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  1. Be happy that the modules don't add any EU (UK 20%) vat.
  2. I now use Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Affinity designer was recently announced as the winner of the apple designer award. https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-designer-wins-prestigious-apple-design-award/ Currently they are offering a 20% discount at a very reasonable £29.99/$39.99 I purchased a few days ago as I have a mac now (A windows version is planned in the future). Check out the website https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/ and watch the video. I think the words to the background song say it all to Adobe and anyone wanting to escape the adobe prison subscription. SET ME FREE
  3. Just spent the last couple of hours trying to work out why the input dates wouldn't work for non English months until I found this post. Would be helpful to have a warning note as suggested in Date Input Format for others that come across this issue.
  4. @radek How are you getting on with the Processwire 2.5 translation?
  5. Looks good Would be good to have levels and I can see a need for grand-children sometimes. I think that levels could be useful as well for the main menu at certain times when using include_children so as to limit the amount of levels shown for example in a drop down menu. But then the levels needed to be shown in main menu could then differ to the amount needed for breadcrumbs so would maybe need different include_children_levels for main menu and breadcrumbs. So an options default would be set to all menu items in one swoop and then can be tweaked at admin level? It is an interesting thought. The more I think about it the more I see it could come in handy.
  6. Yes but sometimes not displayed in the main menu but only breadcrumbs. The yes/no option was to give flexibility for the editors so that a choice could be made on whether to have the children displayed with the 'normal render method'(in main menu for example) or not for each page that has children. Since there can be times when I don't want them displayed on the main menu(only in breadcrumbs) and this option can be different for each page added in the menu builder. In the example I made before the car brands would not be shown in the main header menu but would be shown in breadcrumbs so option chosen would be set to 'NO'. The about page would have option set to 'YES'(which would be default) so the children of about page would be displayed in the main menu and breadcrumbs. Choosing to 'include natural children' and 'YES' would include the children in both normal menu and breadcrumbs, choosing 'NO' would only include in breadcrumbs. Having this option with each page(menu item) enables each page added to the menu to have different options if they are displayed in main menu or not. Maybe I am not understanding the 'include_children' option fully but wouldn't this then end up overriding all the options chosen for each individual page(menu item) by the admin for the normal render method(main menu)? This would then disable the ability to have one page on main menu displaying it's children and one page in the menu not displaying it's children. That's fine, I think that is the best way anyway since if there were many children it could make the menu builder quite crowded & unworkable. This way would actually make it much cleaner to use.
  7. Another thought I have of doing this is the following though I am not sure if there are any complications making this. What if each separate page added to the menu had an option added to it in the menu builder(where title, url, css options are etc..) such as 'include this pages natural children from page tree' with a second option with it with a yes/no to display children in normal render method? The breadcrumbs could then normally display all levels as the pages would be included in the built menu with the option of not displaying with the normal render method if not wanted there. This could actually be useful in other ways as well if normally wanting to include natural children under a page without actually having to manually put them all there especially if there are many. If this is set up in such a way whereby all natural children are included such as the way a selector works then I assume when adding another page as a child in the normal page tree that it would then be included as well automatically in the menu builder if set up such a way. This could be quite useful making the menu builder much more flexible.
  8. Thanks kongondo, seems to work fine but I have one or 2 queries or suggestions for a couple of issues I have. There are times when it would be useful to display breadcrumbs for pages that are not in the main header menu created. Do you think there is a way around this with some kind of option? So as a simple example if we have the following menu created with Menu builder: HOME ABOUT -who are we? -Our history FAQ CARS CONTACT ABOUT page would have children in the menu created and work fine with the renderBreadcrumbs method. 'CARS' would have 50 children in the page tree but I might not want to show these children as a sub menu so they would not be included in the menu created but I might still want to show breadcrumbs if going to the page 'Audi' or 'Jaguar' such as Home / Cars / Jaguar which could have been accessed from some different link or list. Do you think it is possible to have some kind of option whereby the breadcrumbs or normal render method recognises the children of the 'CARS' page in the normal pages tree without actually having them in the menu created by menu builder? Another point connected with this is if I am at the page Jaguar (Home / cars / Jaguar) it would be useful with the normal menu render method to be able to still add a 'current' class to 'CARS' in the menu so it could still be highlighted as the parent page even though the page Jaguar is not in the menu created with menu builder. It would also be useful to be able to add a 'current' class to ABOUT page when viewing sub pages of the ABOUT page which are in the menu created by Menu builder.
  9. Great. Would be cool to have this feature.
  10. Just a thought and I am not sure how much this is needed but I am thinking about rendering breadcrumbs and wondering what would be the best way to render breadcrumbs based on the menu structure. Maybe I didn't think about it enough but there seems to be a possibility of complications rendering breadcrumbs when the menu structure is different to page structure. Is there some way to have a feature whereby breadcrumbs could be output based on the menu structure with of course homepage being one step higher in the hierarchy of pages that are on the same level.?
  11. Thanks. That appears to work fine now.
  12. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I can't get this module to work. I tried it on a fresh install of processwire 2.5.3 I just get as the image shows below. No way to pick an icon.
  13. You can switch off 'ACF' in your CK Editor settings which will stop the editor stripping any markup If you just want to allow 'class' then go to CK Editor settings for your field and find 'Extra Allowed content' and enter in there the following: *(*) This should allow you to put classes without them being stripped.
  14. That would be useful as well. I can't think of anything else at the moment.
  15. ooops Wordpress has done it again...actually yoast.. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Vulnerable To Hackers
  16. @renobird Thanks for the module. I found the same issue as m-artin(I'm not using bootstrap). His fix sorted it.
  17. Always good to have the option.
  18. Yes I see that as well. Not sure if this is related to some other permission but 'selector' doesn't appear as well even with page-edit permission. The rest works great.
  19. I like it. I never used it this way but actually makes sense in one way but in another way it kind of confuses things when using nested lists with ul. Maybe if there was something like a <subnav> element it would make more sense.
  20. Thanks for the great module kongondo. Just brilliant.
  21. Not a massive problem but I noticed that if I change the menu name that it doesn't render with the new name.
  22. @Mike Anthony Regarding suggestion 2: I think you could add a different class and/or ID to each menu by creating another differently named options array and give a different name for menu_css_id and menu_css_class then use these options in your other menu.
  23. I just tested it and it's very nice. I want to put a class on the menu submenu so on nested unordered list. Is there an option for this? For example <ul class="submenu">
  24. I nearly fell off my chair after just seeing the announcement come into my inbox. Whoever is going to do the Processwire tutorials at tuts+ will have a lot of wow moments.
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