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  1. Thanks @Hamilton Wallace. What a pleasant surprise to see you here. Our association is a long one and here's to more of it. Thanks @Ivan Gretsky. Your point is noted and the Case Study for PP will get in there for sure.
  2. Thanks @Mont for your interesting observation. While what you say is one way to interpret it, the U with the dot has a spiritual significance.
  3. Thank you @horst for all the warm comments. Your question is answered here: https://www.pigtailpundits.com/about-us/our-name/ Warmly, Unni.
  4. Visit Pigtail Pundits For a digital agency, finding the time to do your own website is always difficult. It gets marred by other priorities - new projects and ongoing projects. Unless of course, there’s some slack, and you’re alert to leverage it. We were lucky to steal some 30 odd days from other work. In the bargain we revamped our old website into something fresh, complete with updates on our newer solutions and Case Studies. The Thinking Behind the Design & Copy The whole subject of digital marketing is abstract and fuzzy to most clients. Jargon, complicates its understanding further. If we could use a familiar metaphor to describe the digital marketing solutions that we provide along with its benefits, we could perhaps inch closer to getting messages understood. Or so we thought. Equally, we could introduce some flavour into the language that metaphors do allow. Metaphors, by the way, are double-edged swords. It clarifies and also confuses. It tickles your imagination. It can also put people off. Extreme reactions, we felt, are far better than neutral ones. That was a risk that we decided to take knowing the consequences. The theme lends itself to some delightful metaphors which are not part of the usual digital marketing lexicon. The tone is aggressive. The metaphors help in blunting the sharpness. The metaphors color the language and visuals. The overall effect of this is unique. We also attempted to peel off some of the fuzziness that exists in digital marketing, especially in India, using copy. We tried to identify with the pains of the customer and then focus on our solutions as the best answers to the pains. We followed the StoryBrand framework by Donald Miller to craft the copy in the Solutions section. Visit Pigtail Pundits Under the Hood We have been votaries of ProcessWire since 2014 and have always used it on our own and client projects to great benefit. This occasion too was no different for our own website. Under the hood it uses Processwire CMS Bootstrap for theming Form Builder ProCache [gives us a page speed between 2 and 3 secs] Custom PHP for image alt tags SVG icons to reduce the weight and improve page speed. Visit Pigtail Pundits Bouquets and brickbats, welcome.
  5. Writer Relocations is one of India's oldest and finest packing and moving companies. Their new website at has been developed using the flexible ProcessWire CMS by Pigtail Pundits. Writer Relocations is a 63-year-old company handles domestic India moves, international moving, fine art moving, commercial moving, and office moving. Its new site takes off from the 20 odd pages, originally housed on the Writer Corporation, the corporate website. ProcessWire has been the recommended CMS at Pigtail Pundits for close to 4 years now. Therefore PW was the natural choice for building this website. Premium PW plugins such as Form Builder, Profields, Autolinks, and ProCache were used as part of the build. The new site has over 120 pages of content, most of which has been rewritten from scratch and revisualized according to modern website practices. The real challenge on this project was research and the tone of its communications. Since the site was launched it has been steadily streaming in new leads every day for the client.
  6. "Nirvana Awaits 2 soulful content, copy trainees. " by @krishnau on @LinkedIn https://t.co/8otRnGpVAW

  7. Pigtail Pundits is looking for two copy, content trainees. Nirvana awaits the blessed. https://t.co/tKiEXN6uLc

  8. @3fingers - thank you for the observations. Will correct the JS error and have noted your feedback on the animation. Thanks once again.
  9. Our old website was built on WordPress site some 5 years ago. It was dated in design and was getting very difficult to manage. We had to change. ProcessWire has been our default CMS for 2 years now so it had to be Pigtail Pundits on PW. The theme was custom built on Foundation 5. Were we asking too much of ourselves? With projects and other work interrupting this dream? It took some time to cook - a year in the making. Plus, some distractions like the logo change after we started the design. The copy was re-written twice. Finally, we dropped everything else and put all our energies to make it live in January this year. And quietly worked on parts that still needed working since. It’s now ready to be seen: https://www.pigtailpundits.com The Functionality PageTable Extended with ProFields for page layouts that break the rhythm ProCache for fast caching Sendy for Newsletters Download Guard for PDF downloads FormBuilder for forms Animate.css for on-page effects Custom coding for email a friend and Print this. SVG images for logo, branding Let the opinions flow in.
  10. Hey Guys, this is for a friend of mine. Please help.

  11. Thanks Mike for all the lovely suggestions for improvement. Will heed. I managed to exit the code block:-). Thanks.
  12. My @Quora answer to Why is WordPress so bad? And are there any real alternatives? https://t.co/gPDpgw1uP3

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