET parameter. Is there any way of making both of these requests cachable...? Only thing I could think of was having different urls with duplicate content.
  8. I've not come across this before but in the default install for PW3.0.226 if you add some HTML into _main.php template file: <div id="content"> <?php // template code rendered here by PW ?> </div> and then add the same html container to the template named file e.g. home.php <div id="content"> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam mattis eros vitae metus sodales eget suscipit purus rhoncus. Proin ultrices gravida dolor, non porttitor enim interdum vitae. Integer feugiat lacinia tincidunt. Nulla laoreet tristique tristique. Sed elementum justo a nisl elementum sit amet accumsan nisi tempor. Nulla quis eros et massa dignissim imperdiet a vitae purus. </p> </div> when rendered I dont get double content containers but just one with the Lorem ipsum... What is this behaviour called??? Is there settings for it? Can it be disabled? confusing as hell.
  9. Been thinking this would be a good idea for a while, super glad someone got round to doing it!!
  10. Just hit into this recently, seems very concerning... is this something that needs to be fixed or has already been in later PW verisons?
  11. Thanks @BitPoet but no dice. It's also complaining about gropimage no longer working but im unable to change those fields to normal image fields... just text by default - wonder if thats part of it.
  12. Just upgrading from PWP3.0146 to latest as well as php7.4 to php8.0 and getting this error on any page in the admin with an image field Method. Any help would be wicked. FieldtypeFile::getValidFileExtensions does not exist or is not callable in this context
  13. Thought this website was neat for seeing visually the SQL relationships, just wondered if anyone is interested in writing one up for PW? https://drawsql.app/templates
  14. Thats cool. Maybe there's a hook somewhere for whenever there is a log save event instead maybe...
  15. Thanks, am i write in saying this is something in need to execute in my modules or templates for each log??? Would be nice to have a site wide log config setting.
  16. Is there configuration in PW for truncating the sizes of log files? Or is that something we need to do manually in Linux?
  17. Thanks Ryan! got a slow process and a lot of hooks, so trying to nail down in what order they get triggered and which one is causing the issue
  18. Is there a way of finding how many things are using a Hook and in what order they are getting executed??
  19. I poked around in the github and found a better function to hook too and actually read the comments which helped alot. now using publishReady() instead https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/924f93214536a506babbce1bab5c6c9e2093fc1e/wire/core/Pages.php#L2522
  20. Really confused about how hooks work. I'm trying to use $wire->addHookBefore("Pages::published", function(HookEvent $event) { ... } to get and change the page url before it is published how not found any way of passing the changed back. E.g. $page = $event->arguments(0); $page->name = "somename"; // now what to save the data?? my understanding is I can't use $event->return on a before hook, so how do i propergate the change? Or should I be hooking onto a function that happens before the published function is called?
  21. Awesome thanks @bernhard will give it a spin.
  22. By default a page in PW has a slug created by the pages title or name converted to lower and dashed including the hierachy of the page and parents e.g. site.com/parent-slug/new-page-slug Is there a module or some hook I can use to change this behavior? I'm looking to randomly generate the url slug to hide the title contents.
  23. one of those tear your hair out moments: Cant seem to get a php template to send json back. I've added json to content type and disabled _init and _main files in the CMS. I've tried adding: echo "something"; echo array("something"=>"something"); echo JSON.encode(array("something"=>"something")) any I only get a blank screen when visiting the page, no {}, no nothing ? File got moved, so wasn't updatin ghte template file of the page i was looking at ?‍♂️
  24. Fair, will feedback with anything useful–will probably end up being some php and vanilla js to support booking on the front end... but still.
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