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JkPublishPages - Module to publish/unpublish, trash/delete or move a page depending on dates and times

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This is a reissue of a module of mine called "PublishingOptions", that I wrote a while ago. The big difference is that this module is written in PHP 8 and has some nice additional features. 

The old module could only publish and unpublish pages depending on date and time settings, but the new version goes much further. So you can decide what should happen after the publication end date has been reached. You have the following options:

  • Unpublish the page - this is what the old version did
  • Move the page to trash - new
  • Delete the page permanently- new
  • Move the page to a new position in the page tree - new

The last option will be interesting if you want to move the page fe to an archive after a certain date. You can select the new parent page and after the publication end date has been reached, the page will be moved under the new parent page.


You will find a more detailed instruction and download possibility at https://github.com/juergenweb/JkPublishPages

This module is Alpha stage and should be tested carefully before using it on live sites. I have planned to add this module to the PW module download section, so everyone is invited to test it out and to report issues directly at GitHub.




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Glad to hear that! 😀

Let me know, if you discover any issues. I will add this as soon as possible to the ProcessWire module directory, but as written, it needs to be tested first by several people.

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No, it should work with 8.0, but not below.

I have not checked it directly on my local server, but PHP-Storm does not complain after changing the version. I have changed the version on GitHub too, but you do not need to download it again.

Please let me know, if something unexpected occurs, but I guess it will not....

BTW: In the module configuration settings set the CronJob interval to 1 minute for testing purposes, so you can check the functionality immediately. Later on, setting the value to 1 hour again, will be enough.

Best regards

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BTW: You will get also a notice that your system does not fulfill the requirements if you have not installed LazyCron (not only if the PHP version is lower). You can ignore this, because LazyCron will be installed automatically during the module installation, if it is not installed. Unfortunately, Processwire gives you a warning that your system does not fulfill the requirements for the module, but not exactly what the problem is. 😔

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