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Pigtail Pundits Revamps Its Website In ProcessWire

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Digital Marketing Agency


For a digital agency, finding the time to do your own website is always difficult. It gets marred by other priorities - new projects and ongoing projects. 

Unless of course, there’s some slack, and you’re alert to leverage it. We were lucky to steal some 30 odd days from other work. In the bargain we revamped our old website into something fresh, complete with updates on our newer solutions and Case Studies.

The Thinking Behind the Design & Copy

The whole subject of digital marketing is abstract and fuzzy to most clients. Jargon, complicates its understanding further.

If we could use a familiar metaphor to describe the digital marketing solutions that we provide along with its benefits, we could perhaps inch closer to getting messages understood. Or so we thought. 

Equally, we could introduce some flavour into the language that metaphors do allow.

Metaphors, by the way, are double-edged swords. It clarifies and also confuses. It tickles your imagination. It can also put people off. 

Extreme reactions, we felt, are far better than neutral ones. That was a risk that we decided to take knowing the consequences.



We likened digital marketing to selling the produce of an orchard. 

The theme lends itself to some delightful metaphors which are not part of the usual digital marketing lexicon.  The tone is aggressive. The metaphors help in blunting the sharpness.

The metaphors color the language and visuals. The overall effect of this is unique.

We also attempted to peel off some of the fuzziness that exists in digital marketing, especially in India, using copy.

We tried to identify with the pains of the customer and then focus on our solutions as the best answers to the pains. 

We followed the StoryBrand framework by Donald Miller to craft the copy in the Solutions section.

Visit Pigtail Pundits


Under the Hood

We have been votaries of ProcessWire since 2014 and have always used it on our own and client projects to great benefit. 

This occasion too was no different for our own website. Under the hood it uses

  1. Processwire CMS
  2. Bootstrap for theming
  3. Form Builder
  4. ProCache [gives us a page speed between 2 and 3 secs]
  5. Custom PHP for image alt tags
  6. SVG icons to reduce the weight and improve page speed.

Visit Pigtail Pundits

Bouquets and brickbats, welcome.

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💐 Congrats for the new site! 🌺

... and, as always, the good write up!

--- --- ---

I never forgot your first case study here back in 2014. Especially one post a bit down in the thread:


On 9/9/2014, ChiefPundit said:

I did a bit of scouting before we ended with Processwire.

The search was for light, fast systems [coming from Joomla, WP, Drupal that was necessary] as we had enough problems building large sites with those CMS. And what I read and saw about PW here was promising. We started with one programmer who was briefed to experiment with it and within a week he was going ga ga over PW. We then took it forward to the entire team. Now, we have 10 of them working on Processwire, on various projects.

PW is the choice CMS at Pigtail Pundits, replacing WordPress and the occasional Drupal project.

It has given the team here new energy and fresh possibilities and that's remarkable in itself. May it continue in absolute abundance, for PW, and for the entire community behind this remarkable system.

--- --- ---

There is only one question I have: Why you’re called Pigtail Pundits? 😉


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I like how your favicon is part of the logo.  The red U that looks like a person holding up their hands.  Very vice touch in design.

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Thanks @Mont for your interesting observation.

While what you say is one way to interpret it, the U with the dot has a spiritual significance. 


The U with a dot in it represents the tilaka, a mark of auspiciousness in Hinduism. It is worn on the forehead with sandal paste, sacred ashes or kumkum (red tumeric). While there are many forms of tilaka, the one we have in our logo is traditionally the mark of Vaishnavites, the followers of Vishnu.


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