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  1. It looks great on mobile too. Very elegant.
  2. I just found this today and started implementing it; but alas it is dead without the new license. I too would love something. Anything.
  3. UPDATE: The culprit turned out to be the session.save_path which was not updated to reflect the new php setting. Corrected save path to right version of PHP and all works. I appreciate the help. Thank you all.
  4. Thanks Kobrakai, Yes it is a misconfiguration on the webserver. I am going back through my documentation over the years to see what I missed, MOD Security Exemption and Zip Archive are the glaring ones I missed.
  5. Hello, Running many processwire 3.0.164 installations and recently I had to update my CentOS to AlmaLinux 8.4. After switching operating systems I cannot login in via backend or Login Register Pro Modules on the sites. I updated the permissions for /site/config.php to 755 and then 777 with still no luck. This is the error AH01276: Cannot serve directory /home/motatria/public_html/wire/: No matching DirectoryIndex (index.php,index.html,index.htm) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive Any ideas? It looks like some of my installations were not up to date. I am currently updating two installations to 3.0.165 manually.
  6. I like how your favicon is part of the logo. The red U that looks like a person holding up their hands. Very vice touch in design.
  7. More schadenfreude than funny I guess.
  8. As someone who has had his hands tied behind his back due to USA HIPAA laws and regulations, I am having some fun listening to everyone panic about how they have to comply now with GDPR.
  9. I have not been having this kind of problem since 3.0.29. My issue is I have the htaccess file forcing https and that breaks the renewal process. Currently I rename the htaccess to something like htaccess1, then do the renewal manually then rename the htaccess file back to normal. Anyone have a tip on how I can still use the automated way with https? Sorry to hijack this thread.
  10. A great example of what you are trying to achieve is in the site profile called Blue VR. I would recommend you install on a test server or dev folder. It has fields for meta keywords and meta descriptions for each page. Then go to your cpanel or plesk panel and browse to the template files located at public_html/site/templates/ and see how the fields are in the _done.php file. I came from Joomla and had to learn more to use Processwire and am better for it. Good luck!
  11. I'm using Rochen Host and have enabled Let's encrypt on my MVS. Love it! Took longer to update google's webmaster tools and analytics than enabling my sites to TLS. My question is whether I should encourage my existing clients who have EV certs now to switch to Let's Encrypt when they expire?
  12. Mont


    Was this from scratch or did you start with Regular and add your own UIKit3 theme? Beautiful site.
  13. I would like to display a random Image in the Hero Background. I have replaced the code on Line #3 in the ./views/home.inc <?php echo $page->hero_unit->image->url?> with <?php if(count($page->hero_unit->images)) { $image = $page->hero_unit->images->getRandom(); echo $image->url; } ?> and it returns a blank hero bg.
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