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  1. Setup> Templates > Add new template Setup > Fields > Add new field Thank you, it worked! But notice in the last image the Site Settings link from the menu has disappeared... How to put it back there? Also... to view this page i need to access http://localhost/processwire/admin/page/edit/?id=1006 Is there a way to view that page at this custom url http://localhost/processwire/admin/settings/ ?
  2. Thank you! I have understand that but i still have some problems. Let's say i have http://localhost/processwire/admin/settings/ (where settings is my custom created page) What is the Process i have to asign to this page and how can i create the template to be shown only to admin interface?
  3. Hello there! I'm new to Processwire (like almost 2 days from my first look at the code and admin interface) but i am already in love with it! Well... how much i already love the ideea, i can't manage to create a page under the admin page to show as tab with some functionality. (actually the page is created but i don't know how to add the functionality i want) I want a custom admin page with fields (text, checkbox, textarea) that i could set trough that page and use them global ( example: set my facebook page url from this custom settings page and display it on my public site) Can somebody give me some instructions?
  4. Doesn't work! I did copied `templates-admin` folder to `site` root folder. What should i do next?
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