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Hi all, I've finally managed to set up my website where I intend to post ProcessWire tutorials. The site (lessons) is very much WIP. I have tried to make the site as responsive as possible. I have only tested in Chrome and FF. I'd rather write more lessons than test in IE to be honest :D so I won't pursue that... :P

I will try to post regularly but can't make any promises as to the frequency :). I intend to randomly post some pre-planned lessons. I will update this forum post everytime I post something new. If you have questions, pointers, etc about any lesson, or a request for a specific lesson, please post them here. This way, other forum members can assist in answering the questions :D. Thanks.

/k O0


Edit: 28 August 2014 - Fist Tutorial is up (OK, it's Blog Module documentation :-))

  1. Creating a Blog in ProcessWire (Blog Module how to) - 28 August 2014 [99% done]
  2. Next: 'All you ever wanted to know about ProcessWire Modules [and other cool things]' - COMING very SOON
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Yo dude, where do you find all that time to set all that up (plus the tutos) ? Amazing. We'll actually I am jealous

I don't have that time my self that I would love to spend on pw.

Ryan, I think it is time to make kongondo a tutorial pw ambassador !

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Hey Kongondo, you owe me a new keyboard.......my F5 key has worn out!  :'( ........Only joking! The Kongondo's Web Tutorials website looks so cool. Please please please upload one teaser tutorial. 

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Post #2000! Better be good! Better be big!!

Thanks for waiting :-)...what? It's only been 1 year  :P. Finally! Some tutorials are up! OK, for now, it is my Blog module's documentation. Hey, that's not cheating! Don't laugh :-X

Meanwhile, I also refreshed my website (how can you refresh an empty house you say? hehe - but it now has content. Nuh, for real, it has content). Toned down on the narcissism as well;)  :P  :lol:

Updated first post. Next lessons by great public demand - "Process Wire Modules!"

Cheers/k  :) 

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while reading - only one in the tuts is needed on the end of every part it would really be nice to get a little prev/next navigation?

<- 1. Installing Blog                                                    3. MarkupBlog API ->

great stuff to read!

Kind regards mr-fan

(Maybe "kongondo" means "king of  ongoing doing momentous occasions" - in a crazy non-native-speaker english :P )

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