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  1. Ok my feedback is mainly just UX/UI 1. I love the cards layout and how much info is presented. It's informative without being crowded. I think a list view is also needed too and a user should be able to flick between two. Particularly when viewing modules with an update, I want to quickly scan down a compact list and see what might require an update. 2. On the filters for 'Show only installed', 'Show only uninstalled', 'Show only updateable, 'Show most recommended', 'Picked', I wonder if these could be a little more compact and less wordy. IE a simple dropdown with a title of Display and then 4 shorter options of Installed Uninstalled Updatable Most recommended Picked Happy to do a quick mockup/wireframe if that's any use to you. 3. Will 'Show only uninstalled' display modules I have installed and subsequently uninstalled or display everything that's not installed? Might be a better label for this?
  2. Hi Jens It looks great and is badly needed too. Did you want feedback to be provided privately or on this thread?
  3. There’s a PW directory and also contact @psy
  4. Can anyone confirm this is working with PW 3+ and how I access the ChangeLog with the V3 UI? I have ChangeLog installed but see nothing listed under the Setup tab where my other Modules are listed. According to the instructions... I think this applies to PW UI pre UI Kit as the latest version only has a navigation structure of Pages Setup Modules Access Cheers
  5. Feeling like Apple has finally addressed the 'Pro' market here but their definition or Pro is limited to video editors. What about Pro Web Designers and Pro Developers? What about Pro photographers etc There's many Pro industries out there that don't need those high specs and prices but would benefit from a modular and upgradeable machine. Re their monitor, IMHO there's a big market for a display that it simply an upgrade to their old cinema display. Something max 4K and 27" with thunderbolt and a stand included would be ideal.
  6. Batcher (1.1.0) ProcessWire 3.0.121 Moved about 50 pages to a new location. The pages were moved and the page paths are correct but clicking on a page in the front-end throws a 404 error. Deleted the cache, flushed permissions, and other caches etc. No ProCache running either. Page Path History is running. I could fix this by moving a page manually back to its original location and then manually moving it again to the new location. Might be worth a look?
  7. Yes thats what I thought too. The conflicting thrash page is called 1399.1078.22_test in the Settings > Name so it doesn't even conflict
  8. I solved it. This was really odd so I'm glad I found it. The test page I created and had the 403 error on was called /test/ Renaming it to anything other than /test/ worked I used the Finder to search for other pages with the same name and there was a page in the trash created by a repeater called /test/ Normally you'd get an alert when naming a page that there was a similar named page and PW would suggest test-1 I wonder if that's worth putting into GitHub as a bug.
  9. Update: If I edit the home template, I see the following. I don't know if it applies to my issue because the 403 is shown to the superuser,
  10. I'm getting an error 403 Forbidden when a superuser tries to view any unpublished page and I'm trying to track it down. If I goto Access > Roles > superuser I don't see any permissions but note the "Note: superuser role always has all permissions, so permissions field is not shown." If I visit Access > Permissions > Page View, I don't see anything that is unticked etc I then thought it might be a permission issue on a template level but there's no template-level permissions set there either. Any ideas on next steps? Thanks
  11. Thanks. I updated my post just before I saw this. Never realised that!
  12. Something must not be setup properly at my end. Using the following <?php echo $page->seo->robots->render(); ?> I can get a page to produce this <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> Regardless of what I try, I cannot get SEOMaestro to produce the opposite <meta name="robots" content="index, follow"> @Wanze UPDATED: After a little more research, I have discovered that index, follow are the default for search engines and don't need to be specified so it appears as if your module is functioning as it should. In the Admin itself, I have the following set Fields > seo > Robots = both unchecked Page 01 > seo > Robots > NoIndex = Inherit = unchecked. Prevent... = checked Page 01 > seo > Robots > NoFollow = Inherit = unchecked. Prevent... = checked Result on Page 1 output <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> On the other hand, if I do this Fields > seo > Robots = both unchecked Page 01 > seo > Robots > NoIndex = Inherit = unchecked. Page 01 > seo > Robots > NoFollow = Inherit = unchecked. Output is blank. I'll bypass it for the moment and make a custom field but it'd be good to know what I might be doing incorrectly if you get a chance.
  13. Thanks Juergen. I’ll try that. What are the data and square brackets in terms of PHP and the API?
  14. You have so many options. But if it’s a simple gallery, you could have all the images within a single images field. Im not sure what you mean by “catalog the photos” but you could look at image tags. Alternatively ive created galleries where I needed to create a separate page for each gallery.
  15. Hi @Wanze If we want to output just the opengraph tags, the instructions provided work `echo $page->seo->opengraph->render();` But what is the syntax to just echo the robots tag ? `echo $page->seo->robots;` Outputs 'RobotsSeoData' `echo $page->seo->robots->render();` Outputs nothing
  16. Thanks Dragan. This has bugged me for ages and seems to be finally be the fix
  17. Occasionally when I goto Modules > Upgrades I get the following type of error. There's actually about three of them and each one mentions a different line. In the example below, line 266 is $new = version_compare($versions[$name]['remote'], $versions[$name]['local']); ( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: local in /Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProcessWireUpgrade/ProcessWireUpgradeCheck.module on line 266 Call Stack # Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0011 405040 {main}( ) .../index.php:0 2 0.2602 5197688 ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->execute( ) .../index.php:55 3 0.2602 5198064 ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->__call( ) .../index.php:55 4 0.2602 5198064 ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( ) .../Wire.php:442 5 0.2603 5198480 ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->_callMethod( ) .../WireHooks.php:733 6 0.2603 5198480 ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->___execute( ) .../Wire.php:383 7 0.3009 5463888 ProcessWire\Page->render( ) .../ProcessPageView.module:209 8 0.3009 5463944 ProcessWire\Page->__call( ) .../ProcessPageView.module:209 9 0.3009 5463944 ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( ) .../Wire.php:442 10 0.3015 5465248 ProcessWire\PageRender->renderPage( ) .../WireHooks.php:834 11 0.3015 5465624 ProcessWire\PageRender->__call( ) .../WireHooks.php:834 12 0.3015 5465624 ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( ) .../Wire.php:442 13 0.3016 5466040 ProcessWire\PageRender->_callMethod( ) .../WireHooks.php:733 14 0.3016 5466040 ProcessWire\PageRender->___renderPage( ) .../Wire.php:383 15 0.3032 5470760 ProcessWire\TemplateFile->render( ) .../PageRender.module:514 16 0.3032 5470816 ProcessWire\TemplateFile->__call( ) .../PageRender.module:514 17 0.3032 5470816 ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( ) .../Wire.php:442 18 0.3033 5471848 ProcessWire\TemplateFile->_callMethod( ) .../WireHooks.php:733 19 0.3033 5471848 ProcessWire\TemplateFile->___render( ) .../Wire.php:380 20 0.3036 5493112 require( '/Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/admin.php' ) .../TemplateFile.php:287 21 0.3038 5493616 require( '/Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/controller.php' ) .../admin.php:15 22 0.3038 5495120 require( '/Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/wire/core/admin.php' ) .../controller.php:15 23 0.3085 5586144 ProcessWire\ProcessController->execute( ) .../admin.php:135 24 0.3085 5586200 ProcessWire\ProcessController->__call( ) .../admin.php:135 25 0.3085 5586200 ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( ) .../Wire.php:442 26 0.3085 5586616 ProcessWire\ProcessController->_callMethod( ) .../WireHooks.php:733 27 0.3085 5586616 ProcessWire\ProcessController->___execute( ) .../Wire.php:380 28 0.3108 5596744 ProcessWireUpgrade->execute( ) .../ProcessController.php:333 29 1.2224 8773000 ProcessWireUpgradeCheck->getVersions( ) .../ProcessWireUpgrade.module:187 30 1.2227 8776256 ProcessWireUpgradeCheck->getModuleVersions( ) .../ProcessWireUpgradeCheck.module:185 I've been living with it for a while and while it doesn't seem to stop me upgrading etc, I'd love to fix it. Anyone recognise this type of error?
  18. What would you suggest if we want to add ' | mysite.com' to the end of every page title but only set it in a single source field. In the example above, a user would need to add acme.com to every page. MarkupSEO had a field called Title Format where you could specify the structure of the Meta Title whether it was inherited or custom and it was very useful. The Sitename placeholder above was essentially an extra field in the config. Could you consider something like this? I can't seem to add a custom field to the SEO module but would be happy to add one to my custom Settings page (a simple private PW page).
  19. I think is an issue when the module Helper Field Links is installed with SeoMaestro Note on the left screen, each field has display issues with the field name. I could probably hide it with some CSS but wondered if you'd consider making it work out of the box.
  20. I tracked down the culprit of the Image field not appearing in the Smart Image option of this module. When an image field is set to Type=CroppableImages3, it is not recognised as an Images field. Setting my Images field from CroppableImages3 back to plain old Image worked. Obviously, you then loose your CroppableImages3 function but this was just to prove a theory. Not sure if this is something for you or @horst but just flagging here in case it's useful to anyone. BTW, upgrading over the existing install seemed to work fine in general. It might be safer to install from scratch but that completely removes all my existing settings. I tried it on a development environment first. Phew!
  21. Thanks Adrian. That looks interesting. So essentially, I have more customised SEO options on a page level. Thanks for the work on this. I don't have the image field available yet. I might try creating a few other images fields and generally good around and see if I can track down the issue.
  22. I'm using MarkupSEO 0.8.7 The Smart Image field which lets me select some image fields doesn't recognise one of an image field. Not sure if I should be using a different version? Thanks
  23. Feature request, Mike. I know you're busy so just putting it out there. I am logging 404 hits to a site that get's a ton of spam links. An old SEO spam issue which I am cleaning up. Anyway, I notice that the jumplinks database table was becoming huge and had bloated to thousands of enties making the database itself very large. That better house-keeping is my responsibility but wondered if a feature might be useful to optionally auto-delete these over a certain threshold. Or possibly send an email or notification that the logs were becoming quite big etc.
  24. I'm really enjoying the Repeater Matrix field lately and always wished it could (optionally) be enhanced with some icons. A client recently started using Frontify for their brand portal and I thought their implementation was neat. Video attached. I also really like the categories and filtering. What do you think @ryan ? Screen Recording 2019-04-13 at 08.18.06.mov
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