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  1. Just had a quick look and they're very similar. I'm using: $intent = $payment->paymentCheckout($description); Instead of $payment->render(); The $intent variable then returns an array of the [0] Stripe form and [1] Intent Id. https://github.com/benbyford/PaymentStripeIntents/blob/master/PaymentStripeIntents.module#L138 This is because you may want to store only the Intent or just the form. Like to spend some more time with this module soon, so there will probably better Readme and additions soon.
  2. I can look at getting them more closely integrated when I’m back next week from holidays. I’ve not used the padloper module and tbh it might be better that they integrate it or do their own as I’m not selling this as a premium module, just my own version of the new Stripe Intents API
  3. Hey @MarcoPLY did you follow the readme? The render method currently doesn’t do anything in this module.
  4. Ah ok thanks, probably to do with the schema of the site profile I’m installing then. Will try starting from a default profile and overwriting to get where I was. Thanks
  5. Very confused about this, did an installation, wanted to change profiles so deleted EVERYTHING and reinstalled and getting this very strange error: Anyone come across this, not happened before. I use serverpilot.com and digitalocean with Ubuntu 14 boxes installing 3.0.123
  6. More implementations Ajax modal version: : New page version:
  7. Example implementation: Info: So this is very much an ALPHA version of what I hope turns into a swiss armory knife payment module. Currently you are able to take payments with the payments form or cross browser payments button (Apple Pay etc). Please read implementation details here and consider contributing https://github.com/benbyford/PaymentStripeIntents TODO: Add subscription functionality Add customer functionality More testing and code clean up More usage examples anything else?
  8. What i have so far: https://github.com/benbyford/PaymentStripeIntents/blob/master/PaymentStripeIntents.module
  9. Module's currently operating with this basic functionality: Take credit card details and confirm with Stripe Add js styling in moudles settings for Stripe Elements Form. So you can change how the form is displayed. On return -> POST successful transaction id, name and email to relative url of your choice Things I'm looking to add: Ability to POST successful values via AJAX to relative url of your choice. Add CrossBrowserButton functionality - e.g. pay with apple pay button Option to disable CrossBrowserButton if not required Save Stripe Intent variables in session to be accessed by templates e.g. save amount, and currency in session to be used by module and / or template. Need to do something like this anyway as Stripe CrossBrowserButton doesn't take the same Intent information (see previous post ☝️). Integration of module with PaymentModule - quite a bit of duplication currently here, so need to do some work to string the new module closer to payments module. Let me know what else might be useful?!
  10. OK done some digging and found this absolutely stupid thing in their API: intents work with StripeElements menaing you can create a payment intent and supply that intent id to a form to start taking the payment, you can then use their API to step through the payment process using the language of your choice (pretty much) – I'm looking to implement both a PHP and JS implementation into my module. HOWEVER: if you want to use the cross browser payments button (e.g. pay with apply pay, google pay) then you have to create a new payment request to that js api, e.g. doesnt work with your pre-authed intent id... I've taken this up with them and they say: I consider this a massive oversight as surely the payment intents arethe beginning of ANY interaction with the StripAPI, in this case not. Anyway, will continue to work on this one to implement as much as possible.
  11. I've been working on this a looks like it WILL require a change, as it now requires you update your payment journey to use PaymentIntentions, e.g. setting a intent to pay at the beginning of any payment checkout before actually requesting card information, address, email etc etc... I'm currently having to do this for my clients and adding support for Stripe Elements. Love this to be robust butI'm simply not a very good backend dev so muddling through it. Will release what I have when it's done hopefully in a week.
  12. Think i'm miss understanding the conversion between curl in the terminal and curl in php. Looking at the below and wondered how to set the -u. Is it setting a CURLOPT_USERPWD header? Or more complex than that? https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout/migration#client-products-server-code curl https://api.stripe.com/v1/customers \ -u sk_test_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc: \ -d email="{{STRIPE_EMAIL}}" \ -d source="{{STRIPE_TOKEN}}"
  13. Trying to rework my Stripe implementation to get up-to-date with the latest regulation changes and wanted to use wireHttp instead of simply curl, but couldnt work out at all how to add a user password along with the request.
  14. Hi! Been doing some basic Twilio implementation for a client to enable them to automatically send text messages to registered users on page publish. As an upshot, I thought I would strip out the site specific work and stick up on github here: https://github.com/benbyford/TwilioChannels This modules pulls in the Twilio APi and enables you to send SMS messages from your front or backend. Send SMS message Truncate message to single message character limit Auto-select number from range of numbers depending on $To number country of origin–this enables you to send messages with a local number to that user if one added to the config. Templates usage: $twilio = $modules->get("TwilioChannels"); $twilio->sendSMS($toNumber, $message);
  15. Will be publishing my store soon @MateThemes so might be easier to join forces? I also agree with @wbmnfktr not sure patreon is the right place for this.
  16. Wicked! If you happen to stick it up on github I'll use it for sure!
  17. Thought I'd share this quickly as it helps me get to grips with whether I'm looking at the dev site or live site when working on any client project. Dev site only has AdminOnSteroids module. I add the below to sites/templates/admin/admin.css and add that url the admin css field in the module. Currently only works with default adminTheme. #masthead{ background: rgb(153, 12, 94) !important; } #logo:before{ content: 'DEV '; color: white; margin-right: 1em; vertical-align: middle; display: inline-block; font-size: 1em; letter-spacing: 0.05em; margin: -15px 0.6em 0em 0; } Simply adds a DEV string and changes the header color so I can see I'm on Dev not live. I guess you could do the opposite if you wanted adding content: "LIVE" instead in the CSS.
  18. Not sure on my install path as I do it so many times i just do what works which is mostly dfault settings. I was able to add 😉 😅 😍 emoji's into my site field labels as show with no extra work. Which is pretty awesome.
  19. Having this same issue and I'm running System Notifications module, shame, as I hoped the module would be really useful but is mostly a desaster.
  20. Or too much whisky last night...? I tend to do all my personal coding in the little hours with something to drink 🙂
  21. If this is the case then I'm a total idiot. Thanks!
  22. Super confused, getting a error for this code to create a save message to log file: public function init() { $log = $this->wire('log'); $log->save("MyModuleName","working"); } Error: Exception: Log name must contain only [-_.a-z0-9] with no extension (in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/betaville-dev/public/wire/core/WireLog.php line 167) Not sure how to fix this. Any help appreciated.
  23. Module was created to track date/time based messages between one or more users. That said it might be I could use it to create a new module that has an admin page that acts as a conversation between the logged in user and the admin or any other users. If you're looking for a less structured, freeform notes sort of collaboration thing then let me know and ill have a think.
  24. Do you mind giving me a description of your use case, look back over your comments but still cant quite get my head around it.
  25. Anyone still interested in this module? Also the module saves all messages in plain text, would you be interested in a encrypted version of the module using key exchange or hash keys?
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