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  1. Hi Leopold, I am sorry, I mean the following: (please refer @elabx post) Thanks
  2. Hi Leopold, Your website looks awesome! I was wondering whether you forgot to upload fancybox js and css files to the server. If you can fix this path issue, then the problem will be solved. Note: Please don't forget to add .gallery class to the anchor tag mentioned by @elabx Thanks
  3. Hi Ian, Problem is, I do not have retina ready hardware to work on Thanks
  4. Hi Ian, Thanks for using blue-vr. I am sorry it is not retina ready.
  5. Trick is to modify the `links` field `Selectable Pages` into `Custom Selector`. Go to Setup > Fields > links Click on Input tab Under Selectable Pages Remove `Parent of selectable page(s)` settings Add custom selector under `Custom selector to find selectable pages` Thanks
  6. Dear Biotech, Thank you so much for taking your time to play around with blue-vr theme. Also I greatly appreciated for your feedback. - 'Storage & settings' for SEO is bit misleading as well, maybe just 'SEO and Page Blocks' since there is not much 'storage' per say? You are right, we should put SEO and Page Blocks instead of `Storage & settings`. - SEO fields = if left empty they do not use the 'Title' and 'Description' of the current page but rather what is specified on 'Home' page. Wording is little misleading and will cause every page to be presented as the same. While handy, IMHO, every page should pull its own SEO even if only from 'title' and 'body' fileds of the current page. Totally agree and will fix this on upcoming release. - Top drop-down menu seems a bit redundant where Parent page is listed twice. Any suggestions? Noted this issue, for now I would suggest to use another field to display top menu item caption. So we can easily fix this problem. Thanks again for your feedback. ~ Enjoy
  7. HI saboor, Thanks for using the theme. Really sorry for late response. Here are the steps: (it is easy) Install `Languages Support` and `Languages Support - Fields` modules Change `title` field type from `PageTitle` to `PageTitleLanguage` Add extra Languages on `Setup` > `Languages` Change `body` field type from `Textarea` to `TextareaLanguage`. (change other fields accordingly) For the multi langage selections please refer the following post. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7798-exclude-users-current-language-from-list/ Please let me know if you need further help. ~ Enjoy with ProcessWire. Thanks
  8. Hi Mike, Thank you for using this site profile. First I will try to replicate your issue and get back to you as soon as I can. (Sorry sending via mobile)
  9. Hi Christophe, Found this nice post by Soma hope this would solve your problem.
  10. Hi Christophe, Please double check your site/config.php for adminEmail configuration. If not you can add that to site/config.php like follows: /** * adminEmail: address to send optional fatal error notifications to. * */ $config->adminEmail = 'name@exampledomain.com'; Here is a little reference. Thanks
  11. @MuchDev, Awesome! Thanks again for trying out this site profile.
  12. Hi Christophe, Please refer `site/templates/_functions.inc` file. Inside of that file there is a method named `getContactUsForm()`. At the moment `from email address` would be your admin email address. Please feel free to modify it in `getContactUsForm()` method. Thanks
  13. Hi Apeisa, Thank you so much. I have enabled the demo mode. Here are the details. Front-end Demo - bluevr.webcreate.lk Back-end Demo mode - bluevr-webcreate.lk/processwire (The username 'admin' and password 'bluevr2')
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