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  1. @Mike Rockett I'm getting an error on an install as follows: It only affects the admin/back-end but wondered if there was a sensible way to fix? The only change I made recently to the Module was to stop logging 404 errors and possibly an upgrade of the Module too. Many thanks
  2. Hi Mike. I was having issues with a site recently where the database seemed to baloon in size (98 MB) and I tracked it down to the Jumplinks Module. I think the culprit is the 404 monitor which only displays the latest 100 but might possibly keep a record of everything? After logging into the Jumplinks admin area and clearing the 404 records, the table is back down to a few kb. Actually, my entire database is down from 103 MB to 5 MB Is there a way to prevent this instead of manually clearing the 404 recording? Assuming this is the culprit... Thanks
  3. Is there a way to output the sitemap as as sitemap.xml file?
  4. Hi @Mike Rockett Are JumpLinks to external sites generating 301 redirects? I need to redirect most of the content of a site to an eternal site and unsure if I should use JumpLinks or a HT access 301 redirect. Many thanks
  5. In MSN, we have the ability to adjust the inner template by editing this: <div class="uk-navbar-dropdown"><ul class="uk-nav uk-navbar-dropdown-nav">||</ul></div> This affects all the drop-down menus on my page (which is great). But what is you want to just target the output of a single dropdown? I have a requirement to inject just one of my drop down menus with a 'special link' (just some html) I made some progress by creating a conditional check <?php if($page->id == 1398) $txt3 = "special link"; ?> and then adjusting the drop down template to... <div class="uk-navbar-dropdown"> <ul class="uk-nav uk-navbar-dropdown-nav">|| '.$txt3.' </ul> </div> but then I realise that it injects my special link into all the drop downs and I just want to appear for the drop down of Colours. Can anyone point me in the right direction keeping in mind my basic (very) PHP skills? Thanks BTW I know @Soma is the author here of the Module but following his beautiful artwork on Instagram, I'm not sure if he's in the web dev industry anymore?
  6. Thank you Horst. I was heading down the wrong track and looking at https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-array/remove/
  7. Hi I have a list of pages all based on the same template but I want to exclude 2 by page ID $expertises = $pages->find("template=case-type, sort=sort"); foreach ($expertises as $expertise); I know I could change their template or add an exclude checkbox to the template etc Wondering if there is a page=not(4989,9877) type of thing in the API to exclude pages by ID? I can't find anything in the API docs but think I may be searching for the wrong phrase. Thanks
  8. Hey I'm building my first new site in well over a year and am a little rusty on selectors but particularly retrieving sub-fields of selected pages. I am trying to output the meta data of a blog post as follows. [Person Name] is just a field with a Page Reference and simple enough. [Job Title] is the sub-field within the page that was referenced above. I actually have it working with the following: Posted by: <?php if($page->insight_author) { echo $page->insight_author("<a href='{url}'>{title}</a>");} ?> , <?php $roles = $page->insight_author; foreach ($roles as $role) { echo "{$role->staff_role}";} ?> but was wondering how to do this with selector sub-selectors instead. My current code is probably quite 'old school'? Thanks
  9. If I'm reading this right, the config setting ... // ignore HTTPS for these hostnames: $config->noHTTPS = [ 'test.domain.com', 'localhost:8888', ]; only over rides any HTTPS settings set in the template settings. If you have HTTPS set in the .htaccess, it's a different issue.
  10. Hi all I'm moving a site to a new server and getting the dreaded but common error I can access the front-end and internal pages so the .htaccess is working. I cannot see any images on the site although I can access them directly if I put their absolute URL into a browser. As is this a new VPS, I hunted around for some obvious server-level settings etc which may have been overlooked. To rule out any issued caused by a site move, I also tried a fresh install. That fresh install has the same problem when trying to access the front end. I have also been around the forums several times for similar threads and the largely contain recommendations about CHMOD. I believe I have tried most of these too. What is the latest thinking about this error? Many thanks, P
  11. Thanks Craig. It's enough to know that it's not the htaccess file. I can FTP fine into the server via an FTP app. It must be something to do with the paths or a symlink as you mention. I'll run it again and screen grab the exact message.
  12. Can anyone tell me which .htaccess directive might be blocking a site import feature from scanning my public_html folder and listing all files and folders. These would be both PW files/folders but also some non PW folders which my PW site references for media. Latest .htaccess file on Github I can see various options from Section 15 onwards (# 15. Access Restrictions (v301)) but nothing that would block both SSH and FTP scans my VPS site import file uses. When I point the same site import tool at a non PW site on the same directory it works. I could disable htaccess temporarily but it's a busy and active site. Thanks P
  13. @adrian I can't access the admin either. Should have mentioned.
  14. Hi Adrian I was updating my site a few minutes ago and it started displaying a 500 error. When I turned on notifications, I saw the following error. Fatal error: Cannot declare class TracyDebugger, because the name is already in use in /home/p752009485/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/TracyDebugger/TracyDebugger.module.php on line 19 Is it ok to manually remove the Module somehow?
  15. Thanks @kongondo. I found a fix for it although I don't understand the issue root cause. Discovered that editing the page url slug fixes this. Even if I just add an extra letter. Once the page saves, I can view it. Not wanting to have to do this manually to 50+ pages, I wondered what would happen if I changed the name (Settings > Name) of the parent for the 50 posts. That worked too and seems to have 'fixed' the 50 pages. It must be something related to the Page Path History module or something similar.
  16. Hi guys is there a checklist of items I should consider for diagnosing a series of pages which display a 404 error? Basically I have built a Blog and all my posts are under a folder called 'Posts'. Some of these pages successfully display while others display a 404 page. This is what I have confirmed so far... 1. All pages are within the same root folder 'Posts' 2. All pages have the same template and fields completed 3. All pages have the same properties under Settings > Who can access this page 4. Pages have no redirects in place 5. Pages have no special characters or anything funky in the URL slug There are no errors showing in the log either so I am stuck ๐Ÿ˜• Thanks
  17. Hi all My .htaccess file is correctly redirecting all requests to https:// www. That's great until I want to work locally. I thought I had seen a blog post by Ryan where there was a new config setting to ignore both of these if working from localhost? I can't find it now so wondering if I was imagining ๐Ÿ˜•
  18. Thanks. This works perfect in PW V3. Thanks @Philipp for making it too ๐Ÿ™‚
  19. If an image is added to a site via the rich text field, do we have a way to apply a custom wrapper or mini template to it? IE I want to apply some markup srcset to some user added images. I can only seem to achieve this when the image markup is in the template itself. https://github.com/rolandtoth/MarkupSrcSet/wiki I can probably achieve this with RepeaterMatrix and by creating a specific Images field (and images template) but outside of that ? Thanks
  20. They ended up using SugarCRM as the cost of HubSpot was too expensive. But they never used the SugarCRM API (if there is one) so it was just a stand alone service with no real website integration. Sure, the webforms went into their SugarCRM database but it was a PITA and client regretted using SugarCRM too. The UX/UI was pretty poor.
  21. Probably due to some plug in they believe they need. My own client never signed up to HubSpot in the end.
  22. Hi One of my clients says that they created a new news item and that subsequently all their previous news items disappeared (front end and back-end) The first thing I usually do here is to 1. check the backend and see if they mistakenly set the wrong template on a folder 2. check the Trash folder for any deleted items 3. search the entire PW backend for stray news items in the folders they should not be in In all three instances I cannot find any evidence of these news items on their live server. Any tips on where I might be failing to look? Unfortunately, I don't have any type of activity / changes log module installed. On a side note, a backup I have from last week has the full list of news items pages. Ultimately I can just restore this but I'd prefer to do a little digging first. Thanks
  23. Thanks Adrian. When installed, does this version inherit the existing settings etc?
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