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  1. benbyf's post in change image size default for CKEditor was marked as the answer   
    Christ, I've just done some serious needle in a haystack work. I found the function that fires in teh frontend in JS:
    if($img.attr('data-fit')) { fitImageToWindow(); } else { $container.width($img.width()).height($img.height()); } commenting out fitImageToWindow(); works but as the file is minified already I also commented out r() on col 1:8630 of the minifed file to get results straight away: so now the image simply doesnt resize to the size of th window (which personally I feel was an odd choice)
  2. benbyf's post in MigratorWordpress xml import complete but no content was marked as the answer   
    Module in development and this solved the current issue https://github.com/adrianbj/ProcessMigrator/issues/4
  3. benbyf's post in image disappears on homepage was marked as the answer   
    this seemed to fixed it, as the field was already set to single item.
    $page->of(true); $logo = $homepage->site_logo; $page->of(false); any reason for this, not really needed to use outputformating() before
  4. benbyf's post in Ryan's Blog site and RSS issues was marked as the answer   
    Mart, thanks!
    I spent ages trying to find where renderRSS is being used in the template and finally tracked it down to the category.php file which is where the $posts is being defined. It's now sorted by date created and therefore showing on the main site in order (eulergy.com)
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