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  1. Thanks @B3ta - I feel like yours comments are somewhat off topic from this module specifically, so keen to get your feedback there if you have any. however, I do concur you thoughts on premium market place and there is actually a couple, one of which I started building myself then got busy and never got finished. It would be easier if we could all just use one central place, and easier for new PW users.
  2. @B3ta possibly. what where you thinking? I’m mostly interested in input to help me, as it’s a bit rough Around the edges at the minute and wondered if anyone had feedback or PRs. I’ve recently done a lot more on it on a clients version which I’m looking to roll in soon, but am looking for enthusiasm for it so it’s not wasted work.
  3. Had this issue again recently using ProcessWire 3.0.62 on shared hosting. I managed to fixed the issue with 777 on both templates and assets folders (as didnt help just on assets for some reason..?) but I'll need to go in a take a look around the hosting as this is massively not good 😞 Will report back.
  4. yeah, core redirects would make sense, something that I can imagine seems common enough and can link in with the tracking of page url changes and redirecting. not sure I understand how you're doing it, can you explain?
  5. ProcessRedirects doesn't seem to support forwarding wo url with queries, this possible to enable? e.g. my forwarded url is added as /page/?somevar=1 but the forwarded url goes to /page/
  6. Totally worked thanks @adrian, I guess I just don't expect things to go this bizarrely wrong. After updating I found my template with the same name as the repeater. I added the template again and now everything is fine...
  7. Hello, and welcome to what I though was either my client being silly and changing things, or some evil doer. Turns out its reproducible and therefore something in Proceswire (I checked my templates and modules but couldnt find anything that would be doing this...). So what is it doing? Check out the video for evidence. A repeater field is interacting with a page template and another repeater field somehow to swap the fields in the template and repeater over... I have a template called team, and a repeater field called team_repeater with label Team. Some how and for some reason, when I change my fields on repeater called main_menu_links my team template gets those fields and when I try and revert the team template fields to the fields it should have, they get given to the repeater main_menu_links. Also this to say HELP!!!!! video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/exkdhc6n7x0xpsa/strange-repeater-PW-mega-bug.mov?dl=0
  8. Seem to be getting strange behaviour on the input field where when a date is selected e.g. 21st. After save, the input reflects the 20th instead...? Any one had this? PW3.0.62, datetime 1.0.6
  9. Anyone done much with plans/products/subscriptions? going round in circles abit. looking to create a customer, add and plan/subscription, and charge them for the first installment, but cant seem to work out the API flow to put it all together 😞
  10. It does, but doesnt really need to. it uses the PaymentModule for inhereitance of structure. As my module doesn't totally adhere to the render structure it might be worth striping out the dependancy at some point.
  11. If you didnt want to build an admin module you could add functionality to your templates depending on the user role. e.g. Superuser can see who has watched each video on the video's page, and you could provide a page which only exists for the admin that displays a list of videos and users who have watched them etc etc
  12. I wonder if the latest version has soved some of this as I'm also getting errors when using the spam filtering 😞
  13. GRRRRRRRR ok found something that worked in the form settings for pages two levels deep i have to turn off Disable session tracking and CSRF protection? which must be getting in the way and disallowing everything. not sure how to get around this but might add a honey pot as replace meant... but either way I get LOTS of spam before sooooooo not great... gonna have to fob off FormBuilder at this rate
  14. so works fine on the / and /apply/ pages respectively but not the /privileges/bvlgari/ http://supercarownerscircle.nicegrp.com/ Doesn't seem to submit correctly on that page as I'm unable to see anything in the $input variable 😞
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